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Ethiopia Personals Review – Meet African singles for casual sex and LTR

Expert's Summary
Ethiopia Personals is one of the best sites for interracial dating and hookups. It’s comparatively new on the market and fairly simple to use. According to its title, Ethiopia Personals is mostly created for African Americans who seek white partners and vise-versa. But same-race encounters take place too. Its success rate is reportedly high and the trust level is sufficient to consider it a reliable dating app for mixed couples.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Big female member base
Real meetings
Trendy design and features
Some scam possible
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Ethiopia Personals Audio Review

How much is Ethiopia Personals

1 month$39.99
3 months$89.97
6 months$149.94
12 months$236.64

Comparing to other interracial sex sites, Ethiopia Personals is overpriced. However, its cost is similar to some top adult sites, so there can be hopes for extra services.

What is Ethiopia Personals

Ethiopia Personals is the site where you can quickly find someone for a night or a longer relationship.

Let’s say the developers didn’t invent this system they seem to adopt the pattern without adding any new or modern features, but it works, still.

First of all, it deserves a lot of respect for bringing together black and white partners and breaking the last stereotypes remaining in this regard in society.

The Ethiopia Personals team must be really professional as it created such an attractive and stylish design and managed to gather quite a big database of users.

Is Ethiopia Personals safe

Although the verification process and other safety measures weren’t the company’s first priorities, the app seems to be scam-free and trustworthy enough.

There are no annoying bots or fake profiles. It’s good enough even for late teenagers, however, its main audience is 25+.

The site could be a leader in the mixed dating market if it suggested any extra features or a stronger social idea.

Sexy Girl in White Bikini Posing Next to Tropical Outdoors Swimming Pool

How to hook up on Ethiopia Personals

African American girls are desired by many. Many ethnicities are mixed in their genes, and as a result, those stunning goddesses radiate such authentic hotness.

Their very special sex appeal is a perfect combination of African wilderness and Eastern chic. Their magnetic eyes, mesmerizing smile, and smooth olive skin are literally ageless.

But also, all that is accompanied by the most feminine shapes. African American women are constantly hunted for, so don’t try to attract her precious attention with average compliments.

Many did this before. Start from something brighter like, kiss her hand when you meet, which may surprise and flatter her. Then present a cute sample of cosmetics.

The body lotion is a hint which is intimate enough and at the same time, the sample is small enough to find a decent explanation if her boyfriend happens somewhere around.

The only thing you should know is that being proactive is a must, otherwise, your chances are less high.

How to treat an African girl in bed

As you know, many African girls are Muslims. So, once you established an initial communication on Ethiopia Personals, try to get to know how tolerating she is towards other beliefs.

Normally, they are not obsessed with their religion, therefore they easily date non-Muslims. Hurry up to catch this opportunity and the reality will surpass your expectations.

What will you say, for example, if we tell you that black girls treat their man like a king? It’s a part of their mentality that a man should be fully satisfied by them.

African-American girl shooting a seascape on her smartphone

They do all the job until the happy ending and they enjoy being submissive. It’s only natural for them. So whatever is on your mind in a bed, just share this fantasy with your hot mate.

You will see how enthusiastic she is about it. When she makes sure you’re one hundred percent happy after enjoying her skills in bed, she still has enough energy to cook an amazing meal.

Indeed, a hot African girl is always ready to serve her man in all regards, still knowing how to keep him thankful and respectful.

Can I date seriously on Ethiopia Personals

African American girls really think their personal success isn’t in a big career or even in raising children, but in pleasing their partner.

With such an attitude of her, you will always feel like a true man, strong, powerful, and loved. It’s a huge motivation for someone who needs a feeling of victory on a daily basis.

There’s no doubt that you will appreciate her exceptional care and it will never turn into a burden. And if you are after hookups only, just be honest with her.

young african woman using mobile phone while listening music with headphones at the beach outside

Women of many other nationalities should learn from African girls as they care about their beloved man in correct places, the bed, and the kitchen.

They won’t give him unwanted advice in other areas of his life. So he can save all his independence and personal space for himself without sacrificing even a bit of it.

