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Bedpage Review – Top escort listings aka Backpage site

Expert's Summary
Bedpage is a long-expected alternative to Backspace that has been closed down. It has a similar interface and features, without the attempts to make it look trendier. Its design overall looks rather naive and old-school, but it’s easy to make contacts and find the right folks to get laid with. The site won’t hold the leadership in adult dating by some parameters. The Bedpage member base keeps on growing and who knows, maybe the platform is going to be updated, eventually. For now, it’s rather suitable for non-demanding beginners in sex-positivity. The efficiency is still there though since all escort personals are real and can be met at any time. We rate it above average for the availability of all categories of sex workers and thots.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Free for viewers
Good city coverage
Incl. massage parlors
All categories of escorts
Weak design
Less detailed ads
Total Score
Bedpage Audio Review

Does it cost to post on Bedpage

It definitely costs for providers to post their ads on Bedpage. It starts from $2 for them and can get as costly as Premium upgrade which makes $15 for one-city only ad.

In any case, Bedpage is free for men clients, like most escort listings. Potential escort clients don’t even need to register. Also, they aren’t recommended to send any pre-payments.

Why use Bedpage

These escort listings are probably user-friendliest in regards to simplicity and a warm atmosphere. It may look a bit childish when sex workers’ ads are filled with smileys.

In addition, further new providers keep on adopting this style. But as clients report, it helps them feel at ease with girls and initiate communication in a much more relaxed way.

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Young woman with curly hair

Exactly the style of the ads on Bedpage makes it the most possible to detect both real and suspicious posts. Hookup experts are explaining how to do that like a pro.

If the same style, very same words, and smileys are used in different girls’ posts and only the photo changes, most probably, it’s an escort agency. They might create the content instead of women.

So, workers can be real or not, but the risk is there already, including extra charges. On the opposite, if the playful genre remains, but each post is unique, chances are bigger that girls are real.

There isn’t such a possibility on other escort listings to easily say which post is genuine. This and other advantages like a down-to-earth attitude and openness, attract men to Bedpage.

How much do I pay to Bedpage girls

Prices on sex services really vary from city to city, and from a woman to a woman. It greatly depends on how popular and high-rated a person is, and what kind of services they provide.

For instance, covered BJ and FS cost a bit lower than bareback. Many choose to give HH – half-hour services, while others charge hourly. There is also a QV that combines quick BJ and FS.

Bedpage girls often indicate their tariffs right in the post. Otherwise, ask about the prices during your very first phone call, and re-ask to be sure. It should be done before you visit.

But approximate pricing goes from $90/hour with an amateur to $350/hour with a pro in a big city, while a porn celeb might charge $600/hour and higher. The full night is approx. $1200.

What is the purpose of Bedpage

BedPage unites all categories of providers, in other words, sex workers with their clients. It is a must that clients are adults, financially secure, do not have any criminal background.

Modern call girls like those on Bedpage, are always monitoring their potential and actual clients in a special database of suspicious personals. It’s a matter of their safety.

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Bedpage Sexy Member

The concept of the site is a friendly environment for everyone including trans, non-binary, BDSM, and other escorts. None should feel in a minority or under discrimination.

As a result, we have a neat, mainstream, and easy-going platform convenient for all hookup seekers. It serves couples, quickie lovers, kinky singles, and HE massage fans.

Is Bedpage safe

As a newer escort site, and especially after the doubtful story of Backpage, there are questions about Bedpage safety. Specialists say there’s at least a 60 percent success guarantee.

It’s true some escort agencies are posting girls’ ads just to attract potential clients. Not all photos respond to reality and some texts are just identical. But there are plenty of real personals too.

In order to make your search safer, use critical thinking, and order from non-typical pages only. When you see the original text, trustworthy photos, then there’s a green light for your orders.

The main task of Bedpage was to become a more secure sex platform than Backpage was. Indeed, there are no scandals connected with this recent version, and all escorts are adults, at least.

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Safe Hookup Site

Although this particular escort gallery doesn’t allow comments under each profile or ad, find clients’ reviews on USASexGuide and make your conclusions regarding particular escort girls.

Are there free hookups on BedPage

Most women who post on Bedpage, are call girls. Some indicate their tariffs from the start, others discuss them on a phone. But there are also chicks flexible about the ways of payment.

It means, they rather position themselves as local thots and sugar babies than professional providers. As a rule, those are independent sex workers who do not share any profit with the agency.

In this case, girls would be ok to just wine and dine together before having pleasant moments. This category often turns to friends with benefits especially if they perform a girlfriend’s experience.

