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Expert's Summary
CityXGuide is one of the most convenient escort listings existing since the mid of 2000s. Well known in sex positive circles already, it contains the trustworthy and alluring data. After some governmental investigation, it fully works again and gladly serves its audience. The former flaws have been improved while the escort base keeps on growing daily throughout the US. The range of services is pretty wide, from classical escorts to kinky group events and massage parlors with HE. Along with that, the client pays nothing for viewing, only real sessions are paid. There’s a tendency for CityXGuide Review to grow and gain the positive feedback only. So, it remains an important part of adult dating scene in US and hookup subcultures development.
Ease of use
Members Quality
User-friendly and intuitive
Free for escort clients
Includes massage parlor listings too
Banned in some countries and/or states
Listings are rarely updated
Total Score
CityXGuide Audio Review

How to use CityXGuide

Using CityXGuide is the easiest. The user just enters the site and chooses his current location or another one that interests him. Other search filters are available too. Then he sees the gallery.

Most of them are escort workers, others are HE masseuses or local thots seeking fun. Generally speaking, there are strippers, go-go dancers, models, and porn celebs on CityXGuide.

Their posts look very typical, a brief list of services they provide, sometimes it includes their don’ts as well. There is always a phone number that you must call if you’re interested in their company.

Instead of swiping like on typical hookup sites, one is scrolling down the endless ads of escort workers. There aren’t so many in smaller towns though, mostly from 2 to 5 options.

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CityXGuide review

A good thing is that most escort aggregators are basically the same. If one has experience with searching through the others, using CityXGuide is going to be simple and intuitive too.

Is CityXGuide free

Yes, this site is free for viewers like most escort listings. They can choose to register or not, which would just give them more convenient search filters. Only escort workers are paying.

They may pay basic to have their ad posted, or upgrade and have the ad promotion or highlighting. As to the client, he needs to make no pre-payments for sex services and pays upon the meeting.

Singles and couples who lead sex positive life, are spending quite a bit on it. Some hookups are all-free while unicorns and sugar babies require some reward. The dominatrix service is paid as well.

Users claim, it makes much more sense to pay for the real thing and get satisfied, rather than purchasing a full membership on hookup sites. Nothing is guaranteed there and some girls are players.

Sites like CityXGuide, are inspiring with their intense information yet a free status or being very affordable. Some escorts are inexpensive too so it’s perfect for sex-positive singles.

How to get laid on CityXGuide

There is a certain gradation from classical dating sites to escort listings. Hookup apps for open-minded people are in between. The main factor for the comparison is availability of sex partners.

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CityXGuide adult hookups near me

It is known girls should be courted too long on dating sites. Sometimes, on a big distance, with endless gifts and souvenirs for her family members, expensive phone calls, before you get intimate.

Things are way easier on hookup apps where sex-positive folks prevail. Hot singles are ready for others’ frank offers and react nicely, although remain selective and with their own demands.

But escort listings are the best in this regard. Participants aren’t interested in scamming or ghosting, their aim is to meet in real, satisfy you, and get their reward for that. So, they’re motivated.

Even if some of them have flaws, like being messy or drug-addicted, it can be easily learned from the escort reports on USASexGuide and similar forums. All the process is much more transparent.

To get laid on CityXGuide, it’s enough to find a phone number of the provider you like, call her or him, and set up the meeting. Be right on time since they may have tight schedules.

Is CityXGuide safe

Doubts about safety on the Internet are understandable. Especially when it comes to physical intimacy and money spending. Fear not, most escort listings are totally secure.

CityXGuide, in particular, is an encrypted site that cares about its users’ data. Clients’ and visitors’ reviews are mostly positive and can be found on many sources online.

There are a few tips on keeping safe for sure, if ordering escorts still feels uncomfortable to you. First, make sure a provider knows how to perform covered sex only, both CBJ and CFS.

You cannot deny it’s safer, even if a bit less pleasant than bareback. Also, real professionals are taking PRePs, to prevent HIV. Ask them about it plus other health certificates.

Experienced escorts know they can be asked these questions, and indicate PRePs taking right in their posts. Another good advice is to choose massage parlors over the call girls.

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Free CityXGuide sex hookup site

Why so, because massage with a happy ending is less personal and mostly provided in very hygienical conditions. If you aren’t ordering Nuru or FS, your contact with the worker is minimal.

