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BeeTalk chat and dating review: Pros and cons of free hookup sites

Expert's Summary
We would recommend BeeTalk to 21-37 y.o. singles who are able to pay monthly and who live in biggest cities of the West. It also matters if they are committed to meet. After some observations, BeeTalk is useless for someone who prefers sugar dating or who lives in a small town far away from the metropolis. It’s non-commercial yet very urban. It isn’t suitable much for international dating, same-sex affairs, or other special kinds of hookups, as its major specialization is classical chatting. Then one is prepared to use the site effectively.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Free for everyone
50+ mln. members
Equal male-female ratio
Only 3 mln. from the US
Weak match suggestions
Total Score

How much is BeeTalk

Like some other chat sites for youth, BeeTalk is totally free to use. It’s convenient for students and for FWB seekers who don’t like to spend online.

There’s no credits system, no price packs or whatever, but users can donate if they wish. Private chatrooms are free just like the main ones.

How to communicate with singles on BeeTalk

If you’re interested in a more profound acquaintance than shallow chatting, you have to ask questions directly. There’s no other way to learn more about smb whose profile photo you liked.

On another hand, one can see how popular a person is among users by investigating how many virtual gifts he or she received. A big number of various gifts means higher popularity.

Is it good to befriend or date a very popular person? It means big competition. But at the same time, it means the one is smart and sexy, therefore, worthy of your attention.

Some people think this site isn’t for dating, it’s for going out with new buddies and partying altogether. It resembles Facebook in a way and other popular social messengers.

However, by statistics, the majority of members hope to find a casual or a long-term partner on BeeTalk plus to new friends or companies. Moreover, many succeed in that.

Can I hook up on BeeTalk

Yes, BeeTalk is used for local hookups too. Since it’s a social platform for like-minded communities, these hookups take place rather spontaneously and are based on common interests.

For example, bikers, rockers, anime lovers, surfers, they all may find a casual partner in a chosen social group and enjoy FWB. It happens more often than the site reports.

Hookuping on BeeTalk is safer than through specialized adult dating sites, since casual partners aren’t exactly strangers. They have a lot in common and treat each other with respect.

Since the trust level is so high on BeeTalk and hobbies are shared, it’s no wonder many have naughty intentions and go out with smb they liked chatting with. It’s the right place for that.

By statistics, young people like having their first hookup date via BeeTalk. They find it safer than getting acquainted in a bar full of strangers while this site unites like-minded folks.

Is BeeTalk any good

Any dating sites or messengers are criticized by the users since there are always certain imperfections. None platforms are perfect, and too many of them are way too similar.

BeeTalk surely has its complete analogs too, which decreases its value in the market. Some members may have wrong ideas and commercial intentions, like everywhere online.

At the same time, scammers and fraudulent personalities are strictly weeded out by the admins and easily reported by users. The platform is reportedly safe in that regard.

What bothers though, is the limited number of features, and the immature atmosphere in most chat groups. Let’s not forget BeeTalk mostly gathers teens and video games players.

However, if not to fall into stereotypes, then it’s more than possible to find a match for any means and any kind of relationship. That’s why BeeTalk is never rated too low.

beautiful naked young woman looking at camera in art studio

Is BeeTalk for travel dating and relationships

Serious affairs aren’t typical for this platform, but they happen regularly. It is explained by the common interests of the users that unite them, and themed chats they initiate.

BeeTalk members may eventually form a stable couple after chatting as friends, penpals, or casual lovers. Others have an intention to date seriously from the beginning.

Since the number of success stories on BeeTalk is really impressive for such a simple chatting site, dating experts consider it suitable for establishing LTR and serious affairs.

As travel dating is one of the main search purposes on BeeTalk, finding a mate for romantic trips is actual. This kind of search is especially common for vacation seasons.

Users interested in traveling or vacationing together, indicate that in their settings. There are surely special chat rooms for travel discussions and making arrangements.

What do I chat about on BeeTalk

Who said only romance and intimacy can unite people in the chat? Anime, games, music, movies, politics, all that can be discussed in BeeTalk chat rooms. There are other topics too.

LGBTQ members, for example, make a big community on BeeTalk with the events calendar and party invites. Themed festivals and social happenings are actively promoted there.

In many ways, BeeTalk is a social network for listening to the music, singing karaoke, sharing photos and videos, going out together, participating in cultural events, travel dating, etc.

Therefore, do not limit yourself while chatting there, and interest other singles online by any hot topic. Most likely, they’ll support your initiative and discuss things.

Is BeeTalk good for teens

There is a lot of arguing whether BeeTalk is really suitable for teens. The general content of the site is considered non-offensive with only mild mature themes, which is rather safe.

It is suggested that a 12+ teenager who uses BeeTalk, will receive parental permission. It doesn’t always happen though. Not all private pics are screened or censored either.

Parents warn, the biggest danger is that teenagers are often contacted by adult strangers who are sexting them and inviting to other social networks or hookup sites.

That’s why, the common sense says BeeTalk is rather for 18+ users, just the parental control doesn’t really work. It is suggested that younger teens use the MyLOL or Snapkidz apps.

However, teens and youngsters who are warned about the possible problem, can easily take care of their safety, and instantly block doubtful personals who contact them.


  1. You can choose a dating app according to your interests and preferences, but be sure to be genuine about it.

  2. Women prefer dating men who are more serious about the relationship and won’t browse other profiles.

  3. Using a dating app to hook up with a woman is a great way to improve your chances of success.

  4. For example, some sites may be more suitable for singles looking for an occasional relationship.

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