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BookOfMatches Review: Free hookups with your local peers in US

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The BookOfMatches site exists for years, but it seems to really raise its popularity lately. Mostly thanks to becoming sex-positive and adult dating concept. Although was meant for classical dating before, BOF is now completely into hookups and sex services. We aren’t sure it’s bad though, as people seem to really like it. In fact, it allows being social without socializing. It’s only suitable for extroverted and spontaneous folks. Introverted people won’t use it if they are the ones who prefer to learn as much as possible about a person before meeting in real. No labels, categories, private talks, or naughty chats are needed. Just meet your like-minded neighbours or travel mates in a few clicks, and have fun. Meeting cool people around you should be as simple as breathing. BookOfMatches totally proves that.
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How much is BookOfMatches

BookOfMatches is totally free, and it shall always be. It’s the site motto, and it doesn’t seem to change with years. Availability at no cost is what attracts most users.

Indeed, there’s no credits system, no complicated packs fraud, no even subscription fee. One is signing up and chatting without usual monetary restrictions.

Is BookOfMatches any good

It is a popular, well-protected hook-up site mostly known for being free. Not much information about it can be found on the Internet.

But the majority of users’ reviews are positive which is quite surprising nowadays, so we rate it high. Technically, the BOM site has a decent level of protection.

It also marks the photo-verified profiles of people. I.e., those are people who agreed to take a casual selfie for proving their main photos are real.

It’s an important part of the hookup process as it’s, in fact, wild sex with total strangers. BOM site fulfills its responsibilities in this regard.

We would recommend BookOfMatches to just anyone who lives or travels within the US and wants a simple plain hookup organization.

This casual sex site contains a sufficient number of real users in all states and a good matching mechanism that will allow you to meet someone quickly.

What is BookOfMatches like

The site has a somewhat awkward layout on the main page depicting two women, who look either like a mature mother and teen daughter or like two female lovers.

It’s not clear what the owners wanted to show with such an illustration, maybe being LGBT-friendly and maybe, it’s just to attract people’s attention.

Other than that, the site has a pleasant stylish design and immediately catches the eye with a wast gallery of women’s profiles. The site also has a blog and advertises new materials from it.

In addition, it promotes its own safety and security, strong verification process, availability from any devices. Some brief introduction to online dating awaits singles at the bottom of the page.

In general, the main page creates a strong positive impression of quality and good perspectives. Reviews from the users are many and they sound interesting.

Is BookOfMatches for teens

BOM is just another flirting and dating site for youth that is honest and positive but shouldn’t be perceived seriously. It is reportedly better than Tinder.

Which actually means, just a superficial search of one-night-stands. However, it does much more than some purely sexual apps helping to find buddies with common interests for going out.

Although the profiles on BookOfMatches contain such details as religious beliefs or willingness to have children, those sections aren’t obligatory and can be left empty.

Also, users’ photos are of poorer quality so it cannot be called a high-end platform. At the same time, it isn’t completely bad either.

BookOfMatches is kind of reliable. It doesn’t use virtual mermaids and ghosts for attracting male users and leaving them all alone after payment.

Neither it steals members’ photos for using them on other platforms. It indeed provides dating services and simplifies real-time meetings.

BookOfMatches can be recommended to 17+ folks, older is better, who isn’t very demanding or picky. Who have got enough time, patience, and online experience to proceed.

It helps to find a genuine and fun person. With such a vast members base and big popularity throughout the US and Europe, BOM makes it possible and there are a lot of good responses.

What are the cons of BookOfMatches

It’s easy to see that an app is not technically improved enough but it’s still loved by its members. Only 5% of them mentioned fake profiles preventing smooth and successful hookups.

Another weak side of the site is the absence of unique/interesting features. This hookup app is pretty plain. But after all, it has all the basic things singles may need.

Complaints about the site are non-significant. For instance, not enough members in some particular area, slow matching, occasional crashes, a few fake profiles on the way.

But this happens with any hookup app, even the best ones of them. In general, there are no big flaws and it obviously isn’t too commercialized. In fact, it can be used for free.

