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AVN Stars Review 2021 – Better than OnlyFans or just a scam?

Expert's Summary
AVN Stars became a great alternative to OnlyFans, both for girls models and for the clients. It’s cheaper, more imaginative, and less infected with snobby top celebs. On a practical note, AVN Stars is open and easy to join for all countries, almost without exception, which cannot be said about OnlyFans focused on the West. As a result, we are having tons of stunning European and Asian live streamers who are wearing out themselves to please their kinky followers. It feels like an erotic social network to be there. Content creators feel at ease to express themselves, and subscribers turn to be fans and friends. Both soft and heavy materials can be found on AVN, depending on the provider’s niche and openness. Stars’ pricing is fair, and clients love it.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Lots of free content
Model-looking girls
Endless kinks and fetishes
Still-growing member base
Some vids are overpriced
Total Score
AVN Stars Audio Review

Is AVN Stars free for men

Yes, the AVN Stars adult content can greatly be watched for free. It’s ok to be fed by crumbs like that if you’re a student or broke, but there is much more to see if you got funds.

Girls are quite fair with their pricing as even AVN top celebs may charge as little as $0.99 for a monthly subscription. But it’s hard to resist buying their content so much they tease.

Imaginative kinky pictures of the highest quality may cost from $1 to $10 per one, while videos can either be free or pricey up to $50 or even $75 if very professionally done.

Still, AVN Stars is cheaper for men and more profitable for models, so the site has a greater future indeed. In addition, one can follow any star he likes without a subscription.

How do I use AVN Stars

As a new social network for horny and kinky, AVN Stars is very well developed. There are plenty of tools and features that can serve anyone.

Once you enter, you see a kind of blog or a virtual magazine to scroll down. Fashion and sex industry news along with AVN models’ stories and broadcasts can be seen there.

Once you start following anyone, their highlights and new posts will be shown in between those news and photo contests so you won’t miss a thing.

One can also buy content exactly from a star’s personal page. She may provide some free content and some reasonably priced, depending on the length and script.

Is AVN Stars like FetLife

In a way, it is, since it covers all possible fetishes and sexual orientations. AVN Stars is very LGBT-friendly and offers a lot of hot Lesbian stuff on its pages.

It isn’t completely into BDSM though. Many girls perform as vanilla or a switch which they openly declare in their bio and introduction videos.

Each video uploaded by a girl, has its themed hashtags helping to promote among interested folks. So, you can search by those keywords.

There are BBW, femdom, findom, feet fetish, and many more among them. Many models combine various kinks and techniques in their works.

The site team makes sure nothing is confusing though for the audience. Girls must be fair about what they present and create so men’s expectations are met.

There’s no paid content on FetLife though. But it is noticed these sites are interconnected somehow since hundreds of AVN Stars models are promoting themselves on FetLife too.

Can I order escorts on AVN Stars

It is for sure that many webcam models who are into a certain sex niche, are conducting real-life sessions as well. It isn’t advertised anywhere on their page though.

One needs to ask directly in messages, as more as they are open for anyone, and creators are getting an instant notification once someone sends a text.

If they’re very popular and busy, they may only answer in a few days so be patient. Make sure to ask about their real-life hourly tariff and other conditions.

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AVN Star in cafe

AVN Stars is known for letting girls join even from the most distant and least developed countries, and there’s no geolocation search filter at all.

So, ask about their exact location first and if you are a big fan of them, try to organize their flight to you or vise-versa. Be ready for a higher price though.

Which top kinks does AVN Stars serve

The site team and experienced creators are encouraging new models to be themselves and work with anything that turns them on.

Even if it’s a newer and less demanded niche, it may find its admirers anyway. But most girls are into light BDSM and roleplay.

Once they gain their first profit, they do invest in hot costumes and sex toys, so their live stream and videos are getting way spicier.

One can also request any particular kink performed by a star specially for him. Do not forget to tip a girl to have your order done, and add a detailed message.

A model may either upload this video along with her other ones or make it visible for this person only. It may also depend on the size of tips one has sent.

Are there findommes on AVN Stars

Nearly all trendy adult sites like AVN are hosting findommes nowadays. It’s a growing niche tremendously popular among both men and women.

True findommes report they are physically aroused by each money transfer a slave sends. The sensation is described as feeling high or having shivers all over.

And it’s not greediness but exactly one of the sexual kinks people enjoy. Money is power and dominant personals like being empowered by their slaves’ commitment.

So yes, there are many findommes on AVN Stars and one may find really professional ones. Some know how to humiliate a sponsor to the core and others can even manage all his expenses.

Once nailed this skill, AVN dommes make sure to promote their financial domination in the main video. One shall easily find his perfect mistress who’d rape his wallet like a pro.

Why is AVN Stars better than other adult sites

Lots of sites with webcam models are too slutty and trashy to even bother. AVN Stars is really a great alternative to OnlyFans where all models are decent looking.

They aren’t in hurry to undress and when they do, both the lingerie and their body look stunning. They may use nice relaxing or sexy music for their works too.

Girls are performing with a much bigger enthusiasm on AVN stars as the system rotates their videos and helps to get acknowledged.

Many ethnicities and nationalities are exclusive on AVN since OnlyFans and many other adult sites are not accepting models from developing countries.

After all, plenty of content can be enjoyed for free which is hardly possible elsewhere. Girls do respect themselves but also get very friendly and easy-going in PM or during the stream.

How do models earn on AVN Stars

On many adult sites, visitors and male members survive through numerous ads. It’s not an issue on AVN Stars that just takes a percent from girls’ earnings.

It can be a personal subscription fee, tips for the post on her wall, the cost of the video opening, and so on. Both the site and creators are interested to provide good quality.

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Attractive OnlyFans woman dressed in trendy outfit

A girl can actually promote and sell the same content in several ways. There are also creators who are agents already bringing new performers to the platform.

So it’s basically like everywhere else, but a lot more decent and comfortable. Men can have a controlled ripoff only if they want that, and enjoy free content otherwise.

While models have no reasons to initiate any scam or fraud, only post their wish lists and tip goals for voluntary sugar daddies.

What profile structure does AVN Stars have

Things were more plain and primitive back then when AVN has only started. Now there are all sections one may need, both a model and a visitor have well-organized space for their activity.

First comes the username one chooses, not just an automatic one like on Reddit and some other sources. Under it, there is a number of followers and subscriptions.

Creators can see their Statistics, Payouts, Payments, Clip Store, Contests to participate in. Both models and visitors can access Settings and Privacy, Help, and FAQ fields.

When filling in the profile, make sure to indicate your Website if you have it, add details to the About section, confirm your Time zone, Gender, and Default viewing audience.

One can create Groups by interests and invite participants. The particular content or information can be shared with them, and they are able to react there.

Is it ok to use AVN Stars

AVN Stars isn’t a porn site if it bothers someone in modern times. Actually, even PornHub is ok and attending it is considered fun and normal no matter where one holds this discussion.

While AVN is rather like OnlyFans where not all content is explicit. On both social networks for sex-positive adults, people also make tutorship on various stuff or create travel blogs.

The number of porn celebs and fashion workers is smaller on AVN. It is rather for simple girls from all over the world who feel confident in front of the camera or even do not show up.

For instance, it is possible in the feet worship field where many models stay anonymous. There is also a popular erotic genre called ASMR where the face isn’t obligatory either.

In other words, it’s a totally normal practice to use sites like AVN Stars and honestly communicate with other open-minded adults, instead of being hypocritical and boring.


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