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Chatango Review – Modern hookups and virtual sex with singles

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Chatango is a rather simple and primitive chat tool that can be used by anyone, no face control or barriers. But exactly this attracts millions of young and mature singles worldwide who seek communication. Chatango is perfect for new friendships, travel mates finding, and local casual affairs. Taking that it's free and there's nearly no scam, all possible cons should be forgiven. It's a good and classical casual sex site that is also suitable for dating and romance.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Free to use
5 mln. of real members
Simple features
Lack of female users
Poor design
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What is Chatango

Chatango is a rather new platform but already with a quite high rate. It is proved to be of good quality and completely reliable. It does have unique features such as a filtering question.

And most importantly, it allows the users to stay anonymous. At the same time, it is re-checking the profiles and chats in order to block or delete the inappropriate users.

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When such users are reported by customers, the administrators react almost instantly. Most probably, you won’t find such a quality easily elsewhere.

Also, a very precise geolocation and constantly growing base of members can be listed as its strong sides. Users are loving it for being completely free.

It isn’t in people’s mentality to pay for sex, especially if they rely on a certain emotional closeness and hope to find an FWB. But even if it’s a few-hour affair, not many people find it sexy to pay.

Is it ok to hook up on Chatango

Although hookup sites are considered to be risky, they are far more secure than meeting a stranger in a bar. What makes us say that? First of all, you can hide your face until you get interested in a person.

If you’re, let’s say, too attractive, it can attract lots of perverts too, not only lots of normal people. You cannot avoid the freaks in a bar but you can try to avoid them online.

Especially if the site is technically well-equipped and secure. It can be said about Chatango for sure. In summary, we find this app to be reliable and efficient enough.

But mostly suitable for 25+ singles. There are enough free hookup apps for youngsters, fun and simple, not equipped with any strong security features or stable customer support.

Young folks are ok with that as it saves their budget and still gives some chances to meet new people. But for someone who is more demanding, the Chatango site might be more appropriate.

Is Chatango any good

Chatango is a popular, well-protected hook-up site mostly known for being free. The majority of users’ reviews are positive which is quite surprising nowadays, so we rate it high.

Technically, Chatango has a decent level of protection. It also marks the photo-verified profiles of people. I.e., those who agreed to take a casual selfie for proving their main photos are real.

It’s an important part of the hookup process as it’s, in fact, sex with total strangers. Chatango fulfills its responsibilities in this regard.

No one complained about too many ads, too vulgar or naughty content, or constant crashes, so we make a conclusion that Chatango is at least usable if not completely user-friendly.

There are reportedly some webcam girls who are trying to sell their professional services but they are very recognizable. And after all, if you avoid video chats and use only text chats, it’ll be safer.

Also, analyze messages: whether they are genuine and personalized or not. We would recommend Chatango to just anyone who lives or travels within the US and wants a simple plain hookup.

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This site contains enough real users in all states and a good matching mechanism that will allow you to meet someone quickly.

How do I chat on Chatango

Using Chatango is so simple it hurts. There’s no obligatory matching system or special chat features, participants just contact each other in any order and reply if they want to.

Note there are 75 percent of male members and only 25 percent of female members, so, if you’re very picky about women, your search might be challenging. Better take it easy and meet new ppl.

Unlike on other hookup sites, there are no pickup lines recommended for Chatango. Do not copy-paste best phrases, do not try to look way sexier. Just be yourself, and attract with your sincerity.

Since all genders, ages, and ethnicities are welcomed on Chatango, there’s no need to categorize other users or prove anything. Enjoy the process of acquaintance to the fullest.

There’s no one-night-stand stamp either, and people’s actions aren’t sexualized like on Tinder. It can be a friendship, for the beginning, and then you two decide about the rest.

What is photos quality on Chatango

Chatango is famous for its casual style of photos, no excessively erotic selfies or studio pics. Folks are sharing their daily life photos and sometimes use non-personal avatars.

If you worry about the girls’ attractiveness, just be sure Chatango females are sexy enough to meet up. There are no contests or ratings to prove that, but you’ll see by yourself.

When choosing a mate on Chatango basing on their photos, just make sure it’s the same person and not a catfisher. There’s not much pre-moderation on this site, so trust your gut.

The majority of girls look hot and trustworthy, for this Chatango is appreciated by users. There are common hookup hints like requesting the full-height photo before you two meet.

