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Habbo Review – Teen dating and friendships on your neighborhood

Expert's Summary
Habbo was initially created for young teens gamers, but it quickly went universal. 25+ y.o. folks are using it gladly. It serves many purposes from online games and fan chat groups to virtual romance and real meetings. It is suggested to be highly cautious on Habbo and primarily make sure that your match is from your age group. Meanwhile, the site support team works very thoroughly and quickly accepts all reports about the inappropriate requests.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Free messaging
3+ mln. active members
Has an app
Freaky sex offers
Males slightly prevail
Total Score

Is Habbo free

1 month$3.99
6 months$20.99
12 months$39.99
Builder Club 1 month$9.99
Bundle 3 months$27.99

Signing up and messaging is free for everyone. Extra services on the app can be gotten for credits purchased.

There are free and paid games to play. The club of gamers can be joined on a paid basis only.

Is Habbo safe for teens

There are sites like MyLOL that are for older children only, and the safety question doesn’t even raise.

But platforms similar to Habbo only look innocent, they attract too many adult members as well.

So, it is important to proceed with caution and check everyone who is Whispering on you.

Portrait of a beatiful girl with blonde curly hair

In addition, not users even care to indicate their real age honestly. Many are changing it.

Use common sense, communicate all doubtful cases with the team, and you’ll be safe on Habbo.

What is the Builder Club on Habbo

As you can see from the Pricing columns, the Builder Club feature is paid separately. But users like it the most.

It’s a bit like Minecraft, as members can build online various blocks, furniture, floor plans, and so on.

It differs from Pro-Gamers Bundles where the rooms are decorated and furnished in advance and given to the user.

Sensual mixed teen girl taking selfie on floor

These features may seem to be for young teens only, but in fact, they feel very relaxing for adults as well.

Moreover, many singles report getting acquainted exactly while building some items online and chatting.

Is Habbo for same-sex affairs

Since the Habbo app and site are for friendships mostly, there’s no gender limitation at all. Meet anyone online.

It is noticed, however, that teens consider it safer to get bi-curious on Habbo rather than on adult gay apps.

It especially comes to girls gamers who even create girls-only chat groups and feel at ease there.

cheerful and attractive blonde and brunette young girls look at the camera

Reportedly, parents also prefer sites like Habbo without any explicit or vulgar content at all.

In such an environment, LGBTQ+ first-timers and gay-friendly youngsters get acquainted openly.

What is Whisper on Habbo

Like on Teamspeak and similar talk platforms, Whisper on Habbo is knocking to smb privately during the common chat.

And this is where a member should be careful. A kiddie should check whether it’s a peer or a much older dude.

While a young adult should make sure a person he contacted, is of legit age and can accept his flirts.

beauty portrait of a blonde woman with her head laid in her arm

Otherwise, Whisper is a convenient tool for discussing further with someone you found interesting when playing.

Users who are chosen by others as admins may whisper about breaking rules or new game ideas.

Is Habbo any good

Hot singles are seeking fun and excitement on Habbo, among the most beautiful girls and young women.

Trendy design, most innovative features, and pleasant extra options for free bring great results.

Do not hesitate any longer if you feel the need for adventures and romantic experiments.

Portrait of a beautiful blonde young girl

Genuine girls on this legit dating site are sharing their contacts and private info for getting intimate.

If you think Habbo is for online games only, you should really reconsider. It is for multiple purposes.

How to communicate on Habbo

Experts recommend remaining romantic under any conditions while chatting with a single teen girl online.

It’s easy for desperate romantics, but the tough life made them occupied with studies or work.

Young personals perceive reality in a milder manner, and so should be the communication with them.

Young pretty sensual girl in bed with window morning light

We constantly suspect that a girl will ask for some favor, or hunt for our life resources.

It happens that we want lasting togetherness, but we forgot how to trust. Things should be taken easier.

Will I get laid on Habbo

There’s nothing naughty about Habbo visually. But messages can be quite suggestive at times.

Just remember it’s normal for younger girls to be timid and hesitating. Do not rush with them.

If she didn’t jump to our lap right away, virtually or offline, we conclude it didn’t work and move along to another person.

Wrong! It shouldn’t be done like that. We are missing real opportunities. Always start from friendship on Habbo.

Outdoor lifestyle portrait of pretty blonde girl

There is one secret that will help you, be active in a group chat where a girl of your interest is a member.

Then trust is developing faster and you’ll feel the right moment when to Whisper on her.


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