Doesn’t matter if your plans go that far or not, you will be glad to know that black girls don’t play games with men and usually don’t cheat, even those who are popular models.

Loyalty is in their blood and they won’t break this. Moreover, they know how to be loyal without being boring. They don’t argue either, and first chats on Ethiopia Personals show that.

Is Ethiopia Personals any good

Ethiopia Personals is a genuinely effective dating site with a much lower scam level. In general, girls on Ethiopia Personals are genuine and more or less committed.

It has a clean, neat, bright, and romantic interface, simple but attractive design, a modern registration form that can be entered, optionally, through social networks.

One isn’t bombarded with shallow and automatic messages after the registration. Instead, he may get a reasonable number of substantial messages and natural chat invitations.

young black African American woman with a curly afro hairstyle smiling as she poses in a summer top

The majority of girls have true photos and are committed to meet in real. Although it’s mostly about distanced or even international dating, the site helps to break the barriers.

It assists with the translation when needed, provides quick and reliable customer support, and does all the other things to reassure you’re in the right place.

Although the safety system isn’t perfect and some scammers may get through, it’s easy to report them and avoid them.

It’s always recommended to chose women who live in bigger cities and show a higher level of education. It’s also recommended to gather some personal pics and a short bio.

What are special features on Ethiopia Personals

The phone application makes this platform especially convenient for those who are constantly on the road or at work. The app has a good navigation system and allows to date locally.

The comments and reviews about the app are mostly positive, except for those folks who always criticize. It also has a vivid design and inspires to trust new experiences.

There are chat rooms and a list of favorites helping to organize one’s account and keep things convenient for using.

We can confidently say that Ethiopia Personals is one of a few sites that really work and can be called trendy. We recommend it to all singles who seek hot African hookups.

Portrait of attractive afro woman in the street

Why meet girls on Ethiopia Personals

It’s a very attractive option for singles who are brave enough to have the hottest mate ever possible and a constant festive atmosphere around them.

If you are a big admirer of beauties with exotic looks, nothing can be better for you than finding an African girl on Ethiopia Personals.

But, like if it wasn’t sufficient and impressive enough, they are also super great cooks, unbelievable dancers, and very skilled, liberate lovers.

Since many African girls come from touristic areas and not-so-wealthy families, it’s logical to expect them to do a sugar dating thing. But they are unique in this regard as well.

They are taught to be independent since their early youth, so they are great survivors both in provincial conditions and in big cities.

Are Ethiopia Personals girls the best for sex

Guys choose African mates because these women don’t care about the age gap, they are faithful no matter what, and they aren’t spoiled at all.

They aren’t luxury life hunters and they are the best nurses even for poor or elderly men. That’s why even retired men are happy to date them.

They make someone’s last decades of life brighter. As to younger men, they enjoy traveling and vacationing together with their black girlfriends since they are the best guides.

Also, fair advisers, loyal assistants, and the hottest exotic lovers of all times.

How do I get laid on Ethiopia Personals

Most EP girls are very genuine, feminine in a simple way, rather submissive, and ready to please their men.

Doesn’t matter from which ethnic group they are, all of them have big sensual lips and dark piercing eyes. They tend to be slim and in a good shape, especially girls from big cities.

They may not know many intimate tricks but the ancient knowledge is in their genes so you can fulfill most of your fantasies. 

You shouldn’t bother much about the right topics for communication with her. African girls are not too complicated or profound, their simplicity is healing. Relax and talk about her culture.

It can be a talk about the food, daily needs, and activities. She is a nice companion as long as she accepts being with you. She is the best guide and doesn’t mind a little naked adventure.

Be smart and careful then she will remain one of your brightest memories within beautiful and exotic places. Africa is big and each particular country has its own pros and cons.


  1. By chatting with women in real time, you can meet women and find the one you’ve been looking for.

  2. You can also try the popular mobile dating sites like Zoosk, which are available on your smartphone.

  3. It will choose people who are far away from you, have different political affiliations, or are familiar with you.

  4. A confident man is more likely to be accepted by a woman, because women don’t want to waste their time with a man who’s too self-confident.

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