How to leave CityXGuide

Although CityXGuide isn’t a typical and primitive escort aggregator like Listcrawler and has its own fixed database, it doesn’t require any registration from the site visitors.

It makes it similar to other sex workers’ listings that are easy to use and leave. One doesn’t need any customer support or help from the site since no account or profile has been created.

Are there bodyrubs on CityXGuide

It’s a good question since bodyrub services are growing widely popular. It’s much more common to order them than to use escort services. Fifty percent of singles and couples have tried them.

Yes, there are bodyrub listings on CityXGuide as well. They aren’t separated into a category, just some call girls are indicating in their ads they do HE massages or Nuru as well.

Today, many escort sites contain massage parlor lists. There are dozens of MP providers in each state and city.

It is more preferable that a call girl or boy knows how to do erotic massage as well. It means they are more focused on a client’s pleasure than on his money, and committed to doing their best.

There is a bigger variety of services they perform, including being an extra for a couple, working with the fetishes, kinks, and unusual turn-ons. At the same time, having a massage sounds nicer.

When ordering bodyrubs on CityXGuide, try to find MP reports on this particular provider, other users’ opinions and impressions. Then ask questions directly on a phone or in the messenger.

Is it ok to order escorts from CityXGuide

This question may still arise even in our open-minded society. While in fact, no one is bothered anymore by the fact of ordering escorts. In many cases, it isn’t even considered an adultery.

Many sex-positive guys are having girlfriends who are sex workers or strippers. And there’s nothing wrong in dating a HE masseuse, especially if you consider her your kinky hotwife.

What should bother you or your full-time partners, is hygiene, protection means, budget-friendly prices, and emotional detachment. If any element is lacking, it may become a problem.

CityXGuide is designed to remind to the viewers they’re among sex professionals. It helps to stay emotionally detached and at the same time, to feel confident about the high quality.

If you have never tried an open-minded and flexible relationship with your gf before, maybe it’s time to start now. CityXGuide listings are providing too many hot opportunities for singles and couples.

Are there ladyboys on CityXGuide

Ladyboy escorts are very typical for Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, or China. Starting from the end of the 1990s, they are ordered more and more often by western tourists.

With time, this service became so common and highly requested that some personals started to move to the US opening their own massage parlors or incall studios for happy endings.

CityXGuide isn’t an exception, a lot of ladyboys are offering their services in its listings, especially in such populous areas as LA and NYC. There is a difference between a ladyboy and a shemale.

A ladyboy is thinner and slimmer, sometimes more petite, with feminine facial features and a girly waist. They mostly keep their male equipment instead of transforming it and use altogether.

Femboys, if you wonder, are a European or western alternative to Asian ladyboys. They are applying more makeup similarly to drag queens, but look very youthful and delicate.

Ordering a ladyboy on CityXGuide is possible for male clients and couples of any gender. This category often plays a submissive role, although they are flexible and can pre-agree about things.

Is CityXGuide for interracial hookups

For one who just starts exploring escort listings, it may seem they greatly consist of Asian and African American workers. Another big part of providers is Hispanic whites.

It’s true, but in today’s world, we are taught not to notice skin color anymore and treat all ethnicities equally. There are many other-race workers on hookup sites because the society is built so.

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No membership hookup sites

The definition of interracial hookups starts to disappear and lose its primary meaning. We are choosing a life partner basing on one’s personal characteristics, not the ethnicity itself.

The same comes to casual lovers, we care about their excellent sexual skills and their openness towards our kinks. It matters way more to us than their physical looks or nationality.

Among hundreds of turn-ons and kinks that are typical and allowed nowadays, having such a turn-on as being attracted to Asian or AA personals only due to their skin color, is inappropriate.

So, it would be impolite to conclude that CityXGuide is for interracial hookups. But it’s correct to say that sex workers of all ethnicities, all categories, all genders are filling its database.

Is CityXGuide any good vs other listings

Most escort listings are high rated, or at least, above average. There are some that are trusted less, for instance, BedPage that is still new and filled with illustrative posts barely real.

But CityXGuide receives good responses only and has genuine ads which is seen even at first sight. They aren’t all too similar or freaky, rather well-managed and with high-quality photos.

Plus to being free, it’s also very diverse and trendy. Workers’ lists are organized in convenient sections where everyone can find what he needs. Massage parlors and independent masseuses are also there.

Users have fewer requirements to escort listings than to hookup sites or adult dating apps. All looks simpler and can be used easier. Still, CityXGuide is among the leaders and shows great results.


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