There are no bots of professional escort girls wanting to accompany you for money. The database indeed contains real people who just want some fun as you do.

Many folks reported they arranged the meeting immediately after signing up. This isn’t bad at all for a less famous source like this one.

Where do I hook up with a BookOfMatches girl

You should know that American girls on BOM are not pathetic about places for hookups. Even Slavic women are more spoiled as they always expect you to take them to the fanciest restaurants.

US girls are ok to meet in a bar, pub, or fast food cafe, they just want some diversity for special occasions. So take them to good middle-priced places only if you want so.

The coolest restaurant with sky-high prices might be scary for her unless she is a celebrity, and by American measures, such a place is much more suitable for important business meetings.

You will look pretty weird inviting her there. Then, Americans certainly differ from Englishmen, Canadians, and Europeans. You should never laugh at those differences when you go out.

Their accent, vocabulary, their system of education, lifestyle, way of driving should not be the object of your jokes or critics. They may travel much less than you, read fewer books than you.

But all that is explained by the reasons you didn’t think about, so remain respectful or you will be alone again.

If you used to live a spontaneous life, it might be difficult for you to get used to all traditions and habits of American life. BBQ with your girl’s co-workers on the weekend is a must.

Then, a turkey on Thanksgiving is a must, and going to her favorite bar is a must, but you can break that routine by arranging a trip for just you and her.

Is BookOfMatches safe

In classical dating, one can just invite another one for a short coffee break without promising anything including even friendship. There should be certain courtship and proving one’s intentions.

So, you get a certain safe distance and time gap. While on hookup apps, it’s clear from the beginning what both of you want. It considerably shortens the distance, as well as the time period.

There’s no slight sign of courtship, only straightforward needs. If you liked each other’s photos and words, there is a big possibility you are going to like each other in reality.

Which leads to getting intimate very quickly, especially with this particular primary purpose. That’s why it is crucial to make sure your hookup site is trustworthy.

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It solves half of the problem. BookOfMatches is very good in questions of safety. Its customer support works quickly and smoothly, which is rare today.

The majority of profiles are photo-verified, i.e. users proved they are real by sending a thumb-up photo. Finally, admins fight and battle with scammers/fake accounts 24 hours a day.

Those are sufficient reasons to trust the site and get laid within counted days or even hours.

How to pick up a girl on BookOfMatches

Western girls prevail on BOM. To succeed with them, learn their psychology. American women are often naturally cute, sexy, and very friendly.

They are welcoming hostesses, caring mothers, diligent social workers, and volunteers, so there’s some place for warmth towards a man in their hearts for sure.

But you should know what they are made from and how to deal with them. First, American girls date openly. They have no inner boundaries and are open-minded about sex.

In fact, they are rarely single and always have someone courting them, so if you met a single American woman online, try to catch a chance quickly.

Although USA girls can have sex for fun or for good health, in between their career and meetings with friends, they do not imagine their future life without a family.

Because of that, they may highly appreciate a man who at least seems to be family-oriented, and they keep dreaming about a beautiful proposal.

American women may seem cold towards a guy they like at times, but they are just stressed by social frames and demands.

In the USA, one needs to be successful or at least able to pay your bills, to be the best parent at school, to have the neatest yard and garden, and many other things.

Girls are raised in this atmosphere of constant competition and demands as much as the boys, so they just try to keep up. Talk seriously yet easy-going to them, and you’ll meet them up.

Are BookOfMatches girls good lovers

Some men are afraid that American girls are too open-minded about sex so they are chronic cheaters. They might have multiple partners in their late teens, it’s true.

But once they reach a certain age, they are definitely focused on one man only and happy togetherness. All their culture is actually focused on that.

There’s much more agitation of family values in Hollywood than LGBTQ propaganda. As a result, US girls of any age are quite sentimental and conservative when it comes to LTR.

So, and they remain faithful. Another myth is that American women are too much career-oriented. First of all, they are much less obsessed with their work than Swedish or German ones.

Secondly, since they do have relationship values, they always try to combine their duties at work with their private life. They surely do not dedicate so much time and effort to family duties.

