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AntiChat Review 2022 – Best anonymous hookups and virtual sex

Expert's Summary
There are bigger and more famous sites for casual meetings but AntiChat is worthy of one’s attention and surely very effective. There are probably fewer women in its database but most of them are ready to jump to the nearest cab and have a hot night with you. It’s obviously not easy to attract a big number of qualitative women and to make them trust their needs to one particular platform. But regularly closed deals are a fact that cannot be denied so the site is rather successful and totally legit. It’s probably thanks to its anonymity, and frankly adult thematics. AntiChat is completely sex-focused and offers a sexual compatibility test, along with such search options as group sex or couples in need of the 3rd player. It’s easy to sort your potential matches’ videos by their quality, hotness, or closeness to your area, and watch the most matching ones accordingly. It’s absolutely the site of your dreams as you can even navigate the users by their sexual appetite.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Millions of active users
Very affordable
Strict moderation
Accounts are easily suspended
Lack of female members
Total Score

How much is AntiChat

1 week$4.99
1 month$9.99
3 months$24.99
12 months$79.99

AntiChat can be tried and partially used for free. Still, most members prefer to upgrade as it’s fairly inexpensive. Its pricing is clear and easy.

Is AntiChat any good

Users are in general satisfied with AntiChat and there’s nothing severely annoying. No ads, no bots attacking you with automatic messages, no abusing porno.

It’s a typical adult dating site, helpful and easy to use. It’s somewhat cheaper than its main competitors but the results aren’t any worse.

The site seems to be attractive for women too so they readily join it and meet most of the men’s expectations. Just their faces might be blurred and their bio quite brief.

cropped view of sexy girl in white bikini lying on sandy beach

We do recommend AntiChat to everyone who is after instant sex with unknown partners, and who is confident enough about his own ability to take care of safety.

Because the site based on anonymity won’t do that for him. It has the right to existence, at least with its ideas of sexual freedom.

The team promises to keep on improving AntiChat, and we’ll enjoy all the diversity of open-minded sexual contacts in large metro cities.

Why do I need AntiChat

Interested in adult dating? All users of this hookup site are, too. Only open-minded singles join it, showing their readiness for casual relationships with no strings attached at all.

Since success stories are so many, it guarantees AntiChat will be fruitful for you. Many categories of sexy girls are available, and multiple modern features make it cool.

These simple rules always work, while guys are trying to find some very unique solutions. If you’re very creative, you can be original too, but a girl’s reaction is hard to predict.

Happy young woman wearing bikini while taking selfie at beach on sunny day

Choose simplicity. Hot women want to hook up no less than men, it’s a proven fact. A big gallery of model-looking females on this platform is reassuring.

The best hookup tips from specialists will simplify your search. Find a sex mate in any country you’re going to visit, and make your experience memorable.

Hot girls and a lot of casual romance are waiting for you if you sign up and take a chance right away.

What can I do on AntiChat

The motto of this top adult site is, do not limit yourself. Hookups are for fun and enjoyment, and all hot girls on AntiChat know that. Read the blog with most actual tips, too.

Find your casual match and satisfaction with the help of the best hookup experts online. Mature women and young hotties, models and amateur are presented in a sexy manner.

And they surely share private photos on demand. All popular cities and ethnicities are available on AntiChat. That’s why this great casual sex platform has been created.

For all folks who want to enjoy life to the fullest, get laid with hot personals, and explore different countries at any moment they like.

Easy hookups should be accessible to each single, in order to make him feel desired and appreciated. We’re modern people who need to explore the world freely, with the sexiest girls.

Can I get kinky on AntiChat

Hookup blogs on AntiChat are playing a big role since they appeared. Educative and informational posts are reflecting the mentality and needs of the most popular girls’ categories.

But not only that, but hookup experts are also telling us how to remain modern and follow the newest trends in sex. For example, did we know much about multiple orgasms before?

The BDSM culture, nuances of sugar dating, best techniques of foreplay, all that also became known only nowadays. So, one has great chances to try all kinds of pleasure on AntiChat.

Naked woman lying on her back stroking her breasts with a feather

True chemistry is rare in the world, but on this adult site, desire is literally in the air. It’s easy to fall for one of these stunning hotties and set up the best hookup date.

Sexy and flirtatious, these hot females of all ages and types of appearance are waiting for a passionate lover. Their wishes and kinks are listed in detail in their profiles.

Will I find Asian lovers on AntiChat

Hot and exotic young girls are always desirable, one just needs to know how to get them quickly. Sometimes it’s a nice talk with compliments while chatting on AntiChat.

Asian women are down-to-earth and love telling about their culture, sightseeing, local food. So it’s enough to express curiosity and be a good listener.

The pros and cons of Asian hookups become obvious already after the first try. Westerners often admit these hot girls on AntiChat have nearly no flaws at all.

Portrait Of Beautiful Young Chinese Woman Outdoors At Night

In Asia, kissing and embracing aren’t that common. The first kiss is usually timid, it’s a tradition even if a girl is here for hookuping. It’s a green light for the rest.

Once a girl feels at ease with you and you get more intimate, Asian girls become great kissers, but also exciting lovers who are either submissive or very wild.

How to pick up a girl on AntiChat

Hot girls on AntiChat aren’t exactly naughty and straightforward. They express their sexiness differently, in a soft and feminine way. Men enjoy flirting on AntiChat.

If you love life and it’s obvious, then you’ll attract a sexy young girl easily. They love to see the man’s eyes sparkling of desire, for instance, in the video chat.

Models and other Instagram girls on AntiChat are often keen on traveling. One can easily arrange local and distanced getaways in their company.

Fashion portrait of caucasian woman in purple bikini in blue swimming pool on vacation at coudy day

Even by telling about your previous trips and world seeing, you’ll get sexy girls’ utmost interest. Tease their curiosity with the bright photos in the chat.

Pickup tips and strategies are often required by western singles. They work perfectly with AntiChat girls who are potentially very interested in hookups.

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