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BGCLive Review: Best gay hookup social network or scam?

Expert's Summary
BGCLive is a gay chat site with great basic features available for free. Its unique trait is men’s attractiveness but they might be located in another country. Because of this, and also due to a playful semi erotic concept, BGCLive is barely suitable for LTR and only sometimes, for real meetings. It’s rather a virtual sex tool for LGBT guys.
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Attractive males worldwide
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Is BGCLive free

30 days$4.99
12 months$19.99

BGCLive can be used completely for free, with great success in virtual hookups and sometimes, good matching in real. Even its Premium is inexpensive and makes just 20 bucks a year.

Is BGCLive for hookups

There are many gay couples who stay together for 10+ years. This statistic is less for trans people though, and bi-males tend to mostly meet men for one-night-stand.

It answers the question and helps us divide the BGCLive customers into two main groups. Initially, the site was meant for intimate interaction which could potentially turn into smth bigger.

That’s why the BGCLive site for gay singles review cannot be limited by this or that judgment. The platform rather serves all kinds of needs and requests.

It is very convenient to choose a short-term or a long-term partner via BGCLive by viewing his detailed profile info and discussing private matters in the chat.

This way, any person defines within 10-15 minutes whether another user is compatible. The profile normally mentions the nuances of orientation, sexual preferences, and the search purpose.

While the communication is typically very frank and open on BGCLive. In fact, if one is willing to travel or invite a person, real hookups are more than possible, too.

Is BGCLive for men only

BGCLive is a unique dating app for gay only that we would rate high. But despite the huge number of positive responses and a very low price, it’s still not populated enough.

How is such a situation ever possible? First of all, the LGBTQ+ world is very wide and full of nuances, but the site is limiting its members to males only.

Those should be men or folks who identify as ones. There aren’t too many pure gays on the planet, and even those existing ones are divided between different dating apps.

There are also queer, trans, non-binary, and bi-curious. Also, having a huge potential, BGCLive is obviously badly advertised and poorly promoted in niche circles.

BGCLive can be fully used for free, its very inexpensive Premium subscription adds only a few extra features. It should be adored for this particular advantage.

But what happens in reality? The database is rather small. It is launched years ago, so it had to attract a bigger number of subscribers already, and the team is still working under that.

Although so cheap, BGCLive treats its members as if it was the elite app. We mean the level of security and qualitative customer support. They are just brilliant.

We wish all hookup sites were that client-oriented. It’s literally everything a single guy may need for finding his mate, but again, the site is severely underestimated and unseen by many.

BGCLive deserves much more attention and can be confidently recommended for gay personals of all ages, all social levels, with any search purposes, as an effective matching tool.

Is BGCLive for gay sugar dating

Since BGCLive is for a wide variety of categories and relationships, it works fine for older folks too. It’s mostly about experiments, threesomes, first gay experiences, gay swingers, and so on.

Bi-curious older men prevail in the database, and some of them certainly offer sugar daddy sponsorship as a form of a temporary or lasting relationship. Others expect an equal mutual agreement.

However, there is one group of older users that is going to be disappointed. We are talking about serious-minded single gay men. BGCLive isn’t the right place for them.

There are platforms that’d suit them much better. It helps to realize from the beginning the site purpose, for avoiding the time-wasting and heartbreaking moments.

Otherwise, if you don’t mind some fun, you’ll easily find a match of any age. It can either be for virtual flirting and HE or quickies in real, including sponsored ones.

Try to figure out what they want, and promise that. Of course, you are not going to lie if they want your monthly support or a big investment. Be realistic but positive no matter what.

Otherwise, young guys won’t know about your good intentions and caring attitude. Most importantly, be spontaneous. You have no chance if you’re stuck in your old habits.

Especially if you’re going to dictate your rules to your new boyfriends. As young people, they prefer complete freedom, especially at the very beginning.

How to pick up younger men on BGCLive

When it comes to young gay men, scenarios are often similar so there’s no secret how to date and hook up on BGCLive. What do they search for, older partners wonder?

It’s usually either gaining more experience or financial profit or altogether. If youngsters have a more stable situation and support from their parents, they may search for fun only.

In any case, an older man can only reach understanding with them if he behaves accordingly. Be fun, light, and easy-going; do not press or stress them, do not demand any responsibilities.

Imagine you’re 20+ like them, at least at the moment of acquaintance. The heavy impression can spoil everything. Also, be promising enough in their eyes.

Let them choose when and where to meet, and just follow their ideas, even if you think they’re crazy. Finally, be an adult. You have something that they don’t, it’s maturity.

And they indeed expect it from you. They wouldn’t be happy if you were not able to offer it to them. Even if you’re after a few hours of pleasure only, be as protective as you can.

It’s you who bear the responsibility, not them. It concerns safety measures as well.

What are the cons of BGCLive

Not all is perfect on BGCLive. Many profiles are vague and let’s say even empty, cause very young people do not tend to be substantial and detailed.

Since many students prefer a free version, they also have to tolerate multiple ads and promotions online which is discouraging.

As many youngsters are ok with virtual sex and quick hook-ups only, the features of a social network are actually absent on BGCLive, no one can post cool stuff or intrigue with things.

All is very plain and minimized. It’s also typical for very young gay men to be secretive about their real preferences and wear masks.

That’s probably why they indicate the Strictly friends row in their profiles, although they are definitely after hook-ups and they demonstrate this from the very first sentences.