Who is using Chatango

Initially, Chatango was created for late teens and it became quite popular among them. It always happens when the site meets users’ needs. First of all, finding friends is just a euphemism for hookups.

But at least teenagers aren’t searching for partners among adults, as the vast majority of members are their peers. Several measures are taken for that if parents keep worrying.

It is proclaimed that only users between 17 and 19 are the target audience. The age is checked, even if not while signing up. Also, users can adjust their viewers with the help of the age filter.

The platform also contains warnings and pieces of advice very crucial for teenage online dating. That’s why this site can be called safe, even taking into account its main purpose, casual sex.

At the same time, no one would deny that a platform is a kind of commercializing under-21 sex and persistently encourages to have it with many different partners. But that is just a hookup culture.

Why hook up on Chatango

Casual dating isn’t a privilege, it’s a temporary medicine for loners who don’t succeed or don’t want to find a stable partner. But it cannot be suitable for one hundred percent of people.

For sure, like all crowded hookup sites, Chatango cannot guarantee a one hundred percent sincere audience. Very different people are joining it and it’s hard to control their online activity or intentions.

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Yes, we would prefer such sites to be a bit more romantic but we aren’t the ones who decide. A good thing is that Chatango helps create friendships too, which is healthier for the youth.

We obviously cannot blame the chat site for the nuances of modern culture, but we’d better explain things to youngsters and try to convince them to make as few mistakes as possible.

After all, Chatango is well-known among similar apps and it’s the best we can expect from the dating market for younger personals. There’s a good pool of choices for older singles too.

Is Chatango safe

The majority of users are real folks who come there with a serious purpose, meaning that hookups are in fact more decent than scamming and gold-digging.

Now, what attracts such a big number of visitors if there are dozens of other effective sites? Chatango has very obvious advantages making that possible.

First of all, the most essential features are available for free, which explains a huge number of students and youth in the database.

At the same time, lots of men without a stable profession or in the middle of a financial crisis join this platform as well, since they cannot invest much in the relationship.

Single women must consider this nuance and be aware. Young people who appreciate the convenience, also love the option of uploading the photos right from their FB page though.

Is Chatango any good

It’s technically impossible to keep large sites in perfect condition having so many active members with very different demands.

It’s already surprising and honorable enough that members with wrong behavior or fake accounts can be easily reported, and administrators do a lot in order to weed them out.

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Chatango provides all necessary features and tools for communication in a free version. Online dating on this platform is so effective that makes no sense to pay monthly for its services.

The matching algorithm isn’t glitchy either. Let’s just add some concrete numbers to confirm this positive impression. Chatango is succeeding in its important work for years.

What are special features on Chatango

There isn’t a big range of features on Chatango, but existing ones are unique enough. Message Catcher, for instance, is a notification window that prevents you from losing a message.

Once you sign in, you see this window instantly and it redirects you to your chat inbox. Mini Chatango Boxes are even more interesting, those are highly customized chat rooms.

Participants are easily blocked or removed from there, in case they’re inappropriate. This tool is very suitable for private discussions, virtual sex, kinky groups, and party planning.

Another popular option for teens and lazy or busy persons is voice messaging. It allows communicating even while driving or, for example, during the break in the Uni.

It’s also much easier to chat this way before sleep. What is important, voice messaging on Chatango works without technical problems and we cannot say the same about other platforms.

What can I discuss in Chatango chat

The site Chatango gained its popularity thanks to friendships and businesses as well, not just thanks to quick hookups. Basically, all possible topics can be discussed there.

The most frequent ones are anime, furry or kinky roleplay, and starting a business together. So, it has a way bigger potential than other casual sex sites and apps.

One can go pretty diverse and many-sided between erotica and lasting romance, so do not limit yourself. Chatango never sets any limits, since it serves as a third-party chat provider too.

Follow your imagination with this great source and meet new people without boundaries. Chatango keeps on being improved, so it will have even more to offer in next years.


  1. Before deciding which dating site is right for you, be sure to keep your personal information to yourself.

  2. You should always be careful when choosing an online dating site, so make sure to read reviews first.

  3. It’s better to keep your information to yourself, and never give out your financial information.

  4. Using online dating sites to meet a long-term partner is a great way to find a soul mate.

  5. There are many different options, and it’s up to you to decide which one is the best fit.

  6. These sites are accessible on all types of devices and you can chat with them anytime and anywhere.

  7. Most online dating service providers will not reveal your personal information publicly, which means you’re not exposing yourself.

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