But let’s be real, do you really want to be the only sponsor/giver in a family where everything is super clean and tidy? You aren’t a sugar daddy and your match shouldn’t be a sugar baby.

So, it’s better to appreciate hard-working American hookup mates who want to actively participate in your partying budget and various sex investments.

Is there any scam on BookOfMatches

Let’s remember that only so-called losers complain about women’s tendency to see the honorable provider in them. Democratic and feminist America isn’t the most demanding country.

Girls just work very hard themselves and want to see an equal partner on their side. There are enough cougars in the USA as well who are ready to provide a handsome young guy.

But it might not be an option for a strong man like you. It’s much more pleasant to go for young and healthily ambitious same-age mates able to be moneymakers, passionate lovers.

If needed, also supportive partners, and loving kitties at the same time. Nothing is impossible when your mind is set correctly and you are full of optimism during your search on BookOfMates.

How to know a girl is real on BookOfMatches

There are ways to know whether smb is real. For example, every girl provides confirming photos with the gifts she received from a man, and these photos contain a lot of important info.

First of all, you can check whether a girl really looks like in her profile photos. Also, check her fingers and make sure there’s no engagement ring on one of them.

As to the video chat, only naive men and beginners think it proves something. There are many different nuances about it. You should make sure the video stream isn’t pre-recorded.

If a girl can do something unusual on your demand, such as writing some words on a piece of paper or showing you four fingers, congratulations: she is real.

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If all she does, is just standing up, waving at you, and sending you an aerial kiss, then it might be a re-used video that administrators or managers turn on a hundred times in a row.

While a girl is doing something else with someone else out there in her city. Another dangerous type of video chat involves professional webcam girls.

They either look like supermodels or get naughty easily. Then you can make a conclusion it’s actually their work. Which is ok for virtual sex, but not for the real meeting.

What is the first impression of BookOfMatches

First of all, the site doesn’t look very modern or trendy at all. It has design and interface very typical for all plain dating sites of former years.

This platform really had been founded years ago, and it obviously wasn’t updated much since. The quality of girls is rather high though.

Plus to a classical sign-up window, there is also a mini-blog on the main page. However, the news and articles aren’t updated often. It takes place approximately once a season.

It may seem to you that you are literally attacked by messages and chat invitations. It wouldn’t be that bad, but some are just generated or sent automatically as an intro.

One should always remember the signs of fraudulent communication. It’s a big activity for very young girls even when a man indicated an older age in his search parameters.

Also, shallow first messages with ridiculous pet names such as sweetie and dear darling, or very intensive messaging when you’re receiving up to 5 lines a day from the same girl.

On another hand, all popular and less popular destinations are embraced. For sure, it demands a lot of work and organization from the team. If to use common sense, it is easy to find real girls.

What are the don’ts on BookOfMatches

Do not send mass winks or other mass ice-breakers. You don’t need this feature if you want quality, not quantity. Choose among the girls who write first.

Completely ignore messages that are too short, impersonal, shallow, vulgar, weird, or obviously automatic. Respond to prolonged and meaningful personal messages.

If you already got interested in some girl, analyze her profile before you go further. If there is a weird location indicated, or her self-description is too sweet and silly, do not bother.

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If she mentions her financial struggle in any way, always answer that you provide help only after a nice and reassuring personal meeting. If she is real, she’ll be motivated to meet.

Immediately stop talking to girls who are from the same city and seem to use the same scenario of messages or meetings. It can be the same webcam models agency operator.

Chat with many. It may sound not logical after the previous recommendations, but we insist that you don’t rely on one girl only. Then your chances for real hookups are way higher.

If you use this collecting and filtering strategy, you’ll never lose. But don’t just go with the flow as many other people do, it won’t bring you a good harvest.


  1. These escorts are not for “specialists” or “experts”, but for guys who don’t have time to waste looking for a woman to date!

  2. Sometimes these “neighborhood girls” will even allow you to “chat” with them while you’re online.

  3. Once you have a few escorts under your belt, you can start thinking about deeper and more meaningful connections.

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