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Connecting Singles Review: Local friendships with benefits and soul mates

Expert's Summary
Not many dating sites are serious today. Connecting Singles manages to be so. It indeed connects loners and makes sure to do that for free. It includes messaging too. Features are too many, and it's sometimes confusing. But it's because the site aims to be a romantic social network. Nonetheless, its matching system works well, and most users are satisfied.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Many free features
All age groups
Strong matching
The app is a bit messy
Long approval
Total Score

How much is Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles is free. There are no hidden costs, and no extra credits are needed for some services. All is transparent.

But at the same time, the site doesn’t survive on ads like other ones. Members can use it comfortably and in full volume.

Is Connecting Singles any good

It has been confirmed many times this site really works and brings results. Men report they are showered with real girls’ messages.

So, they can set up the date anytime. Most girls are hot and genuine. The one who wants to try all kinds of dating is welcome.

Women are open to experiments and share their personal contacts easily. There are young gals, MILFs, and even senior ladies.

Beautiful girl wearing sportswear holding a phone while sitting on a window

Good sites can be recognized by high-quality photos and design. It’s exactly what Connecting Singles offers to its users.

Women’s beautiful pics and detailed profiles, their kind messages are waiting for you. Find a casual partner or a lifetime mate.

Start a new stage in your private life tonight. Modern and open-minded girls are sharing their romantic fantasies online.

What are special features on Connecting Singles

This particular site is very diligent in offering new features. There are personal and educative blogs, forums, polls, quizzes.

It’s not always naughty. Users can be just penpals and share recipes, play games, or listen to music. There is more to do.

Beautiful teenage friends on the beach embraced together and looking to the sea

Most tell about their hobbies and likes for the purposes of dating though. It is a good way to attract attention and learn more.

Model-looking girls and passionate chats are typical here, yet all the hotties are real and trustworthy. Admins take care of that.

Active profiles and cool features are accompanied by dating tips that are very informative and helpful. If not, ask your own question.

Are there sugar babies on Connecting Singles

In the site statistics, it is shown some female members are ok to date older guys. But it’s not always connected with the profit.

If to compare single girls of nowadays with young women a few decades ago, the difference is huge. Modern girls are so well-groomed.

They make sure to be healthy, fit, very well-educated. It can be assumed that contemporary females are of much higher quality.

Sexy blond female in shiny blue dress posing with disco ball . New year party mood.

Western and European women prefer to use new opportunities equally to me, such as success and professional growth.

Since they like to look tidy and fashionable, they expect the same from a man and easily detect the quality of his outfit.

Some guys think girls estimate it in order to find a rich sponsor. But for the girls, it’s a question of a man’s self-respect and ambitions.

How to succeed on Connecting Singles

First of all, never leave your profile empty, without a photo and self-description, it won’t work on the over-populated site.

In the bio, try to be very unusual and unique, write about yourself with humor and brightness. Describe your perfect match.

A single girl wants to know how she is going to look in a man’s eyes, how he imagines her, how much he will be cherishing her.

Sexy blonde woman in lingerie and stockings is lying on bed

Too often, men do not practice gallant behavior towards women they write to. Send virtual postcards with roses or just a red rose pic.

While it’s a very powerful sign for a girl you consider her hot and dream to get closer. Plus, it costs you nothing.

Start with some unique compliments, promises of a beautiful future, or passionate lovemaking. It will make you special.

How do I hook up on Connecting Singles

The most exciting moment for a man who dated online is the offline meeting. Even if it’s just for casual sex, or just for a short while.

Nonetheless, it’s still thrilling. There is no complete tutorial that would teach how to avoid failures, but dating blogs are helpful.

Sexy woman in lace mask. Attractive girl near the window.

While very concrete steps can be done for making sure the hookup meeting will go smooth, and it really works for singles.

Don’t forget to require many recent photos and see a girl on the video chat, so there will be no surprises with her appearance.

Is Connecting Singles legit

This massive dating site comes from a rather famous developer. Its quality is seen immediately when joining.

It is reportedly safe, there’s no explicit content and no shadow services. Underage folks aren’t allowed either.

So, there are all reasons to say Connecting Singles is legit, secure, and completely user-friendly.

Blonde gorgeous female model with serious expression, dressed casually

It is result-oriented and provides all necessary tools for singles in quest of relationships or an affair.

It’s hard not to find a match on Connecting Singles within just a short period of time. It is pretty reassuring.


  1. With this kind of approach, you can expect to meet a partner who shares the same interests as you do.

  2. When you ask her, pay attention to her body language to ensure that she’s interested in sex.

    1. Earlier versions of personal ads were often geared towards the upper class, and then gradually filtered down to the lower class.

  3. You should avoid using dating services that do not allow you to contact members without a prior introduction.

  4. Alternatively, you can join free dating sites that let you search profiles according to your sexual interest.

  5. One of the most troubling implications for the safety of youth is that some of them may be exposed to dangerous viruses.

  6. You just need to sign up with the site using the form at the top of the page, set a password and confirm your account by clicking on the confirmation email you receive.

  7. Fortunately, there are many Christian dating sites that can help you find someone you can relate to.

  8. According to the research, relationships started on dating websites were less successful than those started off in person.

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