However, it’s rather an exception and one shouldn’t expect at the beginning free hookups on Bedpage. The primary purpose of the girls there is getting some profit and mutual benefits.

Is BedPage any good

Comparing to Backpage that raised so many complaints, BedPage is surely good. It may lose to some other platforms like AdultLook, AdultSearch, or MegaPersonals, just because they’re trendy.

But in other regards, the site totally meets people’s expectations and serves them as desired. At least 80% of BedPage personals are real people, and no less than 65% would accept any offer.

Do not expect many VIP beauty queens from this platform though, girls look rather average. It can be said for sure they are well-groomed, sporty, with the manicure, but nothing too refined.

As to the coverage, BedPage ensures most big cities and populous towns are present in the Search field. The smallest locations may offer a few providers only, but that can be sufficient.

Other girls are ready to travel if needed, meanwhile. This way, one can get sex services regardless of his place of living, exotic preferences, or other details that seemed challenging at first.

How do I communicate on Bedpage

Some escort sites like AdultFriendFinder, allow chatting right on the platform. Very modern sex listings like RentMen have a comment section where clients and a provider can exchange lines.

Bedpage isn’t equipped with any of those tools. What you can do is to find a girl’s phone number in the ad and call her directly. Then you two discuss things before meeting in person.

Some girls, especially VIP escorts and niche sex providers prefer texting and sexting on Messengers first, for instance, on WhatsApp. Then they learn more about the client’s wishes.

The subtle trust developed during such pre-communication allows finding some chemistry between you two before the real thing happens. It helps if you consider several sessions, not just one.

Otherwise, the Bedpage site is quite primitive when it comes to features and options. Nothing more than ads listings and a sex gallery are available there, so users should find additional chat means.

What are the cons of BedPage

There are certain disadvantages sites like BedPage may have. First, they are extremely easy to use and it makes them a bit primitive. Only elite giant platforms like Slixa break this pattern.

Users claim, not all 100 percent of girls are trustworthy, there are a few fake ads too. But no troubles were reported by those who already had an encounter in real life after ordering.

It means, BedPage may only disappoint virtually, but it is fair when it comes to the real thing. Many succeeded with hookuping there, and the girls’ quality is statistically high enough.

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Bedpage Hookup Advantages

It’s true that BedPage doesn’t provide special sections where girls could list their kink, their dos and don’ts in sex. But they do list them right in the ad text, and clients can make their observations.

There’s no VIP service or couple service either. Yet, many workers are flexible and extra possibilities can be discussed. Although not the trendiest one, this site serves just well.

What are BedPage features

Once you enter the site, you can start viewing the Gallery of horny girls waiting for your attention and arrangements. Search filters can be pretty detailed, starting from the location.

Then you choose the preferred gender, age, sex service. That’s why BedPage can be used for sex tourism, trans hookups, age roleplay, and more adventures to one’s liking.

Other than that, one won’t find special features on BedPage. The number of tools is rather limited, and the site function is mostly visual. You view, scroll down, choose, and that’s all.

Since the platform is young, there’s still a possibility to update it and add more settings. If developers do that, the negative stigma of a previous version, Backpage will be eventually erased.

Is BedPage for bi-curious hookups

Like most escort listings, Bedpage is totally for bi-curious and non-binary folks as well. At least a quarter of workers are TS, TV, or TG, positioning as ladyboys and shemale.

It’s a very popular category of providers, so it shouldn’t be neglected by the sites teams. Grateful clients are gladly ordering those services along with classical ones.

When surfing on its pages, users cannot indicate they are a bi-curious couple, but many providers welcome that option. It can be cleared up during the phone talk that you arrange.

Bedpage is among LGBT-friendly platforms although it looks so simple and at times, so vanilla. Remember not all dos and don’ts of providers are listed in the ad, ask about some directly.

Enjoy your many-sided sex adventures with BedPage girls without limits. New things to try are always attractive, and it’s just great when a progressive source provides all the alternatives.


  1. Although a man might look good on his profile, it will likely look different when he meets you in person.

  2. Remember, women’s photos don’t always represent themselves as they appear in real life.

  3. And while photos do help a lot in the early stages of dating, don’t forget to be honest and open.

  4. Many women will want to know what a man wants from them, but they will only make their situation worse by insisting on the same.

  5. Unless you can make it clear that you’re only interested in the woman, she’ll be hesitant to approach you.

  6. Instead, they will make the decision after he’s met many other women who share the same values.

  7. The second step is to be cautious and discreet with your online dating activities.

  8. You should never disclose your child’s name to a stranger online, because this will invite him to contact you for sex.

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