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Crossdresser Heaven – Trans and Travesty hookups community online

Expert's Summary
Crossdresser Heaven is something Freddy Mercury was singing about. A safe and blessed place for everyone who is out of the pattern. The number of 30+ K members is growing monthly. The primary goal, developers say, was to create a community for this little cute kink lovers, cross-dressing. But with time, the platform went open towards all possible genders and fetishes. What remained the same is caring about users’ friendly attitudes and the variety of features. It makes the site unique and appreciated, resembling the online magazine for gay kinksters. If you want to explore your borders and horizons, check and test what you can and can’t do for sexual self-expression, welcome to CH. Your research may surprise you but won’t disappoint.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Most loyal to TV, TG community
Big member base
Fair pricing
Premium is needed
Lack of coverage in small towns
Total Score
Crossdresser Heaven Audio Review

How much is Crossdresser Heaven

Baroness Premium$15/month
Duchess Premium$25/month
Princess Premium$40/month

The pricing system may seem tricky but only at first glance. The increasing price doesn’t misuse the members’ self-esteem, but rather provides them with extra promotion online.

Accordingly, the one who is shy enough to feel like a Baroness only, pays less and meets fewer people. While someone who is experienced and proud enough to be a Princess pays more.

What is Crossdresser Heaven

Crossdresser Heaven is a successful hookup platform for transgender, bi, and bi-curious men. It is mostly criticized for the cost of its Premium subscription, which is very typical yet very surprising.

For sure, there are many free alternatives for natural and even LGBT people among the apps, but isn’t it more logical to protect this vulnerable category of singles by the money-control extra barrier.

On another hand, it’s a secure and imaginative virtual environment for everyone who doesn’t identify as cisgender, or who is curious to explore. The world has needed this kind of site.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the conception or make any improvements is greatly welcomed. There is a blog and a discussion board where users can share opinions.

One of the most important roles is social, creators say. Today, it’s a shame not to let everyone be himself in all ways, and by all means. Crossdresser Heaven is all about that.

Is Crossdresser Heaven any good

Although its customer service is a bit slow and sometimes absent, they take all complaints and comments into consideration and gradually improve the platform.

It has changed a lot and keeps on changing. There are tendencies and chances that features will also be improved, as well as the overall quality including more aesthetic profile photos.

Also, more precise geolocation, and so on. The most important is that Crossdresser Heaven isn’t totally commercial or hopeless, it helps TV folks to find a partner or friends.

Its database includes members from many countries but mostly from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Surprisingly, CH isn’t heavily criticized like it often happens with paid hookup sites.

The developers really managed to create a friendly, supportive, and helpful atmosphere for all T-people and those interested. Positive reviews are greatly supported by other users’ success stories.


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