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Eris Review: Free chatting with young singles worldwide

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Eris in an innovative dating site and app encouraging young singles to get serious about LTR. Since it's an international platform, lots of categories can be found there for real meetings. Eastern European, Asian, Latin American, Turk girls are waiting for a western mate. It's free to use yet scam-free and safe enough even for the youngest personals.
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How much is Eris

Eris site and app are free for everyone. Not just the basic features are cost-free, but the entire pack of services too.

That’s why Eris is so appreciated by young singles, students, and budget-wise folks worldwide.

What is Eris about

Eris is a new word in relationships at a distance. It really does everything to reduce the risks for future love mates.

Quick and easy registration yet thorough verification, additional travel tips and services, all is included in the list.

All members are fascinated by its user-friendly interface and multiple modern features. Eris success rate is really high.

Amazing woman portrait. Beautiful girl with long wavy hair. Blonde model with hairstyle

Its dating blog is filled with the best advice for travelers and singles, while girls’ profiles are very detailed and trustworthy.

Latina and Eastern European ladies represent the type of beauty almost lost in the West, natural and elegant.

Meanwhile, most of them are down-to-earth and some don’t even realize how stunning they are. It attracts western peers.

Is it ok to use Eris

Dating abroad isn’t for experienced travelers only. It can make any beginner happy if he uses Eris for meeting beautiful single girls.

The pros and cons of foreign women become obvious here. The choice of hot females is huge, and chatting with them is easy.

Gorgeous young lady in trendy sunglasses making selfie

Moderators take care of your safety and the quality of girls. There is a special photo verification that weeds out catfishers.

Tender and passionate, young ladies online gladly share their best pictures and top ideas on how to get laid romantically.

Sexy Russian and Asian women are imaginative and resourceful, one shall never get bored with them on the Eris site.

Why choose Eris site

Lovers from Eastern Europe on Eris are always the best ones. It’s because they are in the golden middle.

For instance, between old-fashioned and ultra-modern views. It helps them combine all the qualities of the old and new styles.

They may start some business, drive a car, use innovative domestic equipment, yet remain family-oriented and loyal.

times in a woman’s hand, she takes a rose, bride’s fees, morning bride, white dress

Thanks to a wide mix of ethnicities in Russia, mostly of Slavic origin, single girls there are naturally passionate and sensual.

Today, they learned to be playful and surprise their mate. Some Slav females are even into BDSM and swinger exchange.

It can be striptease, roleplaying, cosplay, food play, anything that doesn’t harm and brings pleasure to both participants.

Who do I find on Eris

For some reason, Eris is very popular in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, even more than in Russia. It’s quite intriguing.

Ukrainian women are freedom-loving, super caring, and keenly passionate. This combination of qualities makes them so unique.

beautiful girl with braids standing in room with painting on wall

If to always remember that, and court the girls accordingly, there is a big chance to make them fall for you completely.

And if they do, they get very dedicated. Eris encourages exactly serious relationships and a commitment.

So, respect their personal space, allow them to take care of you, and make love to them as often as possible, that’s a key secret.

How to date girls on Eris

A man should overcome a lot of insecurities to start dating a stunning female. But once he does that, he faces another obstacle.

Those can be her enormous demands. But it won’t happen with a Russian girlfriend on Eris, experts say.

They simply didn’t see such a luxury, their social opportunities are extremely limited, and they normally have a modest upbringing.

That’s why single men from the West prefer to be with Russian models. Just look how organic they look in any outfit.

attractive seductive sensual stylish woman in boho dress sitting vintage retro cafe

This natural beauty gradually becomes rare in the world, so hurry up to appreciate it once you find your match on Eris.

It is said that Russian girls are after so-called puppy love. It can be hard for serious and busy American men to relax and enjoy.

But it’s better to meet an amateur model on Eris or even a simple girl with an iconic appearance than an arrogant star.

Is Eris any good

Since the choice is so big now and European women have very good taste, they tend to choose the trendiest dating sites.

Yet, they aren’t into anonymous sex. By all these parameters, Eris suits them just perfectly, experts admit.

Beautiful sexy lady in elegant white robe. Close up fashion portrait of model indoors

All women are taught to stay feminine and follow traditions. So, do not be shy to show your best sides, and treat them mildly.

One more hint, the option of mass winks and automatic chat invites went too common. It doesn’t work with decent Russian girls.

Make sure to write personalized messages to foreign women whose culture may differ from yours. You’ll see the outcome.

How do I meet women on Eris

Men wonder what to expect in a marriage with a Ukrainian wife. In fact, women from this cozy and hospitable country are perfect.

It’s not just a saying. They do not put their man on a pedestal like Russians, but rather treat him tenderly as the best friend.

Sexy woman in a black bra

They care a lot about their husband or boyfriend. They cook for their partners and do not consider it a burden, even if tired.

Women in Ukraine are witty talkers, but also the best listeners. They do not criticize, do not talk about their career or past 24/7.

The warmth they give is no less important for a man than their natural passion and sexiness. It is well seen on Eris.

It can be said with confidence that Ukrainian girls are a complete package, and it’s an honor to date them.

How do I succeed on Eris

It is only natural that a focus is on Ukraine ladies in the Eris profile gallery. They are always the most popular.

Almost unknown in the world before the 2014 events, they are now famous and visited actively for romance.

So, one should know a bit about their mentality and culture before getting closer or planning the trip.

Gorgeous european female model playing with her long blonde hair

Ukrainian singles are very entertaining, smart, sharp, initiative. They have an active position in life.

They enjoy things with zest and have great taste, even if they grew in a modest environment.

Marvelous places of nature in Ukraine are another good reason to invite them for a long exciting walk.

Discuss things, be yourself, and make sure you have all the old-fashioned manners along with the optimism.

Is Eris for marriage

Eris isn’t a typical marital agency online that gained popularity in the late 1990s. It is new and free.

It means, single girls date independently without intermediaries. There are no hidden fees or weird services.

Sensual woman with long natural hair, open shirt and black panties

Eris doesn’t organize romantic tours and won’t book accommodation for you. There are no interpreters on a date.

But all chats are translated automatically to any language, and there is an events calendar for most big cities.

These online features and a travel-friendly atmosphere are basically enough for serious international dating.


  1. While there are many different options for meeting women online, you may find it helpful to use some mainstream dating apps.

  2. Even the most innocent looking woman should not feel threatened, because she’s afraid of being attacked, and she shouldn’t have to.

  3. Whether a man is serious about getting married or just looking for a date depends on his intentions and willingness to spend time with his partner.

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