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Compatible Partners Review: Best LGBT hookups and LTR in your location

Expert's Summary
Compatible Partners is a very modern platform for LGBT personals with surprising features and differences. For instance, its pricing that doesn’t have the 1-month or 3-months options but offers a 2-years pack. In addition, one can make this purchase via PayPal, not just with his bank card. The site welcomes all genders. Almost 2 mln. members in the USA is pretty convincing as for a niche site. Its success rate and real dates are also positive.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Big member base
Strong matching
Unique features
Pricing starts from 6 months
Messaging is paid
Total Score

Is Compatible Partners free

6 months$65.90
12 months$45.90
24 months$35.90

Compatible Partners has a descending pricing system. The cost goes down if a user purchases the pack of a bigger length, such as 12 or 24 months.

It surely makes sense for LGBT folks who consider multiple hookups their lifestyle. But those who are after LTR, can find a match sooner than that.

What is Compatible Partners about

Since it’s mostly for casual sex, it includes not just gays but bisexuals and simply curious folks. Some remain on the stage of virtual sex and cannot arrange a real hookup date.

Compatible Partners also hosts lesbians and bisexual women so it’s not completely for men. Moreover, the database is full of couples looking for threesomes.

Once you try it out, you discover a stylish and easy-to-use hookup site with all modern options such as public chat, private chat, live video, many kinds of ice-breakers.

Women lying on the bed, young lesbians kisses and hugs

You can enjoy all the options only after upgrading though. The paid membership places your profile on the Top list, gives full access to all videos, and provides 24/7 support.

The site isn’t dedicated to erotic chatting only. It is full of interesting content such as a gallery of photos, articles, and blogs, gay hookup tips, live discussions, etc.

Is Compatible Partners any good

Overall, the feedback is good and the users even report to be addicted to Compatible Partners with a constantly prolonged membership.

It’s a great place for meeting new people and having fun together. The platform serves the needs of all LGBT representatives including transgender people and pansexuals.

It can be recommended to people who seek a one-night-stand fling or want to make some difference, but not to those ones who want a dedicated lifetime partner.

couple of pretty friends in relationship hugging at the beach during vacation

The site doesn’t guarantee many hookup protection services. It demands a valid e-mail address for signing up, but that’s all.

In case of any reported abuse, it promises to block the offensive user or delete the content. Other than that, one just has to be careful meeting people on the Internet.

One’s personal data is protected in a modern way though.

Is Compatible Partners for bisexual girls

Modern women are often bi-curious or have had a bisexual experience. Those who chose this as their lifestyle, are never disappointed.

It’s because girls understand each other better. Luckily, it’s very easy to find a Lesbian partner online nowadays. Women exchange private pics.

Also, share their views and ambitions, and usually set up a real date on the same day or week. Being determined is typical for LGBTQ members.

Happy lesbian couple, friend women having fun with mobile phone. People, technology concept

It is known that Lesbian couples are very stable and last for decades, which adds even bigger importance to online search.

They are highly intellectual, erudite, good at psychology and science. So, they like Compatible Partners with compatibility tests and quizzes.

But most of all, they like the possibility of a quick meeting and exchanging direct contacts. There are many nuances about Lesbian hookups online.

Why use Compatible Partners

Many girls wonder about their sexuality since the youngest years. Sites like Compatible Partners are helping to understand if it’s friendship.

But if it’s something bigger than just warm interest, then it would be a big waste not to enjoy it. See what same-sex affairs bring.

Ladies day concept. Close up of spa multiracial ladies with naked legs toasting with champagne glasses, panorama

The blog for lesbian personals and bi-curious folks, special features, and tools make one’s naughty ideas and serious intentions way brighter.

Do not forget to indicate your wishes and turn-ons right in the profile, so that another person knows what to expect. It’s about honesty too.

If you’re into partners’ swap or threesome, it can be great for some users but unacceptable for others. Reveal it openly and share things.


  1. There are the popular swipe-based apps such as Bumble and Tinder, which only allow women to initiate contact.

  2. Another popular app, Hinge, is also owned by the Match Group, but is geared more towards women looking for serious relationships.

  3. Regardless of what type of dating app you choose, there are some key features that are important to consider before you sign up.

  4. The first thing you need to understand is that online dating differs from organic dating.

  5. It is very difficult to read the body language of people who are huddled up behind a computer.

  6. Another reason why women may not feel comfortable with online dating is that they have little control over their own body language.

  7. This is a serious problem, and one that should be addressed to avoid falling victim to it.

  8. While meeting someone from the internet can be nerve-wracking for anyone, it can be particularly nerve-wracking for women.

  9. Many women feel this way about walking alone past a crowd of men – a sense of dread that they don’t need to be aware of.

  10. To avoid the fear of meeting a man they don’t know, be aware of their actions and use the safety features offered by the website or app.

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