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Badoo app Review: What experts say about online hookups

Badoo app Review: What experts say about online hookups
Expert's Summary
Since 2006, Badoo serves sexy singles’ needs in attention, flirting, and real hookups. Swipe-based and fairly simple, it adds nice trendy design to its numerous advantages and positive sides. Members find each other by location, so the app is both travel-friendly and suitable for local singles search. Its developer, Andrey Andreev made sure to turn it truly international and stylish. Interaction on the app has the game element in it offering users to rate each other’s profile photos. Then members’ popularity grows and it promotes them in the list of suggested options.
Ease of Use
Members Quality
Free, with in-app purchases
Has entertaining elements
Thorough verification
Simple usage
Shallow and formal profiles
Fake accounts are present
Glitchy at times
Total Score
Badoo app Audio Review

How to talk to girls on Badoo app

Chats on Badoo aren’t just match-based but can be with any user you like. For saying hi, just visit the girl’s page and press the Chat now button.

The Message field appears instantly. Messages aren’t limited in quantity or length, users of any gender can make the first step.

How to change your name on Badoo

Profile modifications on the Badoo app are the simplest. Just use the Edit button to change your name, age, or location.

Some users do that when they travel and seek anonymous hook-ups abroad, or want to hide from some former lovers.

There are no penalties or restrictions for changing the private info on Badoo, so feel flexible in how you present yourself.

What to say on Badoo app

Since the app’s work is based on photo rating, it’s logical to initiate the conversation on Badoo with a compliment.

Otherwise, just say hi and it will feel organic enough on such a youth-friendly platform with the elements of social network.

When you’re answered back, you can then ask more substantial questions like, can I hook up without being judged.

How do you get verified on Badoo

Badoo verification seems really legit and reliable. Each new member is requested to send a selfie with some particular pose on it.

Not everyone chooses to pass this process, so, members who want to stay safe, can select to communicate with verified users only.

The confirming selfie approval takes time and is checked by the real people admins working around the globe, not just automatically. There is also a phone call verification.

What does the dot color on Badoo mean

The coloured dots on Badoo app are meant to ease the usage of the app and bring more convenience into online communication. Classical green dot means a member is active at the moment.

Orange dot means, a member has been active quite recently. Grey dot means, a member was online long ago, otherwise, your hidden status prevents you from details. A white-on-blue tick means a profile is thoroughly verified in several ways.

Does Badoo show your location

Location can be edited manually like all the other profile data. But it remains visible like that only if to use the desktop version of the app.

When a member is using the mobile version additionally and his GPS is on, other users will see his actual location everywhere he goes. It’s convenient for travel dating and hook-ups, but too bad for total anonymity.

Is Badoo free to message


Messaging on Badoo app is completely free. Still, Premium membership reveals extra features such as limitless chatting or sending virtual gifts. Basically, there’s no need to pay for Badoo hookups online.  


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