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Geek2Geek Review: LGBT hookups and sapiosexual friendships for sex

Expert's Summary
Geek2Geek is a simple hookup site with a complex target concept. It is meant for less social singles whether they are nerds, snobs, introverts, gamers, or bi-curious first-timers. This idea itself already means the majority of members aren’t beauty queens and look rather average. One is seeking brains and open-mindedness there instead.
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Members Quality
Very affordable for new members
Genuine singles online
Gender diverse
Slow support
Not for serious relationships
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Geek2Geek Audio Review

How much is Geek2Geek

Silver 1 month $34.99 / $5.99
Silver 3 months $69.99 / $16.99
Silver 6 months $119.99 / $33.99
Gold 1 month $42.99 / $8.99
Gold 3 month $79.99 / $25.99
Gold 6 month $149.99 / $49.99

What is Geek2Geek

Geek2Geek is a popular yet controversial dating site mostly used within the USA. The owners claim it is meant for serious relationships, and we are going to analyze whether it’s so.

The price of membership on this platform is low to medium. Of course, developers explain this by serious-mindedness of the users and the whole site conception, if to use the discount.

First of all, just look at its name. For sure, lasting relationships and casual affairs happen between geeks as well, but people usually prefer not to be called like that.

Then comes a location. LTR sites often involve international dating or at least do not mind it, while casual sex sites are limited by one or several countries, just like Geek2Geek.

Developers think it’s a positive side that 35 – 42 y.o. users prevail in the database since people are more serious-minded in this age. But the site has been primarily meant for youngsters.

How do I match on Geek2Geek

The site claims its personality and compatibility test by the best psychologists provides better matching. But its matching system is just out of any critics, so weird it is.

Since Geek2Geek serves both heterosexual and same-sex dating, there are LGBT members in the database. What to say, if it matches them with straight singles every now and then?

It’s the brightest example of how it works, and how it confuses things. Well, most hookup sites have such a poorly working matching system, while serious dating sites must do better.

Finally, a number of inactive profiles cannot be considered good for hookup matches or new friendships. One should mostly rely on his manual search and overall online experience.

As adult dating experts, we’d like to believe this site has a much bigger potential and its current level of services can be somehow improved with time. As more as the concept is awesome.

What are special features of Geek2Geek

The only thing that Geek2Geek does really well, is responding to customers’ requests. Technical support is quick and polite, and this is possibly what folks pay for on this site.

Now, it’s hard to say how exactly the statistics about users’ education and the average income were gathered, if the majority of them prefer not to mention these parameters at all.

But the owners claim people with a higher degree and intellect severely prevail on this platform. Theoretically, it increases the chances to find a decent partner or a nice mate.

My Stream and Geek2Geek Blog new features have elements of a social network and are called to stimulate the users’ interest in each other. How does it work in a practice?

In fact, members use these features very rarely, because mentioned age groups are too busy for social games. They prefer to go straight to the point and that is logical.

They aren’t typically keen on using the Geek2Geek Starters feature either, as it’s in fact the online flirting game. It’s a bit more time-wasting than average ice-breakers.

We assume these bonus options were rather added for attracting a bigger number of young users, for a balance. But the most recent statistics have shown there is still a lack of them.

Is Geek2Geek for international gay dating

Nowadays, people got used to the travel apps as they are very convenient and effective. Although there are many gay dating apps in the market, no one combined them with the travel concept.

However, Geek2Geek is doing exactly that: combining the features of the LGBT social network with the possibilities of the full-fledged travel app. You can become one of the newcomers.

Some gay dating apps already include the events calendar, discussion board, and other helpful options. But let’s be clear, they usually enlighten the local events within the city or country.

While Geek2Geek may cover all recommended / available events in any country you may choose. It’s basically the global worldwide tool for single gay people, couples, and groups of friends.

Finding a gay partner for taking a trip together had never been so easy. Geek2Geek teaches to not be focused on the nightclubs only but to explore the world with like-minded folks.

With the flow of time, Geek2Geek is going to be trendy, cool, stylish, with multiple features, just like the best gay dating apps. Its unspoken motto is, the no. 1 nerd & gay getaway.

Why use Geek2Geek

Usually, gay dating apps specialize in local hook-ups, international dating, local and distanced interracial dating, finding penpals, companions, sponsors, organizing threesomes, and so on.

Geek2Geek won’t set any limits regarding the category of communication one is seeking. The trip you are planning together can be either to the nearest mall or across the world.

All the newest features you expected to find on niche social networks are present on Geek2Geek since developers have spent a lot of time and effort to make it comfortable for demanding users.

It’s not ok when a gay dating platform looks old-fashioned or non-original. That’s why bright, smooth, and satisfying design was among the main priorities of the Geek2Geek team.

For gay teens and youngsters, it’s crucial to simplify the process of acquaintance and minimize the possibility of rejection. Geek2Geek takes this into account too.

Is Geek2Geek for travel dating

Geek2Geek creates a friendly atmosphere and special environment for LGBT and bi-curious folks interested in traveling or just spending time together.

Although modern society is already tolerant enough towards gay singles and couples, additional spaces where like-minded people can be met, are always appreciated.

Gay hook-ups with strangers may be dangerous if not follow the safety rules, and traveling with unknown mates may be risky too. The Geek2Geek team makes sure these dangers are avoided.

Not only one can find amiable and open-minded personalities on this platform, but also the guys from technical support will provide friendly advice, answers, or urgent help.

In fact, for young singles who have recently found themselves and need extra understanding and warmth from their environment, each new app or site that appears in the market, makes a big sense.

Especially now when young people got much more freedoms comparing to the last decades, and can travel at ease both for scholarship and for entertainment.

Psychologists admit that friendly virtual environments like on Geek2Geek are equally vital for sensitive categories of youth compared to real-life environments.

Why is Geek2Geek better than sex tourism

The presence of such platforms and opportunities reduces the risks of uncomfortable states of mind such as loneliness, suicidal thoughts, a lack of social appreciation, and self-confidence.

Geek2Geek is on its way to obtaining all possible rewards and gratitude for its charitable work and wonderful results. So it’s something much more profound and massive than just a travel app.

The database of members promises to grow very rapidly gathering together people of all nationalities, races, outlooks, and beliefs, in order to create the best conditions for gay dating and traveling.

Reportedly, gay couples and groups are perceived more neutrally than singles by conservative folks during the trips so the importance of this newest source shouldn’t be underestimated.

Travel tips are not less important than dating tips. They will be given in a full volume and users will be able to exchange their precious experience regarding this or that area.

Traveling with someone you like or desire, differs from traveling with a neutral person. It has some cons but also nuances one should be warned about, especially in the LGBT community.


  1. You should always be careful with your personal information and be cautious when talking with someone online.

  2. You can choose a service that matches you with a person who suits your interests and is compatible with your life.

  3. Nevertheless, it’s important to check the safety of the site when you’re looking for a date.

  4. This can be a sign that the person you’re talking to is not who they claim to be.

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