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Chat Hour Review: Free chatting online with open-minded singles

Expert's Summary
Doesn’t matter how many services and different options Chat Hour offers, it still remains a chat site, first of all. From this point of view, it’s quite elementary and plain. It is unique in its own way because there’s just chat and video chat, rather than messaging or photo gallery viewing. Despite its most obvious disadvantages, such as the absence of innovations and updates, it works pretty effectively but the knowledge of nuances is keenly needed for using it.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Completely free
Registration is optional
Easy friend requests
Lack of female members
Less than 200K of US members
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How much is Chat Hour

To users’ pleasure, Chat Hour is fully free. No even signing up is needed, but users can create detailed profiles if they want. All features are free of charge.

Costless chat sites like this one, are always popular among young students. This one is also forming its thankful audience in the West.

How to attract singles on Chat Hour

With a big competition, it’s no surprise members find it very important to make their profiles attractive. It takes some time, but such efforts are always paid well from the first minute.

For models or stylish and sexy girls, it makes no difficulty to upload amazing photos, while for all the others it’s more challenging. Try to use studio photos only or some alluring selfies.

Choose the pictures where you’re smiling, and where your flaws, if any, aren’t seen. Use as many chances as you can since the number of photos is limitless on Chat Hour.

Since videos can be upload as well, do not miss this opportunity. Record short and fun videos of high quality where your hotness is well seen in the beneficial light.

Do not underestimate the profile text either. The majority of members care to fill all sections in detail and share a lot of thoughts, to be truly intriguing for others when the profile is viewed.

Private pics are also allowed, so use this to intrigue other members even more. A part of your profile photos can be kept private for selected users only, so they’ll be motivated to chat.

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Are there private chat rooms on Chat Hour

Yes, one can create one or multiple chat rooms with any topic interesting to the others. The room can be made private or public.

It’s a perfect way to get as intimate as you wish, with one person or a group of people. You can also promote and discuss the event.

Most people use Chat Hour rooms for friendly talks, or hookups time and date choosing. Some organize kinky parties and attract other members.

But there are plenty of teens and young people who gather in those chat rooms as gamers and music fans, too.

Who is using Chat Hour

It provides online flirt and offline meetings with real people, instead of overloading users with bots and fake profiles. However, it’s rather for youngsters who tend to be superficial.

They do judge mostly by photos. If one is an older, more profound, and idealistic person, it’s the wrong site for him. It’s hard to find someone on Chat Hour basing on personality traits.

The very basic criteria are a nice appearance and geographic closeness. So yes, it’s definitely a hookup chat site but if one is lucky, he can find something bigger.

There aren’t more complaints on Chat Hour than on other flirting sites. Some scammers and time-wasters can happen on one’s way but the majority of users are genuine.

Those are just cheerful singles from 17 to 25 y.o. who want some fun.

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Is Chat Hour any good

Chat Hour could seem just another site for superficial communication or fooling the users, but we have to be fair. There are too many positive responses already to ignore them.

This platform indeed helps people to meet and talk. At least, it allows tasting the diversity of this world. It’s exactly the kind of impression young people need.

For sure, Chat Hour still needs a lot of serious improvements. The ads are too many. Although nudity is forbidden, there are tons of photos of nude body parts.

To get a qualitative service and communication, one has to be persistent. Technical problems also appear too often to call it stable.

With such a big goal to embrace many countries on one site, developers and customer support could do better. It’s also important to know that Chat Hour is far from classical dating.

There are many bisexual members although it isn’t said anywhere. There are also perverts who may hunt for very young users showering them with naughty photos and sex offers.

Some previously gained experience, common sense, and caution are needed in order to really enjoy Chat Hour.

Is Chat Hour for hookups

Even if our lifestyle doesn’t allow a full-fledged relationship with many responsibilities involved, our basic instincts are still here and we need to deal with them.

The easiest way is to find someone attractive enough who doesn’t mind a quick fling. So, it’s a fact that Chat Hour is widely used for hookups or cheating too.

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Speed dating is a social phenomenon that has many explanations and purposes. It can be recommended to busy adults aware of their actions and consequences.

To those ones who can be attracted sexually to a person basing on his/her appearance only without knowing his/her interests and personality traits.

Chat Hour is a new generation hookup site. Truly a paradise for someone who loves selfies and feels comfortable being a part of the whole selfie or stream culture.

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