It may disappoint others. According to the non-demanding audience, there are some technical flaws such as wrong geo-location, frequent crashing, and sometimes the absence of customer service.

Are there bear gay men on BGCLive

In case you don’t know, the bear is a slang word for a big hairy man, often with the beard, who is homo- or bisexual. Although there is still a pattern in people’s minds that gay men are feminine.

There are many categories that look muscular and wear macho clothes. A bear can be either very sportive or with a beer belly, but he’s not feminine for sure.

Until now, the leader in bear gay hookups was the GROWLr app. Suddenly enough, soon BGCLive has appeared and became its main competitor.

BGCLive also gathers all kinds of gay men in its database, not just the bear type. On the app’s main page, it offers meeting cute guys with its help, i.e. the young cubs.

It’s indeed surprising that BGCLive hasn’t been created for a commercial profit only. Its price is traditionally symbolical, and existing reviews are already fairly positive.

As a comparatively new app, BGCLive doesn’t have the disadvantages of overly-populated and let’s say too famous apps, and stays fresh.

What to avoid in casual gay affairs on BGCLive

It’s vital to be patient when you hook up with younger guys. If they choose you, accept without being suspicious. If they change their mind or disappear, accept that easily.

If they leave you on the road to jump out to their buddies and say hello, just smile. If they take your money and leave, at least try not to get a heart attack.

Always remain reasonable. It’s your role and you should play it for your own sake. Be sexy. We know, sometimes it’s the hardest part. But remember, BGCLive is for all bi-curious men.

So, you may find yourself in a middle of a big competition. Not all youngsters can force themselves to be nice to you only for a monetary reward or other wrong reasons.

They want physical attraction and chemistry too. So try to go to the gym at least once a week and wear something trendy when you finally meet.

Otherwise, you may be ignored much sooner than expected. Gay adult dating and hooking up via BGCLive doesn’t guarantee to you the fireworks in the sky, but it’s something real and pleasant.

Just follow these recommendations and balance the game with being yourself, in any situation. In other words, what you should avoid is being non-sincere or ignorant.


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    1. Most gay hookup sites allow you to create a free profile that will let you know the type of person you are looking for, as well as allowing you to post up pictures of yourself so that you can be found by other singles.

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  2. However, most of us tend to choose more traditional methods of meeting gay singles when we are trying to meet someone for a date.

    1. There is no doubt that gay hookup online dating websites have made it much easier for gay men to find partners of their choice.

  3. In the past, if you had shared your home phone number, there was a chance that this could lead to your information being taken out of the phone book.

    1. While you do have the ability to post a picture of yourself, remember that you should only do this if you have not been contacted by anyone that you know personally.

  4. However, just because they can meet someone at a gay hookup site does not mean that they should necessarily trust that person with their sexual preferences.

    1. Therefore, you need to take extra measures in order to make sure that you are safe when it comes to dating on the internet.

  5. Another thing that you should remember when it comes to using one of these gay free apps is that you should not share your phone number with anyone you do not know.

  6. Another major advantage of these online gay hookup services is the ease of communicating with fellow gay singles.

  7. However, most of these free dating sites have a substantial quantity of single profiles to view in order to discover others with whom you may wish to make a relationship.

  8. This is something like saying that you would not reveal your home phone number to someone you are dating.

  9. Through online gay dating sites, you will be able to meet people in cafes, nightclubs, bars, and other public places.

  10. Moreover, it is also important to note that millions of users have been able to find love through these sites, which make them one of the most popular online dating communities today.

  11. gay dating sites provide singles with a great variety of information on how to approach another gay man or woman.

  12. It is important that gay men take the time to find another gay hookup who they are comfortable with before they make any commitments to them.

  13. If you are already gay and want to meet someone, then you can always go to a gay club or a bar to try to meet someone.

  14. Your an attractive human being and i also certain there is a man or happen to be committed…the best kinds always are

  15. gay dating sites are particularly beneficial for those singles who prefer to seek love online and who are tired of the often rejection that they often encounter in traditional dating circles.

  16. gayCafe is an excellent free dating web service that gives you access to a large variety of gay people from different parts of the world.

  17. While some gay dating websites will offer discreet contact options for a nominal fee, it is still important that you take the time to find another gay partner online.

  18. If you are a lgbt person who is trying to find a gay hookup online, you need to realize that there are plenty of them to be found.

  19. Most of the leading gay dating websites dedicate only a small portion of their online sites to the gay community alone.

  20. Some of them are better designed than others, but regardless of which ones you choose to use, they can make your life a little bit easier at certain times during the week.

  21. They also provide gay dating tips on how to get the best responses from members of the opposite sex.

  22. As a member of one of these gay hookup sites, you will be able to browse through singles and search for one that you think is a good match for you.

  23. Some of these gay hookup apps are easier to use than others, so it really depends on what you would prefer.

  24. If you have been approached by someone that you know personally, then you should remove your picture until you can speak with them face to face.

  25. Chatango is a very similar gay hookup application that gives gay singles free and convenient ways to communicate via messaging.

  26. Unfortunately, due to the discrimination that continues to exist in the work place, many gay men remain closeted and thus are unable to meet people in regular workplaces or bars.

  27. You may have some terrific friends searching for you personally. Never applied grinding machine and this informs me, correctly so

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