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Flirt com Review – Local hookups and online flirting with hot singles

Expert's Summary
Flirt com is an iconic chat site uniting naughty singles locally and worldwide. The NSA atmosphere is nice. However, unlike on other flirty platforms, male members are in minority. Girls dominate the site a lot. Fake or catfishing accounts, if any, are easily reported and banned by the team. Most chats end in real meetings.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Casual attitude
Intense chatting
All age groups
Lack of male members
Some fake accounts
Total Score

Is Flirt com free

1 month$28.80
3 months$48.60

It would be logical to make a Flirt com site free like many other chat apps for youngsters. But it is even pricier than in average.

The 3-month pack is more reasonable, as more as NSA flirting with singles is a lifestyle. There is a cheap 3-day trial though.

What is the girls’ quality on Flirt com

For men, it’s enough when a girl is slim, cute, good-looking. Her image is a mix of naughtiness, innocence, and refined feminine sex appeal.

On another hand, all makeup tools are needed for a high-quality photo shoot. Any professional photographer would confirm that. 

But in real life, a bright look is appropriate only on evening parties or glam events, not on a hookup date. Only a few men love party girls. 

Beautiful young woman with sexy body. Blonde long brown hair and natural makeup

Also, confident men prefer to be able to discuss any topics with a female, from politics to traveling and sports. Flirt com girls cover it all.

They know how to present themselves in the photos, but also what to talk about for attracting the guys’ attention. Most Flirt gals are many-sided.

How to communicate on Flirt com

Most definitely, you have already tried flirting online and you enjoyed it. But you may have noticed that negative situations sometimes occur.

So how to avoid them and be as free in your playfulness as you can? Flirting is a light form of virtual relationship that may grow into real dating.

It’s rather your first training before the affair. It’s different from dating singles online as you don’t even know whether your penpals are single.

Beautiful alluring erotic woman in sexy lingerie. Beauty, fashion concept

Many of us are so much into survival or building a career or home that we never relax emotionally. Flirting online is one of the safe ways to do that.

It’s always pleasant to meet girls and learn about their personalities. Flirting is the way to stay idealistic, optimistic, and romantic about people’s pros.

Is Flirt com any good

Being involved in flirting online, you gain all the benefits of the teenage psychological condition. Those are butterflies in your stomach, positive thinking.

Also, feeling like a 20 y.o. no matter what age you are. Hard to believe but flirting fulfills this typical human desire of being forever young.

There are cases when old-time partners meet online to flirt. It gives a new spark to their relationship as they start sharing sexy fantasies.

Beautiful sexy lady in elegant white panties and bra. Fashion portrait of model indoors. Beauty woman with attractive body in lace lingerie

Sometimes those ones they used to hide from each other. So, flirting online has many facets and offers a big variety of opportunities.

We just have to keep our minds open on Flirt com. There are many surprises we didn’t expect that are taking us to the next level of eroticism.

How to hook up a young girl on Flirt com

Very young singles are not mature enough for a real dating, but flirting is their sexy exercise and a safe release of hormonal tension.

While older and busy people are afraid to be distracted by a serious relationship. It demands a lot of commitment just like their business.

But flirting allows them to feel needed and appreciated, to not lose their crucial instinct of a hunter. Young personals are definitely their target.

Closeup portrait of pretty blonde girl with long hair posing on rocky beach. She is smiling to the camera.

Our sensuality is closely connected with our ability to stay motivated and dynamic. But are you sure that you really know what flirting is about?

It means no pressure, no control over another person, only exchanging positive emotions. There should be a very light and flirty communication.

What are the cons of Flirt com

How can you define that Flirt com isn’t for you? It can be the case if you’re here looking to hook up, therefore, you have no real commitment.

It is needed for telling nice words and compliments, keeping another person happy and excited. You are not going to have any duties.

Except for mutual respect and the necessity to stay on a positive frequency. Maybe it’s something hard for you and you used to be too serious.

Beautiful sleepy young sensual woman with beautiful body shapes in lingerie lies on a white fur

If you don’t know how to find proper words that could please the opposite sex, try to watch psychological videos on this subject or read blogs.

