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Craigslist Review: Top facts about famous escort listings online

Expert's Summary
Craigslist went legendary as one of the first sex listings online. Although it went through the ups and downs in its career, it’s on again and its database is really impressive. Although its features may seem basic and one is just scrolling down the girls’ gallery, it’s enough to have successful incall and outcall visits. Most providers are highly professional. Along with such vital options as CBJ or CFS, call girls and hot models are offering body rub services, GFE, and even full-fledged Nuru. Craigslist is now growing really universal.
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Members Quality
Top popular and vast
Good reviews
Free for visitors
Sometimes down
Slow support
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Craigslist Audio Review

Is Craigslist down

There has been a period when Craigslist was down, due to the law issues. The owner has now apologized for a non-thorough pre-moderation and excluded the underage members strictly.

Since all technical functions and top locations are restored, one can easily meet escort personals on Craigslist. In case you’re interested, just check it out and choose your first visit.

Although CraigsList very much repeats other adult dating platforms, with a similar price and similar advantages, we tend to rate it even higher. Why? Because we analyze the users’ opinions.

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In this case, most of them are surprisingly positive. This site is considerably improved in comparison with the others, that’s why the users don’t even complain about its flaws anymore.

Especially for those who travel to the US for vacation or for business and don’t mind a quick affair. This platform managed to be unique and many-functional even with the minimalistic features.

Is Craigslist for adult dating

CraigsList basically offers all the same features and services as many other casual sex sites. One can meet hot personals online, either singles or couples depending on his/her sexual preferences.

There are live streams, group chats, and naughty pictures sharing. The main page actually encourages to trade naked selfies, which already gives an impression of what this site is about.

The number of members grows daily on CraigsList, and almost 1 mln. of them are from the USA. There is an equal quantity of shemale and female members in the database.

One can either use the search filter to communicate with girls of a particular nationality or browse the member gallery with females of very various nationalities to select from limitlessly.

CraigsList is a new word in the world of hookups. In fact, the 24-hours principle is already used by a few other hookup sites, but this one works with fewer flaws. It is rather honest and effective.

Is Craigslist legit

The absolute majority of reviews are thankful and are connected with real success stories if this term can be applied to hookups. So what is improved in comparison with the analog sites?

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First, it offers an optimized registration process with non-necessary fields to fill. There is a total absence of fraudulent accounts, as the owners claim. Also, a much bigger database, even though within the US.

Alternative kinds of hookups are available such as cougar affairs and hookups of non-singles. Another important ingredient of success is the obvious diligence of the CraigsList team.

We know many costly apps that don’t give any guarantee to the customer nor they provide him with anything. But this team works well for quite a symbolic amount of money.

You can see and feel that. Customer support is super quick and helpful, and new languages of usage are added regularly so it’s also suitable. The gallery of users’ posts with photos is being re-checked.

Is CraigsList safe or risky

It deserves special respect and appreciation for protecting women’s rights and providing them with modern virtual tools for arranging safe and pleasant sex with a partner they choose.

It matters more than her top-model looks. There’s some commercial interest between participants as well. Girls do seek sugar daddies and handsome guys do seek generous cougars.

There aren’t professional webcam girls or prostitutes though. It’s a completely legit site with real users, average busy people from big cities who need some well-deserved relaxation.

Female users have the opportunity to use their intuition and track/analyze a man’s behavior during the conversation online. They shall also discuss their intimate preferences and other details.

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Best free hookup site like craigslist

It’s needed for making sure they have similar expectations. If the woman thinks it’s ok, she can set up a date.

The number of fake accounts or scammers is minimal. People join it exclusively for sex on mutual agreement and it’s fairly easy to find a one-night partner through it, as well as virtual partners.

Is Craigslist for sugar dating

We would recommend the site to any users worldwide from 25 to 55 y.o. who are sex-positive and often need a one-night-stand partner. Users from bigger cities, naturally, have more chances.

We would rather keep from recommending it to late teens or very young folks who have no experience in protecting themselves well. Also, CraigsList is suitable for gay casual affairs.

In fact, the Craigslist site is suitable for all categories of users, from young ones to older ones, if only they have a certain level of income as the posts are published for money. The middle-age is ok.

We would call it nearly perfect for local hookups and immediate affairs during the trips to the US.

It’s exactly thanks to a wide age range of potential and actual users. There are many categories of singles and couples welcomed, which makes Craigslist a very modern platform.

Basically, no one is restricting the users in terms of age or other physical parameters. The main purpose is to get laid instantly, so the rest matters less and doesn’t turn into an issue.

Is Craigslist for couples

Dating experts admit that adult dating sites for swingers and threesomes are more popular today than hookup sites for secretive cheating of married people. Still, the situations can be different.

It can happen that a wife is aware that her husband might have other affairs but has no wish to go into details, for the sake of their relationship. Or, she is often away for business and he feels lonely.

It’s well-noticed that good adult dating sites should have elementary preventive measures such as the Panic button, anonymity of profile data and photos, strong scam filters, and tech support.

If most of this is absent, it only means the site is created for non-secretive and actually non-married people who don’t have reasons to care about their reputation and the consequences.

Why to use Craigslist over other sex sites

CraigsList is perfect for young people seeking to hook up, divorcees, single parents, and similar social categories. The database is big enough to provide a good choice of any kind.

However, it has serious cons exactly when it comes to married folks or those who have a stable partner. The site has only two preventive measures out of the long list of necessary ones.

The neutral layout and design of the front page allow thinking it’s just a classical dating site without the naughty purposes. Also, the support team is very responsive and weeds out the scammers.

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But that’s all. The user’s posts and ads aren’t protected from non-users, there’s no special button to skip or leave the page, anonymous registration, private photos under the password, etc.

Picky users would need more features and refined personals for unusual kinky hookups. While things are rather plain on Craigslist, without a big diversity or variety that could be enjoyed.

Along with that, the site service isn’t all free. One needs to pay for each post to get quite a so-so quality in return. So, we really let one decide himself whether he chooses Craigslist or analog sites.


  1. These precautions will prevent anyone from stealing your credit card information.

  2. It’s a good idea to avoid chatting with strangers if they are asking for money or sending you unsolicited messages.

  3. Another way to meet a woman is to join Bumble, a location-based social application.

  4. While online women dating isn’t for everyone, it is a fantastic way to win a man’s heart.

  5. One common mistake that women make is falling in love with men who seem perfect, but aren’t.

  6. If a man doesn’t put in the effort to win you over or respond to your messages, it is probably not the guy for you.

  7. Most women aren’t that way, so there are ways to make your online dating experience more effective.

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