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GuySpy Review: Gay hookups and sugar dating for local LGBT singles

Expert's Summary
GuySpy is another gay hookup site for local affairs that is currently gaining big popularity. Mostly young male LGBT personals are prevailing in its member base. The majority of them indicate in the bio they'd meet with an older guy, which means the site is suitable for gay sugar dating and sponsored hookups. Reply rate is pretty high, and most guys are rather handsome. The GPS tool is pretty strong, and users can upload multiple photos to attract more matches.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Has a mobile app
Almost free
Big member base
Extra features are paid
Not always for real meetings
Total Score

How much is GuySpy

1 week$1.99
1 month$3.99
3 months$6.99
6 months$9.99
12 months$19.99

A typical quality of good LGBT hookup sites is low price. It shows the developers’ sincerity and the site potential effectiveness.

GuySpy also follows this positive pattern and unites gay singles nearly for free. It’s also helpful for very young folks or those who are currently broke.

In fact, the 12-month pack costs as much as other sites charge for 1 month only. So, it’s a great option for students and budget hookups.

Moreover, it can be used fully for free. Just in this case, a member will have to tolerate the ads and upload a limited number of pics.

Is GuySpy a gay social network

Yes, totally. GuySpy has all the features of a social network, blogging, personal status posting, and creating networks of friends. It’s up to you whether those are FWB.

With its multiple photos profile, a gay model can literally post the whole portfolio. It’ll attract sponsors, co-workers, or clients, depending on his aims.

Gay couple kissing at home. Homosexual lifestyle concept.

Body rub gay masseurs use the site and app for promoting their services. The same comes to strippers, escorts, or next-door guys seeking attention.

Same-area folks definitely succeed to build their social circles via GuySpy. While other members remain purely virtual, such as male webcam models.

As GuySpy offers the audio tool for dirty talks, it can be perfectly used for happy endings online. Just choose what interests you more, and you’ll find it.

Can I find a travel mate on GuySpy

One definitely can meet a travel buddy on GuySpy. Many modern gay men are mobile and flexible in their schedules. Those are bloggers, freelancers, gay escorts.

Also, photographers, models, businessmen, or students on vacation. In any case, trendy gay personals are keenly interested in seeing the world.

If that is your search purpose, simply indicate it in your bio or current status. Lots of gay models schedule their trips online and keep others updated.

It can grow into smth bigger, such as a gay honeymoon or erotic photo shooting together. Many like finding a third wheel during their sex trips together.

Regardless of your primary idea, stay spontaneous and open toward your gay mate’s thoughts. Arrange a memorable getaway on GuySpy, and enjoy it.

Do I get kinky on GuySpy

The site looks like if it was for vanilla guys only. But it’s not restricted to listing one’s unusual preferences in the profile. It adds some spice, and brings more hookups.

By statistics, it’s common for gay men to practice spanking, light bondage, and roleplay. Many prefer a daddy-son or a policeman-bad guy sex play in bed.

Gay man with naked torso in black protective mask posing among sand quarry. Active guy enjoying kinky activity

All these options are listed on modern gay escort sites and regular dating platforms like GuySpy. Do not forget to mention kinks that make you curious.

The more you experiment, the more attracted to you other gay singles are. It means you are ready to accept their special traits and preferences as well.

The most important hookup tip is to let others know in advance what your basic turn-ons are. Otherwise, your first time together might be spoilt.

How to date gay men on GuySpy

Meeting in real via the gay dating site is challenging. One should consider many nuances. These nuances are going to influence all further communication.

Suggest the meeting place only if you enjoy taking the initiative. Otherwise, you won’t respect or desire your partner who you expect to generate ideas.

Gay couple cuddling in bed

Decide from the start whether you want a public spot or a private place, or something in between. If you dislike a person, you can leave at any moment.

If you are sure you want immediate sex, take care of all the details like condoms, sexy underwear, and lube. The intimate haircut helps too.

If there’s strong chemistry, let him know. You won’t forgive yourself any delays or insecurities after.

Why use GuySpy

Gay personals have always been standing out of the crowd. As time flows, they create an image of courageous, confident folks ready for experiments.

Adult dating sites for gay men fit just well. GuySpy is also a perfect platform for everyone who isn’t afraid to express himself sexually with casual lovers.

Such gay sites are filled with the hottest male models, artists, and bloggers. It’s a good solution for self-expression and adventures of any kind.

Gay Couple Love Home Concept

Choosing the best gay mate is easy with such innovative and trendy sources as GuySpy. It’s a great idea as LGBT personals are much into eroticism.

All categories of gay singles should have a choice between serious dating when they feel so, and casual hookups when horny. GuySpy responds to both.

Can I get a body rub on GuySpy

Around twenty percent of USA gay men are enjoying happy ending massages regularly, while others may just try from time to time.

In the LGBTQ+ community, independent gay masseurs are more common than in a straight environment. They may combine that with sports.

Modeling, stripping, professional escorting, hot men of these professions make perfect masseurs. Just find out where the closest one is located.

Studio shot of young handsome androgynous tourist man in bohemian shirt against white background

GuySpy users certainly indicate in their profiles what extra skills they have, and whether they serve male singles in any way. Just read their bio.

Arranging a HE session with a gay masseur is easy, but requires caution and thoughtfulness. Trust your gut, take a chance, and you’ll get great impressions.

Is GuySpy better than gay escort listings

Romantic affairs are always more pleasant than pre-ordered sex. But some gay personals think differently and prefer going straight to the point.

All Internet activities especially connected to private life, raise the question of whether it’s legit. Yes, most gay escort listings are.

Trans escorts like ladyboys and shemale, are respected and treated as a favorite fetish by bi-curious clients. While LGBTQ+ members avoid any fraud.

Amorous gay guy kissing and cuddling his lover while relaxing in bed

Communicate with sex workers on GuySpy as with your friends with benefits who have their hobbies, dos and don’ts, then it feels right.

Be confident all will work out, make sure your casual partner is taking PrEPs, and try to learn about this person before getting intimate.

Why is GuySpy popular

On the dating scene, GuySpy is playing an important role. Such sites gather millions of members each, helping them overcome any barrier.

Platforms like this one remain social networks in structure and content. Users may share their likes, exchange opinions, and learn about LGBTQ+ events.

The majority admit they got relief by discovering their bi-curiosity. Others are helped to identify as one of 72 genders registered by LGBT scientists.

Male Gay Couple Lying In Bed At Home Checking Mobile Phones Together

One can choose between anonymous sex and a mode where FB profiles are shown. It’s comfy to either stay discreet or find common friends online.

There are many ways to find casual gay lovers nowadays, from sites like GuysSpy to crowded LGBT clubs on a Friday night. This site is safer though.


  1. The best hookup sites allow people to talk about their lives and hobbies, and are available worldwide.

  2. The best hookup dating site will be one that will allow you to choose the right partner for you.

  3. An introvert tends to avoid parties and social gatherings, so you may choose to highlight your creative side.

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