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Eros Escort Review: VIP hookups for all singles categories

Expert's Summary
Eros Escort listings site is just another modern platform that went much further than Listcrawler or Craigslist. With multiple options and trendy designs, it is simply awesome. Eros Escort is a strong competitor to other listings. Experts typically recommend it with all confidence.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Free easy search
Big spectrum of options
Bi- and trans-friendly
Some providers are pricey
Medium coverage
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Eros Escort Audio Review

What is Eros Escort structure

This modern ad listings site isn’t primitive like Bedpage let’s say, or other analogs. The structure is very thoughful, nicely compiled, and easy to use even for beginners.

There are such various sections as Trans, BDSM, Massage, Fetish sections, Tantra, Dancers, and Live Escort. It means, the site is welcoming towards any form of sexual activity.

The trans section is divided to classical shemale, ladyboy, femboy, crossdresser, non-binary, and other sub-section. Everyone would find a niche for himself and his personal kinks.

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The Tantra section is greatly used by HE masseurs and masseuses, yoga teachers who do not mind friendships with benefits, sexual meditation practicers, and so on.

While the Live Escort section is very much like LiveJasmin and similar sites where gorgeous webcam models are inspiring their audience all the way long until a happy ending.

Such diversity is great for sex-positive singles and couples, groups of friends, corporate groups, or swinger communities. All sub-categories are organized very conveniently.

How do I perform well with Eros Escort girls

The very first thing that helps to remain a hero, is proper food. Seafood is well-known in this regard already, especially mussels. Cedar nuts also make miracles, along with red meats.

However, do not forget such an attribute of nowadays as superfood items. It can be honey pollen if you’re not allergic, Goji berries, spirulina cocktails, the main rule is to consume right.

Try different tricks on looking better, such as the glass skin effect, gymnastics, yoga, green juice, salads with sprouts, and superfood. But never forget to exercise your mind as well.

Sleep enough before your responsible night, do not have stresses the day before, keep in a good mood. Then your superhero adventures will result in a huge mutual pleasure.

What is VIP sex on Eros Escort

It’s well-known that model-looking people are in higher demand, and can easily pick a partner or attract anyone. These stereotypes of beauty aren’t just dictated by phony fashion, but by instincts.

Being slim is healthier than having a very big body, and having flawless skin is a biological sign of good health too. Another thing is that some wealthy personalities prefer non-standard beauty.

In any case, it is called elite escorts and these personals are highly committed to satisfy.

Everything is included in the list of efforts, perfume, thorough shaving or waxing, some very special lingerie, makeup with a professional highlighter, sexy hairstyle, manicure. That’s a lot to do.

Interestingly enough, one escort girl once published an article where she calculated the time and money spent on such preps and called frequent sex meetings a full-time job even for an amateur.

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For instance, it is known that women with blonde hair are perceived as beta kittens, submissive lovers. It’s a purely psychological thing, also men like to pamper and take care of the blonde.

A dark-haired woman with intense makeup and provocative clothes, on another hand, is sometimes perceived as a vampiress, a dominatrix. It’s just a stereotype, but it works.

Well, both types are present on Eros Escorts, and many of those hot girls can definitely be called VIPs.


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