You will succeed in the art of flirting on Flirt com like many other singles did. Just be ready they aren’t going to put a lot of effort either.

What is a Satisfaction Guarantee on Flirt com

The site developers are confident enough to guarantee a successful search to each user. They partially refund the payment if it’s not so.

In case some member is dissatisfied with services, he can contact the team and get his money back. It concerns the 1-month and 3-month packs.

For sure, the owners aren’t that generous to please all moody folks. They are just sure about a good choice of hot girls on Flirt com.

Fashion portrait of beautiful sexy young adult blond woman model wearing black erotic lingerie lying on white bed in the morning

Some hookup sites are using this PR trick but Flirt com seems sincere. Only a few users a year ask about the refund and enjoy their chats.

If still uncertain, start from the 1-month option and see how it goes. Just report the profiles if you find some of them doubtful.

Is Flirt com popular in UK

Only 300K Flirt members are from the USA. At least the same quantity comes from the UK, which is very promising for British singles.

Meeting hot girls from the UK is the best adventure and sexual experiment a man can dream about. Luckily, there are all women categories. 

British chicks are completely open towards hookups, both anonymous and open ones. They gladly use these best sources for casual sex.

Tanned beauty. Attractive young woman in red bikini looking away and smiling while relaxing in the beach hut outdoors

Since English girls like quality, they tend to choose sites like Flirt com that are well-known and equipped with great design and features.

If you start practicing gallant attitudes from the first words you exchange in the chat, you’ll see how much you are desired by British hotties.

What are special features on Flirt com

During your almost-free trial, you can try the majority of options available for paid members. Advanced search, viewing private photos.

Also, the recommended list of matches, using the general chatroom, etc. You can even search by a postal code finding the closest woman.

You can exchange message with girls only after buying the full membership though. There are various ice-breakers and social elements.

fashion portrait of a sensual girl in white bed

Flirt com is classical. It means the features are for straight mates mostly of the same age, and the motivation of meeting isn’t commercial.

People meet there for flirting and relationships. Personal vids can be added to the profiles. The interface is nice-looking and easy to navigate.

Are there Asian girls on Flirt com

Meeting hot Asian girls is a turn-on for many men. Just a few decades ago, one had to travel such a long way just to take a chance.

On sites like Flirt com, the process is automatized. Having such a specific and introverted culture, Asian women fully opened into the world.

So, very often we see that hot Asian females are even more modern than their western peers. They can discuss any adult topic freely. 

Beautiful smiling young woman in swimsuit sitting in pool with glass of sweet cocktail and looking up at camera

Is it safe to date Asia girls on Flirt com? Usually yes, since they do not tend to be scam artists. Their mentality and values keep them decent. 

Most frequently, Asian girls are raised to be modest, kind, caring, obedient, good-natured, very honest. These qualities are seen even in hookups.

Can I meet a Latina on Flirt com

Latin beauties remain in high demand no matter what, thanks to their seductive shapes, tanned skin, sparkling eyes, and other striking turn-ons.

Luckily, hot Latin women are interested in western men too. They are just too passionate and fair to exclude anyone from their list.

Latin girls are anything but conservative. You quickly learn that when you hook up with them for the first time. It can be experienced on Flirt com.

gorgeous seductive woman in sexy lingerie lying on bed

Although they enjoy courtship a lot, they go wild on the first date already. That’s why all single men are hunting for gorgeous Latinas.

It’s a key to the most satisfying sex life one ever had. The database of Hispanic chicks on Flirt com is very big and diverse.


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  2. These apps are free and provide you with an opportunity to meet like-minded people.

  3. You may also discover that you’ll get more dates for free! But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of money to be made! You’ll still have a chance to win big by downloading the right app.

  4. Bumble, for example, is a woman-focused app that lets women initiate conversations with men.

  5. This means that it’s safe for women to join without worrying that they’ll get scammed.

  6. It’s also worth noting that Bumble is the only dating app with a code of conduct requiring respect between its users.

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