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EbonyFlirt Review – Meet hot black singles for casual affairs and love

Expert's Summary
EbonyFlirt is the casual dating site for 30+ people who are successful in their professions or just way too determined to find a local mate ASAP. This age category is also confirmed by the absence of typical extras for youth such as fun tests, multiple kinds of ice-breakers, games, etc. The design isn’t too bright or innovative either. It’s a calm and reassuring territory for people who don’t want to be bothered by scammers or shallow talkers and value qualitative, profound communication. It can be a hookup site but some discussions are quite intellectual and profiles may contain detailed information. Although some users think it rather distracts from the romantic communication itself, success stories happen every now and then, so EbonyFlirt can be recommended.
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Members Quality
Can be used for free
Great customer support
Quick matching
No phone app
Some fake accounts
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Is EbonyFlirt free

1 month$28.80
3 months$48.60
6 months$79.20

Yes, EbonyFlirt can be used totally for free, but with limited features. For instance, a Standard member can have 5 free chats a day.

Unlimited chatting, showing each other’s profile info, and extra icebreakers are Premium features.

Is EbonyFlirt any good

It’s important nowadays to organize online communities opening people’s eyes to the normality of mixed hookups and interracial dating. So, the developer’s mission is big.

But since casual sex sites mostly make sense for busy singles limited in offline communication, not many of them may find time for discussions of the subject.

In addition, no one would deny that users may expect much more features from a paid site. The interracial dating market is growing, and the number of competitors too.

Some of them attract users exactly by the affordable price which is more logical for niche hookups. On another hand, EbonyFlirt is much more than just a hookup site.

It’s rather a friendly community and an ambitious social project helping people to express their preferences openly and with the maximal result.

Will I succeed on EbonyFlirt

It definitely has a big social meaning and a positive impact on people’s minds. Many likes, messages, and arranging real trips exchange make it all fun and promising.

Considering how many folks are interested in African dating and how they are perceived in the conservative society, creating a safe and reassuring space for them was a very nice idea.

Success on EbonyFlirt is almost guaranteed as there are always many users online and they tend to be very friendly and open.

young african american woman with hand in hair

Is EbonyFlirt safe

EbonyFlirt may have flaws but there aren’t many of them. Users may feel they are chosen because of their race and not because of their personality. However, it’s just a feeling.

In fact, they are greatly welcomed to join, and their chances to find a match are pretty high.

Since the site is so much focused on social and psychological aspects, self-accepting, self-realization, and complete fulfillment in life, it’s no surprise there’s a lack of some aspects.

It just wasn’t the developer’s first priority to equip the site with multiple fancy features or perfectly polish the verification process.

But it’s safe enough and fun to use, moreover, one can find serious relations with its help not only hookups. So it’s worthy of people’s attention.

Where do I find EbonyFlirt hookups

The majority of users are from the biggest American cities such as New York and LA. It’s not bad but people from other states and countries may also want to find a match.

Well, they will have to wait as EbonyFlirt is only starting to be a global worldwide community. Specialists think it has all the potential to become one.

Young mixed woman with afro hairstyle talking by mobile phone and smiling in urban background. Black girl wearing casual clothes

Native African dating is very specific and not many sites can provide westerners with decent female pretenders. Kenya is a country of sex tourism and it’s a well-known fact.

Seriously minded women with values can rather be found in conservative villages and smaller towns than in commercialized capitals of Africa.

Every hookup site connected with Kenya should take preventive measures to assure their members are safe and have a chance for an appropriate company.

Such a platform should be more promising than just a private trip that every man can perfectly organize. EbonyFlirt definitely covers those special needs.

Why is EbonyFlirt important

Interracial dating was impossible not just 100 years ago but also quite recently before it actually became legal in the USA. Unbelievable but it’s still an issue for many.

Racial discrimination and prejudice against mixed relationships seem to never fully disappear. Everyone who is taking steps towards tolerance and friendly perception is a hero.

The EbonyFlirt author happened to be a hero plus a talented developer. Some enthusiasts joined his project just to support it and find new friends, not only for dating.

For young people, it’s a great chance to raise self-confidence and express themselves in a like-minded environment. While for older folks it’s an effective tool for relationships.

Attractive african american woman with afro hair wear on skirt pink top. Fashionable sexy black model.

What’s new about EbonyFlirt

To the present day, the site has considerably improved its design, although ultra-modern and high-tech features are still absent.

It’s just a very simple dating platform that quickly brings like-minded people together.

The site is good enough to detect the scammers or professional daters online, and manage to find someone at least to talk and flirt with.

The EbonyFlirt team thinks that positivity, depth, and openness are keenly needed in today’s world, and especially in the world of romance.

Even if you aren’t in a hurry to get matched as soon as possible, try it and lift your spirit up. Meeting new people and broadening your horizons won’t hurt.

The site is trustworthy, secure, entertaining, effective, and much more. The majority of positive responses from users are in fact their success stories which is inspiring.

What is the first impression of EbonyFlirt

Women’s photos are mostly of studio quality, but without too much glamour and editing. There are nice casual pictures too.

Girls seem smiling and trustworthy, most attractive in their own way, either very young or youthful. The main page isn’t informative at all but it definitely attracts one’s attention visually.

The site instantly represents its ability to serve all categories of users including LGBT and shows its Europe-friendly attitude. The overall impression is nice and refreshing.

How to make EbonyFlirt girls like you

To conquer African girls, you should forget everything you knew about ladies and dating. They are absolutely different, and you need another kind of strategy for getting them.

On a genetic level, they count only on very strong and powerful men who wouldn’t waste their time for sweet words. The best way is to treat her as your buddy making her a bit jealous.

It will intrigue her and motivate her to attract you back. Just don’t give up too quickly and keep cool even after. Sometimes, no ceremonies are needed.

African girls are down-to-earth. If you’re a soft guy by nature, better play an experienced macho. Use your charm and status to draw their attention.

These tips will surely help you to get a nice girl and avoid any complications. Take into account their mentality and specific and you’ll be totally prepared for a day game.

How do I treat EbonyFlirt girls

If you’re a big fan of exotic beauty, you will love African girls. Even indigenous local girls with dark skin and brown eyes are very pretty, not to mention mixed girls.

They are absolutely stunning. But doesn’t matter which type you fall for, you should search in big cities only, experts say. It raises your chances to find a sexy top model who is well-educated.

There are nice hotels, one-night accommodations, and open-minded girls in the cities. Because of their mixed origin, some tend to have whiter skin, more European face features, and manners.

More educated girls in Africa realize that and try to get a foreign boyfriend. But even if they suffer from the local men’s behavior, a man’s complete dominance is something they got used to.

If you’re too polite and well-mannered, they might think you’re weak or not manly. So observe and analyze before you find the best tactics. After all, you may enjoy being her master too. 


  1. Besides, a first date should be in a public place where you’ll be able to chat and get to know each other better.

  2. However, if you are apprehensive about online dating, you should consider joining a free dating site.

  3. If you can’t resist the visual appeal of a woman’s profile, it is best to take the dating process seriously.

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