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Cheekylovers Review: Best casual affairs or scam alert

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There are classical dating sites aimed to bring people together for a long time. But there are also sites for people who look to hookup, and Cheekylovers com is one of them. The profiles seem to have many options like chat rooms etc., but they aren’t well designed enough. The site may unite with very attractive girls, but the platform itself isn’t very modern. The purpose of Cheekylovers suggests there will be a lot of seducing women, but in fact, there are much fewer women than men. The team promises to improve that with time. After joining, you can read the messages of female members, chat with them, check the winks, check who added you to their friend-list, and measure your activity feed.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Vast member base
Active chatting
Cute concept
A bit overpriced
Lack of female members
Poor design
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How much is Cheekylovers

1-month pack$34.99
3-month pack$59.96
6-month pack$95.94

The price is somewhat above average in the dating market. But to be honest, Cheekylovers doesn’t provide very special features or a brilliant success rate to charge that high.

There’s a 3-day free trial for new members. There’s auto-renewal of chosen payment packs, so be aware and cancel them in time. Otherwise, the payment system is fair and transparent.

How do I chat on Cheekylovers

Flirting online is one of the safe ways to release hormones. What does it give to us? Some believe that it raises the level of serotonin just like chocolate and cashew nuts.

It motivates us to start our day and gives such a bright refreshing feeling. After all, it’s always pleasant to meet new people and learn about their personalities or likes in a bed.

Flirting is exactly the way to stay idealistic, optimistic, and romantic about people’s advantages without diving into their dark sides. So why not stay in this high condition longer.

Cheekylovers offers a very easy and intuitive chatting tool convenient even to seniors or early youngsters. Just type and send a few words or choose emoji if you already liked someone.

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Find local hookups free Cheekylovers

It’s almost impossible to find someone there basing on personality traits. The very basic criterions are: a nice appearance, and geographic closeness.

So yes, it’s definitely a hookup dating app but if one is lucky, he can find something better.

Is Cheekylovers for virtual sex

Being involved in sexting online, one gains all the benefits of teenage psychological condition. Those are butterflies in his stomach, positive thinking, feeling young no matter what age he is.

Also, it gives a new spark to romantic partners seeking virtual sex. They start sharing the fantasies they used to hide from each other before, adult dating blogs say.

So, sexting online has many facets and offers a variety of opportunities. We just have to keep our minds open and use them on Cheekylovers and multiple other casual affair sites.

Very young people are not mature enough for real dating, but virtual sex is their exercise for hormonal tension relief. While very busy people are afraid to be distracted by a serious relationship.

It demands a lot of commitment just like their business so one rarely can be focused on both. But sexting allows them to feel needed and appreciated, to not lose their crucial instinct of a hunter.

How do I treat my casual mate on Cheekylovers

We are made this way, our sensuality is closely connected with our ability to stay motivated and dynamic. But are you sure that you really know what hookuping is about?

It means no pressure, no control over another person, only exchanging positive emotions. There should be very light and flirty communication, rather typical flattering and compliments.

They are able to give wings to your pen pal. You’d like to receive the same back, right? That’s the point, it’s a two-way road like most other types of relationships or the affair.

Sometimes we have to learn or recall how to remain light and inspiring for others. We used to be pushy and bossy at times because the reality is so harsh and full of competition.

But we must leave all that behind while we are flirting and helping another person to relax. Otherwise, we won’t relax either. Although there isn’t any blog on Cheekylovers, these rules are common.

Is Cheekylovers any good

How can you define that casual hookups on sites like Cheekylovers, aren’t for you? It can be the case if you’re not comfortable looking to hook up, therefore, you want the real commitment.

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Happy young woman

It is definitely needed for telling nice words and compliments, keeping another person happy and excited. You are not going to have any duties or responsibilities in hookups though.

What necessary for them is mutual respect and staying on a positive frequency. Maybe it’s something difficult for you and you used to be too serious with your partners?

Or, maybe, you don’t know how to find proper words that could please the opposite sex? Then read adult blogs on other sources and choose what kind of attitude suits you the best.

For too shy ones, there is a Flirt button that allows to express interest. If it is mutual, members may start communicating. Another good option is the instant chat plus to messaging.

Where can I hook up with Cheekylovers

The site keeps its activity so, it’s always possible to find someone like-minded online. The majority are from USA and Canada, but also from other countries like Latin American ones.

The newest option of this site is connecting one’s profile with his Facebook account. It’s convenient and appropriate since the contingent of the site doesn’t tend to stay anonymous.

So, basically, one can approach singles from Eastern Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world via FB. Yet, Cheekylovers is mostly focused on the West meaning both geography and values.

The nightclubs are the target audience of Cheekylovers. Maybe it doesn’t offer anything unique or extremely effective, but at least it doesn’t take advantage of the singles like some other sites.

It provides online flirt and offline meetings with real people. However, it’s rather for young people who tend to be superficial in their search and judge mostly by photos.

What are the cons of Cheekylovers

The absent options are: sending friend requests, lifting your profile to the top of the search, checking whether your emails are read, uploading videos, suggestions of good matches.

Also, rating the girls’ photos, using chatrooms, using translation software. One cannot pay for the whole year to save the maximum of money. Again, it isn’t a modern site.

If you aren’t demanding though, we’re glad to inform you that Cheekylovers is rather efficient and there are ladies of any age, including very young ones.

For some men, those are good arguments to use it. Just dedicate some time to weeding out the empty or suspicious accounts since customer support isn’t quick enough.

On a good note, the system rarely fails and the site is in general technically stable. So the troubles may be mostly connected with the nuances of using it.

In any case, there had to be a better service considering the fact that it’s a paid dating site.

Surprisingly, lots of guys are still happy with this hookup site and they obtain great results. As some of them explain, all of those disadvantages are just side effects of the dating business.

Is Cheekylovers safe

The site’s safety is on a decent level though and you can be sure about the confidentiality of your correspondence or profile details.

The site is classical, it means the features are for straight partners of approximately same age, and the motivation of meeting someone isn’t financial. People meet there for flirting and LTR.

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Cheekylovers Adult female

The interface is quite nice-looking and easy to navigate. Not many people seek for marriage on Cheekylovers but some of them do. There aren’t many success stories though especially lately.

It explains the lower rate of the site. Plus, the “welcoming” scam-bots on the site are a sad reality. Although the administrators have improved their anti-scam policy in 2021.

Yet, Cheekylovers turned to the rarely visited kind of site. The competition is too big in the market and the hottest dating sites are constantly raising their influence.

What can I do as a free member on Cheekylovers

If you have a strong intuition and want to see whether there are real and compatible lovers online before making payment, just sign up for free. You will be able to search and surf the profiles.

Even winking is possible, which will allow you to see whether others react on you and take action. But for proceeding, you need to get Premium and issue the payment.

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