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FetLife site Review 2022 – Find your fetish sex mate online

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FetLife is a hookup site number one for kinky singles and couples. It unites sex-positive folks within an international adult dating scene for non-vanilla one night stands and longer FWB. Motivating the users to dream and achieve in sexual regard, FetLife contributes a lot to modern hookup tendencies. It’s also technically equipped enough to call it effective and recommended.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Millions of members worldwide
Strong kinky community
Young and real users
Males prevail
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How much does FetLife cost

3 months donation$30.00
12 months donation$60.00
24 months donation$120.00

FetLife site is free as it should be since its main purpose is to encourage kinksters and pervs to be themselves without any obstacles. But it’s also donation-based as it should be.

Supporting a big member base in the West and worldwide is quite a work, plus, it is instantly seen that FetLife design is professionally done. All these efforts should be rewarded.

How big is FetLife member base

There isn’t exactly a membership on FetLife since it’s donation-based. But over 8 mln. users have joined it already and this number keeps on growing daily. So, it’s a kinky social network, indeed.

4.5 mln. users are from the USA, while the rest are from other western countries and Europe. Strangely enough, male members severely prevail. But it makes kinky females on FetLife more precious.

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On another hand, the majority of active users are younger than 35. Which makes them perfect unicorns, sugar babies, and sweet sex slaves. Older members can enjoy such an opportunity.

Sites like FetLife, are growing that fast for a reason. People tend to get tired of vanilla affairs and patriarchal standards, so they’re constantly seeking smth new. This is how hookup sites work.

How to sign up on FetLife site

Since FetLife can be used for free until one wishes to donate, signing up is at no cost as well. Only email and basic info are needed, as well as phone verification as everywhere.

For the purposes of anonymity that many users desire, the FetLife account isn’t connected to any social network. This way, a person can stay secretive about sexual preferences and private life.

Most users call signing up on FetLife convenient and quick. Non-necessity to pay for registering adds positive impressions too. In the profile itself, links to social networks are allowed.

Profiles cannot be seen to non-registered guests of the site. There are no strict requirements regarding all rows being filled, but each user is interested in making it more detailed.

Can I delete a photo on FetLife

It’s not a problem to re-upload a picture on FetLife if you have mistaken or changed your mind. Just tap on a photo and you’ll see the options, removal is going to be among them.

This site has very intense traffic of the exchange and sharing of the images. It’s highly safe and no photos are allowed to be screened or stolen. Feel free to get creative about your FetLife pics.

Despite the kinky specialization of the site, it isn’t just cheaply filled with the dick picks. Many profile photos and pictures sent in the chat, are elegantly erotic and reveal the preferred fetish.

What is perv on FetLife site

Discover your real self without any fear, as other members do. Only the kinks connected with pain or harm, require some caution. All the rest should be freely explored and the results shared.

FetLife site suggests doing that either in the blog for kinksters, in the group chat, or in-person in a circle of like-minded people. The precious non-vanilla experience shouldn’t be wasted.

Can I delete my account on FetLife

By statistics, FetLife users rarely ever delete their profiles from the member base. Being there is just too fruitful and helps to join bigger communities of like-minded folks to feel less alone.

However, one may have his own reasons to stop using FetLife, from anonymity issues to changing the lifestyle. That’s why the site provides several options for account deleting.

First, it can be inactivated temporarily, kind of frozen. And second, the profile can be removed permanently. In this case, all data is deleted for good, instantly.

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In the first case, it is easy to reactivate the account by contacting customer support. In the second case, a user may still be able to return to FetLife under another nickname and email.

It is advised to think twice before removing the FetLife account since there is no other site like this one.

Others resemble kinky escort listings or trashy communities, without this special style and the atmosphere.

Does FetLife charge me automatically

As it was said, FetLife can be used all-free. One’s sponsorship is totally voluntary and cannot be withdrawn automatically. Instead, one should renew it manually when he wants to.

With just one nuance, the min. duration of the sponsorship support of FetLife is 6 months. So, upon each renewal, one should be ready to spend that much and to use the site for another half-year.

If you want to refund, however, you should know that not all payment options are suitable for that. The less traditional ones aren’t refundable, such as Bitcoin or Paysafecard.

Also, you have 1 week only to claim the payment refund. If more days have passed, it’s not possible, nor even through customer support. So be careful when planning your transfers.

Is FetLife safe

First of all, FetLife is an encrypted site. The most modern technologies and tools are used there, so one can be sure about his data safety. Nothing suspicious is found in the Terms and Conditions.

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Unlike some other adult sites, this one doesn’t warn the users about keeping their data for 3 yrs. or about using third parties’ photos for the purposes of advertisement. All is real and transparent.

If one’s concerns are regarding the financial matter, fear not, either. FetLife site never charges without users’ permission, as more as it is commonly used for free.


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