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Grizzly Review: Gay dating and local quickies on the best LGBT app

Expert's Summary
Grizzly seems perfect for gay personals seeking casual affairs. Its layout and overall design are elegant, slightly erotic, and tastefully chosen. The site is neither free nor expensive. It requires a fair and moderate membership fee. There aren’t only male models among its members. The database mostly consists of average-looking guys with detailed profiles. There are safety tips, cautions, and smart recommendations posted. Not that everyone needs such guidance, but it shows the quality. Personality tests, compatibility tests, and virtual quests bring people closer.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Very affordable
1+ mln. active members
Unique features
Limited free features
Not for LTR
Total Score

Is Grizzly free

1 month$9.99
3 months$19.99
12 months$59.99

There is a free trial, and basic features are available at no cost. Even the paid version is affordable, charging from $5.49 a month only.

Is Grizzly for anonymous gay hookups

There are some LGBT sites meant for very secretive quickies. On the opposite, there are gay social networks helping to get social and proud.

Grizzly is somewhere in a middle with its unique trendy features. One needs to fill the profile quite in detail, so, signing up is rather long.

It’s far from any anonymity. In additition, members can connect their profiles to Facebook and therefore, to get public. But it’s ok for local FWB.

Gay couple hugging together on their bed. Homosexual lifestyle concept.

Sites like Grizzly, are helping gay and bisexual men to grow less secretive about their intentions and lifestyle. Its members tend to be open.

Joining Grizzly is a good way to socialize and build your LGBT network for further friendships or partnerships. This trait is, in fact, very positive.

What is Chat & Share on Grizzly

There aren’t many special features on Grizzly, but Chat & Share is one of them. It’s a private chat window where members can exchange photos.

We perceive the information visually, and it’s important to us that our partner is turning us on. Send the spiciest and most aesthetic pictures.

Is it ok to be horny on Grizzly? Do what you feel is right for you, but the explicit content isn’t welcomed. Better be playful and flirtatious with your pics.

Attractive guy in black T-shirt with naked muscular torso posing to camera in the morning on stadium. He is looking to side confidently.

The photos exchange is certainly meant to be provocative and exciting, but Grizzly manages not to be vulgar or trashy. Be decent as well.

There are many ways to get erotic in a qualitative manner if you try to keep trendy. Take care of some stylish selfies and introductory videos.

Is Grizzly for gay first-timers

Modern young people find themselves in a strange situation. They can easily gain new knowledge about LGBT thanks to the limitless informational field we all live in.

But without having any personal experience, young men don’t know where to meet gay guys in case they’re just curious to try or absolutely sure about their needs.

Grizzly certainly assists such young personals, thanks to the gay dating blog and numerous user-friendly features. It’s a safer way to meet someone.

Candid close up portrait of young gay couple embracing tenderly and smiling while standing by window at home against white, copy space

There are many dating sites for gays but their flaws are just typical. Nearly pornographic layouts and headlines, aggressive annoying ads.

Then, photos of professional male models instead of the real guys. All that is hard to manage for a beginner. That’s why it’s better to use Grizzly.

How do I know gay men are real on Grizzly

If you want a relationship, test your pretender. Analyze whether he keeps eye contact, whether he is too concentrated on his phone or nervous about it.

Also, whether he has a wedding ring etc. Ask him whether he is proud to be attracted to men. Many people say they are just bisexual and all is fine about them.

Only a few say confidently they are ok with dating a gay man openly. The last category is obviously more honest and serious on Grizzly.

Portrait of happy gay couple spending time together and hugging in the street. Lgbt and love concept.

It’s definitely the right place to find gay guys if they are writing substantial messages, asking non-generated questions and suggesting to meet in real.

It’s not normal when the majority of members offer escort services or behave too professionally, instead of romance. Grizzly is legit in this regard.

Why choose Grizzly

Any contemporary hookup site has an LGBTQ section since the world is growing more understanding and people express themselves freer.

Find a gay partner of the type you prefer on Grizzly, and start dating instantly as there are no reasons to postpone your own happiness.

Muscled or feminine, hairy or waxed, submissive or dominant gay men are waiting for their perfect match online. The list of LGBT+ events is another bonus.

Passionate sexual naked gay couple in an intimate moment in the shower at home

It will make your social life brighter. Enjoy gay speed dating, blind dates, or anonymous hookups at any time you like. Meet new FWB online.

They may become your travel mates, personal guides, the best confidants. Gay affairs without limits are presented on Grizzly for modern and bi-curious daters.

Nothing is restricted on this site if it’s by mutual consent. Try new things with like-minded singles, and get more sex-positive with each hot meeting.

Can I find a gay sugar daddy on Grizzly

Mature gay sex slightly differs from youngsters’ affairs. It is less shy and probably less wild but more demanding and involves emotional coloring.

Mature gay fellows are absolutely sure about their preferences and likes in bed. They know their turn-ons well and use them confidently for reaching a HE.

Two young affectionate gay men embracing one another

One of their typical turn-ons is younger guys, either feminine or muscled, and there are a lot of them on Grizzly. It’s always about compatibility in sex.

Being a sugar daddy is one of the mature gays’ preferences and a privilege but wealthy gay men may search for an equal partner as well.

This category of men prefers stylish and modern sites like Grizzly where they can find both successful male models and young amateurs ready to commit.

Is Grizzly any good

On Grizzly, one will find a big variety of hot men of all ages and races, ready to share your passion and join either for one night or for a lifetime.

Busy working men are mostly looking to hook up. However, some want a lasting togetherness and maybe this is what one needs as well.

naked gay couple lying down on the couch at home

Find your happiness not worrying about anyone’s opinion. It’s important to have a virtual space free from any judgment and negative perception.

Grizzly offers this kind of space and one can fully enjoy its advantages. Establish yourself and your pride somewhere you belong and find your mate.

Are there success stories about Grizzly

You may be surprised but statistics show that most users succeed in finding a good match on Grizzly. Only some of them admit it didn’t work.

It means there is a tendency of getting mature in gay men’s determination and goals. They understand that an adventure ends too quickly.

After their 40s or earlier, gay men start wanting long-term togetherness. Just discuss your conditions frankly and keep on respecting each other.

Just reassure that your new acquaintance brings no potential disappointments. Try to discover all that rather sooner than later.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s your life and you are not going to waste your time spending it with the wrong person or for weak reasons.


  1. One of the most effective ways to meet women online is by joining forums and discussion boards.

  2. These methods may not work for every woman, but they can be effective if you want to meet the right woman for you.

  3. If you’re looking to meet women online, message boards and community forums are the best places to begin.

  4. You can search for females by using your Facebook or webpage profile, but it’s best to avoid bombarding them with messages.

  5. If you’ve found a girl you’re interested in, send her a message asking to get to know her better.

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