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Fuckbookhookup Review – Set your sex fantasies free with adults online

Expert's Summary
Fuckbookhookup is one of contemporary adult sites where users meet for casual sex only. It is open for single men, women, married personals, and couples. There are some sister sites like FBH. LGBTQ hookups aren’t planned within the registration field, except for bi-curious personals interested in threesomes. The site is mostly meant for straight one-night-stands and vacations. There aren’t many sections on the site: only the home page, search filters, online now gallery, photo galleries, video chat, and live cams. Accordingly, the features aren’t many either.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Large member base
Very user-friendly
The most open-minded
Free features are limited
No profile pre-moderation
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How much is Fuckbookhookup

1 month$29.99
3 months$44.95
12 months$107.85

Comparing to other adult sites, FBH is averagely priced. It makes sense indeed to purchase the 12-month pack, as hookups with strangers is a lifestyle.

Is there adult content on Fuckbookhookup

The site keeps a healthy balance between decent flirting and vulgar erotic. Some ads and users’ videos can appear to be almost explicit, but not the site itself and it’s reassuring.

In fact, doesn’t matter how much FBH succeeds or not, some difference from Tinder-like platforms is needed. People want something spicier and more fun than just swiping endlessly.

That’s why we encourage singles and bored couples to join Fuckbookhookup and find what they dream of. The member base is really big and diverse, so chances to get laid are high.

Even comparing to the sister sites, FBH doesn’t offer many unique options. It can be called a bit primitive as there are only photo gallery, messaging, and webcam sections.

Taking that it’s a hookup site and not the one for serious dating or friendships, there’s no need for social network features. Still, some options of it are useful for casual sex.

Beautiful young woman in bikini in blue water pool

Are girls hot on Fuckbookhookup

The female member base is way bigger than on analog adult sites, so it’s a fair balance. One can meet hot women both for local hookups and for international casual sex.

No one administrates the main page so there are quite different personals from hot teens to MILFs who also hope to get laid or to flirt online. They are shown in the basic gallery.

On hookup sites like this one, no one should expect very detailed profiles. Indeed, they are brief on FBH. The focus is on the visual effect, not on the deeper investigation.

Modern culture completely accepts and encourages hookups, as a part of personal freedom. FBH is one of many adult dating sites, and we’ll see whether it’s among the leaders.

The good thing is that Fuckbookhookup is indeed meant for local casual affairs and it’s seen from the girls’ profiles. Another good thing is that women look hot and trustworthy.

What are special features on Fuckbookhookup

All pages show the big gallery of female photos or lead to viewing them. All the interface is built around that gallery, so, there aren’t any special features or options on FBH aside from it.

Yet, it has its niche and its thankful audience so it cannot be criticized much. Certain efforts are put into its design and promotion, so it’s partially trendy and suitable for all age groups.

Its extreme simplicity can be presented as an advantage or a drawback, depending on each user’s views. At least, it’s easy to use and can be recommended to young or mature singles.

Sexy girls are truly the essential fuel of each hookup site. Profiles on FBH are attractive enough, girls put effort to look Instagrammable and stylish in their mini dresses and lingerie.

The age of women is mostly between 28 – 35 y.o. So, it isn’t a sugar dating site but rather the platform for same-age encounters. It’s more suitable for local hookups than for travel dating.

The profiles themselves aren’t informative, but they rarely are on such casual sex sources. The brief basic info is enough to understand where the girl locates and how old she is.

Beautiful looking girl posing in bikini in summer

Is Fuckbookhookup safe

The only risky type of ladies we’d warn you against on FBH, are webcam girls. Video chatting is the core of this hookup site, so they have a big and convenient field for their activity.

Women of this type hope men will reward them in some way if they perform well as virtual lovers. Also, they may advertise their escort services with the help of this adult source.

Legit girls take a lot of selfies and love sharing them, but they don’t care much how everything looks since they have nothing to hide. Nor they are tricky enough to prepare the scene.

Therefore, you will be able to see their rooms even if there’s some mess, sometimes their working place. In other cases, they may walk with their phone talking to you, in the gym or outside.

Those are normal situations of everyday life and each spontaneous scenery is precious. It always means a girl is not secretive, although she has the right to protect her personal data.

Is Fuckbookhookup worthy of trying

FBH is worthy of one’s attention if he’s after spontaneous sex with pleasant and qualitative personals. Although the team doesn’t pre-moderate or select new female members, they rock.

It’s probably thanks to the site reputation in general and there aren’t completely negative reviews. Most users are happy with it, or at least consider it neutral and above average.

After a deeper look, we believe FBH isn’t just visually attractive but also trustworthy enough for giving it a try. The database is huge and efficient for local hookups within the USA.

Since western girls prevail there, accordingly, there are no so-called international brides from the third world countries who’d ask for money. Most young women are independent.

It saves you a bunch of money. Even if you decide to use this site for travel hookups, a girl you choose will be able to pay for her ticket and the hotel. It’s very budget-wise.


  1. While this is unlikely to happen, there are some benefits that you can take away from this type of dating site.

  2. Men must be careful not to be too ambitious in their search for a woman because they are often misguided.

  3. You can also take advantage of the free premium plan to try out the service before you pay for it.

  4. Its free membership allows women to browse profiles of men who are compatible with their lifestyles.

  5. The service also has general filter and search functions, and you can choose to search by age, location, and sexual preference.

  6. You should state what you are looking for in a partner, and make sure that your profile picture is the best quality.

  7. Instead, send her IMs about GIFs and follow up with a phone call or email to keep the conversation going.

  8. The internet can also be a dangerous place to date, so it’s best to be confident and prepared before trying it out.

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