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ArabLounge Review – Muslim dating and Middle East hookups online

Expert's Summary
There are many sites recently for Muslim dating, and ArabLounge is among the newer ones. It is a rather high-quality platform for real meetings and profound chats. The trust rate is above average and most users report they did have meaningful conversations there. There are a half-million members, and the male-female ratio is equal. This dating site isn’t well-known yet, but wait, it’s simply new. It’s definitely worthy of trying. Some extra good news is the following: the interface is very simple and user-friendly. Plus, photos of female members are very inspiring. One can create his profile briefly and upload a photo, and voila, he has started to date. Advanced search is available and the database of single Arab women is already big enough so you have whom to choose from. You can even meet your love here. There are no reports about the scam or abuse from the users of this site; for now, only positive responses are found. It’s a good moment to join and harvest those beautiful sincere smiles.
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For LTR too
Plenty of hot women
Young singles prevail
No mobile app
Only for Arab or converted Muslims
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Is ArabLounge free

Platinum 1 mo$19.79
Platinum 3 mo$44.98
Platinum 6 mo$71.96

It is noticed Muslim dating sites tend to charge higher. Many Arab men are successful enough to afford, plus it shows their determination. While the ArabLounge price is medium.

The 3-month pack sounds the fairest, as more as the majority of users report they’ve found a good match within the first 3 months. So, consider investing exactly in it.

How to date an Arab girl on ArabLounge

First of all, if you’re looking for totally submissive women, try Asians first. Especially Thai and Japanese. But Arab girls got a character. Some are less short-tempered than others.

But they have to rule in some daily decisions sometimes. Yes, they’re extremely respectful and kind, but don’t take advantage of them.

You shouldn’t worry about the scam when you communicate with them. They come from a different kind of culture and the relationship is much more meaningful for them than money.

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Some of them can be superficial and spoiled by a modern influence and consuming mentality. But they will ask you about a new bag or shoes directly when you’re already a couple.

That’s a big difference. Next thing, if you’re a jealous type of man, you will be relieved to learn that Arab women are taught to be monogamous and loyal.

It’s not in fashion at all to cheat or to have several lovers, plus their feelings are usually too serious and profound just like their traditions. It simply makes no sense for them to look at another man.

Finally, if they joined such a site and started their search, you can be sure they are single. They will not spread themselves around writing thousands of messages.

They may quickly stop at someone serious who meets their basic requirements without playing a double game.

What are Arab girls like on ArabLounge

Family and parents are a huge part of their life. Arab women can’t go any further in their relationship if this side isn’t considered. You have to often ask about their health and well-being.

They will also participate in your common decisions and life in general. Then, Arab women aren’t for one night only. It becomes obvious for you when you use ArabLounge and read messages.

Those are very sincere and touching letters but you’ll never see any hint for quick sex in them. Muslim women demand not only courtship but patience in general.

But if you’re seeking a qualitative relationship, it’s not a problem for you. If you wonder why are these traditionally thinking beauties after foreigners and not their locals, the answer is here.

Arab women start to develop their thinking and want something different instead of very strict traditions and boring patriarchal life. Plus, countries like Iran are often involved in conflicts.

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So, lots of men are serving in the army. Women don’t want to stay lonely. You shouldn’t worry about their sincerity and real intentions. They hope to get some relief and help, yes.

But they need a man first, it’s the most important for them. Their mentality and the system of values are based on the need to have a reliable partner.

Is ArabLounge any good

It’s well-known that Muslims have a serious attitude both about career and about marriage. ArabLounge is suitable for busy people who are too much into work but want to chat with singles.

Maybe once in a while, just to see what happens. This site has a somewhat bigger base of members than other Muslim dating apps so there are realistically bigger chances to meet smb.

We would divide the reviews about ArabLounge into four groups. The typical critics about the necessity to pay and non-serious members. Then, genuine positive reviews from satisfied users.

And some negative reviews from those ones who really suffered from this or that bug/error. Why are these results so different? First of all, ArabLounge is still in the stage of development.

As experts, we believe it can be improved with time. If to communicate gradually, step by step, and accompany your talks with direct questions about one’s intentions, success becomes possible.

What is the girls’ quality on ArabLounge

Did we mention yet how hot Arab girls are? Really, really beautiful. It’s not a fake glamorous beauty we got used to, but a natural beauty brightened with natural cosmetics and authenticity.

Not many ethnicities can boast of such a cordial, shining smile that is totally typical for every Iranian girl. Still not intrigued? Success stories found on the Internet will reveal much more.

Portrait of beautiful Arab confident woman laughing in the street. Outdoors.

But your beautiful mate online isn’t just an Arab Barbie. There are big chances she is very smart. Women in Arab countries aren’t raised to just be kitchen slaves.

They are often educated to get serious professions and can give you very good advice almost in any area if you ask them. The ArabLounge database isn’t an exception.

It means, one can find a single girl online who’d be a complete package. Hot, smart, respectful, caring, and naturally passionate. Nothing more to dream of!

Is there ArabLounge app

ArabLounge is offering the phone application not only desktop site but both work with certain problems. Being so professional and helpful, admins can delay their support, still.

It can be said for sure that users remain present on this dating site and are more or less patient only thanks to its diversity and many-sidedness.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for them to tolerate some difficulties in such important processes as signing up, placing pictures, completing the search, matching, chatting with singles.

With such wide and non-strict criteria of joining, no wonder ArabLounge has a bigger database than many other Muslim apps. Theoretically, it gives great opportunities to meet quickly.

Just imagine, all these people at least talk to you online. They are real, and the information in their profiles is mainly trustworthy. Can you say the same about other dating sites?

Too many of them gather non-active members, catfishers, and actually bots, who suddenly disappear once you started to get interested. In this meaning, ArabLounge is indeed precious.

Since users are at least real, they manage to find compatible matches from time to time and it even leads to marriage.

How do I pickup girls on ArabLounge

First of all, never call it dating. She and her family expect you to eventually marry her and they won’t accept such words as casual dating, hanging out, and so on.

You have to be careful and always position yourself as her future partner, all the way long. Mutual respect is a must in such a relationship.

Although Arab men can seem too dominant and oppressive, by statistics, they are less violent and abusive than western or Slav husbands.

She’ll welcome your leadership but both of you should remain polite and committed. You’ll be surprised but Arab women are not always submissive.

They do show their temper from time to time. However, it’s just a sign that they really care, and the rest of the time they are fairly optimistic, smiling, and positive.

Beautiful Arab girl hold the phone in hands on a gray background

Her sense of humor is aimed to make you laugh so loud you never did before. You’ll have no problem planning your weekend or a vacation.

She’s also a very useful and helpful partner as she’s so enthusiastic, initiative, supportive, well-organized, full of ideas, and compromising.

And she isn’t afraid or too proud to help physically, for example, with heavy luggage or with repair works in the house. Just keep it reasonable.

How do I succeed on ArabLounge

It is not recommended to very high-positioned, impatient, or inexperienced Arab people who expect to find a match very quickly and smoothly.

It’s a perfect site for bored singles who want to spend an evening in front of their laptop, chatting and flirting. However, if one’s intentions go any further than that, use common sense.

It’s better to test another person in all possible ways and be cautious. Since customer support isn’t very prompt, follow your experience, logic, and intuition in order to succeed faster.


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  2. Unlike in the real world, a woman’s online dating profile is not worth reading unless she’s interested in you.

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