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Fuck Marry Kill Review: Young singles in Europe for FWB and love game

Expert's Summary
Fuck Marry Kill, or FMK for short is a fun dating site that resembles a Hot or Not app. For matching with others, one needs to play a kind of game and rate users. The system ignores fuck-fuck and kill-kill pairs, but brings together those who both pressed Marry. These two can chat, video chat, exchange photos, and surely meet in real. Youngsters prevail in its database. With such a provocative name, it's just an entertaining FWB platform.
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Members Quality
Big member base
Social network elements
Cool matching tools
Matches are not local
Casual purposes only
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How much is Fuck Marry Kill

1 week VIP4.99 EUR
1 month VIP2.49 EUR
3 months VIP1.99 EUR
10 credits3.49 EUR
20 credits6.49 EUR
30 credits8.49 EUR

FMK has an interesting pricing system. It’s super friendly toward youngsters, being so affordable.

At the same time, users are encouraged to pay for 3 months at once which is cheaper than 1 week.

What are special features on Fuck Marry Kill

Such an original chat site surely has features differing it from the others. Voting online is among them.

Power Vote is the ability to set up your attitude toward a member who is suggested as your possible match.

The same vote can be given to 3 members max. It means, you can vote Marry for three different girls on FMK.

Closeup portrait pretty brunette girls looking sexy at party, sensually touching face

There is one disadvantage though, all votes are paid extra aside from your membership fee. Credits are spent on them.

But it brings you closer to other singles online and helps you match correctly. It’s the main feature on FMK.

Why choose Fuck Marry Kill

It is already proven teens and youngsters hate boring apps for dating and sex. Things should be fun and trendy.

It was a genial idea to create Fuck Marry Kill where the entertaining element is strong yet the purpose is real.

Young folks do not believe in things like marriage yet, but they have romance deep in their hearts.

A hot teen girl with a cat and phone

Exactly the FMK site allows to be themselves, either radical or affectionate depending on their mood.

Dating experts find Fuck Marry Kill very cute, despite its scary title, and the most suitable for single teens.

Is Fuck Marry Kill like Tinder

Some people say these two apps and sites resemble each other a lot. It’s due to several factors.

Both FMK and Tinder are targeting young folks seeking casual encounters and nothing serious.

Also, the game element is present and matching takes place based on these manual actions.

sexy beautiful young blond model girl in summer bright casual hipster clothes

On both platforms, users can later reconsider their primary opinion. It mostly comes to paid members.

The one we swiped left on, can be then swiped right, while the one we marked as Kill can be marked as Marry.

Is it ok to use Fuck Marry Kill

The site may seem doubtful to those who are against teen dating. Some think all apps for youngsters should look like MyLOL.

First, FMK is for older teenagers, and second, it does offer to find exactly a match for the relationship.

Developers consider this much safer than hooking up with strangers offline or with even younger personals.

young hipster beautiful woman with bright make up and perfect body

On the platform, teen singles can meet new friends too, but mostly romantic buddies. The features are helpful.

They are amusing and remind online games or fun quizzes. So, no one is bored while searching for a mate.

Is Fuck Marry Kill safe enough

The platforms for teenagers always raise the main question, are they actually well-protected, and harmless?

Fuck Marry Kill definitely is. There is a strong verification tool, even if it just takes minutes to register.

The team keeps an eye on young members, their profiles, and the correspondence. All should remain decent.

Beautiful attractive girl blonde with curly hair and blue charming eyes, sending blowing kiss

The account can be linked to FB or IG, which is a good sign too. No one stays fully anonymous.

It creates a fun virtual social circle of buddies with benefits, where the info can be checked and all is fair.

Who do I meet on Fuck Marry Kill

The platform is made for European users, although everyone can join worldwide. The payment is calculated in euros.

Actually, all age groups are welcomed. But young members below 25 y.o. are prevailing there.

If you live in one of European countries or visit there often, Fuck Marry Kill is the most convenient for you.

Lovely european woman enjoying good day. Glad blonde girl having fun

Local encounters are preferred by single students, as they are somewhat limited in seeing the world.

But relationships at distance have their pros as well, being so intriguing and refreshing in our world of routine.

Is Fuck Marry Kill for hookups

Casual sex went so common among youngsters today. It takes place at all school events and parties.

It’s only correct to help teen folks meet each other easier and arrange the things they want.

But it’s also a fact they often need new friendships even more than see affairs or relationships.

Gorgeous brunette girl in cute swimsuit dreamily looking in camera

It especially comes to pen pals and virtual sex buddies living on another end of the world.

And as parents say, virtual sex is the safest. So, Fuck Marry Kill definitely has its good mission among teens.

Is Fuck Marry Kill legit

Despite its popularity and modern people’s open-mindedness, this site still raises doubts with its name.

The Fuck Marry Kill reminds its audience that youngsters watch scary stuff all the time and find it amusing.

So, it was a witty and smart PR move to turn the scary movie trend into romance. Teens consider it cool.

Teen model brunette with beautiful lips and long hair posing

Some old wicky stranger could not get through the support team, and young folks’ profiles are checked too.

The team would never welcome any inappropriate stuff, and there were no officiant complaints either.

Even the site name has been changed to a more neutral version, FMK. One can feel safe and meet new friends.


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  2. You can also read reviews and ratings from other people to get a feel of whether it is the right site for you.

  3. Whether you’re a man or a woman, making sure to maintain eye contact is crucial for getting a woman’s interest.

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