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E-chat Review: Free dating online with young girls and mature women

Expert's Summary
E-chat is one of many sites for youngsters for simple daily talks and meeting-ups. It is fully free. However, it hasn't been made trendy enough for its target audience. As a result, there are mature and senior users too. It's easy to understand since E-chat is the simplest for usage and the most intuitive. It's very user-friendly. Since profiles are very brief and not everyone cares to indicate his real age, some contacts can be confusing. Also, only a western part of the audience looks serious enough for exchanging thoughts and meeting ideas. But plus to US, UK, and Australian singles, there are plenty of bored Indians who want to kill time. By weighing all these pros and cons, one can decide whether he should try out E-chat and proceed.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Free to use
Young members prevail
Instant registration
Primitive design
Some aged members
It is down at times
Total Score

How much is E-chat

E-chat doesn’t charge for using it. One can start chatting instantly without additional steps or payments.

There’s no credits system or a monthly subscription. It is for sure that chatting is free.

What is E-chat about

Today, E-chat can be compared to dozens of platforms like Chat Hour, Chat ZoZo, ChatRandom, and others.

Just its range of features is even smaller, and there’s no automatic matching or detailed search.

One simply joins one of the groups by interests such as sex, sports, anime, LGBTQ, or whatever.

Lifestyle city portrait of young woman

It often happens that E-chat is for entertaining online only. Make sure the location matches.

Also, ask for extra photos that would show a person’s age or recent appearance, if you seek hookups.

Is E-chat for adult dating

E-chat is honestly too light for calling it an adult dating platform. There are some teens, and they discuss games.

But in the chat groups dedicated to casual sex too. And no one is too shy or old-fashioned there.

So it can be said that E-chat is partially for sex-positive singles seeking new modern adventures.

portrait of a smiling girl in a white fur coat and underwear

Sex positivity is a definition typical for adult dating apps and blogs. It means a person doesn’t mind a free lifestyle.

As well as having very open relationships. Any kink or sexual specialty is welcomed on E-chat.

What unites sex-positive singles is their readiness to respect others regardless of their gender identity or preferences.

Can I meet a younger girl on E-chat

Usually, chat sites like this one is for meeting peers. But young girls are curious and open so they may accept the age gap.

The responsibility is on the older person, so it’s important to stay reasonable. For seniors, a mature lady is better.

There are so many stereotypes in our society and minds regarding casual sex at a late age.

Naked young woman with red hair

On one side, of course, it’s time to finally enjoy sexual life and other pleasures since the time is running short.

On another side, it may seem immoral to do so when your other peers are peacefully gardening and playing with grandchildren.

But there are even progressive wives who let their senior husbands try some fresh blood in order to age slower.

It’s totally your own decision, just always remember about safety. Otherwise, E-chat covers these needs too.

How do I get laid on E-chat

Specialists teach us to pursue a very individual approach to every girl we date and hook up.

There are things all gals like, without exception. Sincere compliments, fit muscled body of a man, financial security, surprises.

Stunning celebrating woman in the black shiny dress

Re-think that and define your strong sides. Once you decide which advantages could impress a hot chick, go for that.

If something works well, make it your main pickup tool and keep on using it with the others as well.

Muscles can be trained, flowers can be bought, nice words can be said if your imagination is bright and flexible.

Do not underestimate the things you have in your arsenal for attracting sexy females.

How to say goodbye on E-chat

The hookup etiquette says, do not give false hopes for the second or third time. It concerns E-chat girls too.

If you disliked your intercourse for any reason or just want to move ahead, do that. Young gals may have hopes.

It’s better to seem cold or ignorant after sex than to feed her with sweet tomorrows and waste her time.

Close up stunning girl walking on sunny street

E-chat allows singles to be honest and straightforward from the beginning, but some women may want more.

Both offline and in the chat, it is important to express yourself both in the positive and negative meaning.

Even if a girl considers it too direct in the beginning, she’ll be grateful later and you two will save energy.

Is E-chat for casual sex

When the platform is dedicated to quick sex like E-chat, it’s only natural to meet like-minded personals there.

The number of possible disappointments decreases and singles are showing their readiness to get laid.

Seductive woman drinking cocktail and sunbathing

Adult dating sites, anonymous hookup apps, sugar dating sources, they are all meant for casual sex with NSA.

There’s a considerable difference between cheap personals and mature position regarding free sex though.

Girls must agree to hook up because they want to, not because they are easy to get.

How to attract girls on E-chat

If you want to succeed on E-chat, attract new lovers with your sportive look. It surely takes effort to get slimmer.

But in the end, you will only benefit from that. An excited girl who falls for you may gladly satisfy you back.

Sexy woman enjoying summer in swimming pool

Statistics show that women do not expect financial support from a guy who is in a good shape.

Ladies who are older and more successful, are even ready to play a cougar role and provide him in return.

Regardless of the financial part, try to look better and seduce confidently, then you’ll be rewarded.

How do I succeed on E-chat

Single girls have the same fears and doubts as men do. They want trusting casual affairs with someone reliable.

With somebody who won’t scam them or let them down psychologically. Prove to them you’re safe enough.

Describe your past experience in a positive manner. For example, mention in your profile you’re a good masseur.

E-chat hookups with young girls

Also, that you highly respect women because females in your family taught you to do so.

It may sound a bit trivial, but it really works with the girls. Do not allow vulgar saying in your first messages either.

Be frank and direct about your sexual preferences yet respectful and ready to listen.

Once you create a hero image, it’ll start bringing you the hottest personals for hookups online.

What things to avoid on E-chat

Too many men are making this mistake, criticizing the girls they’ll potentially get laid with.

For example, they list tattooed females or fat women among their strong dislikes in the profile.

Did you know this negative attitude has a side effect? Even the best looking girls are alarmed by it and reject such a guy.

E-chat casual affairs with local girls

Especially those who are against the body-shaming. The feminist movement is too strong nowadays in our society.

So one needs to be careful with his public statements. Profiles with such hate-lists can even be banned by the admins.

If you feel the strong need to indicate your dislikes, better focus on your preferences in the E-chat profile.

Just type you like slim girls, instead of saying you hate big women. The positive attitude brings you extra points.

What are the don’ts on E-chat

Casual sex experts remind to us, it’s really important to remember that each woman likes to feel special and unique.

Even if he is a part of mass hookups culture, she is the one and only deep inside. The same with E-chat girls.

So, do not concentrate on a big number of your temporary lovers. Do not count your one-night-stands in bulk.

E-chat hot girls for sex

Especially when talking to a girl online. Right now, you’re focused on her and let it be so.

Even if you hookuped earlier this morning and another hot sex is scheduled for the evening, follow this rule.

Talk to the afternoon girl like she is the last female on this planet. You will see how excited she will be.


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