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Amino Review: Teen singles dating and FWB buddies online

Expert's Summary
Amino is honestly a good and safe chat site for teens and single youngsters. Although it encourages to be playful or even naughty, its safety level is decent. It doesn't contain the parental control feature, but it's barely needed on Amino. In fact, legal teens prevail there and no explicit content is found. Just stay reasonable.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Can be used for free
Large member base
Real local girls
Can be buggy
Lots of ads
Total Score

How much is Amino

A handful of coins$0.99
Stack of coins$4.99
Tall stack of coins$9.99
Bag of coins$19.99
Chest of coins$49.99
The trunk of coins$99.99

Amino doesn’t set any limit for free users. All basic features can be fully enjoyed, including messaging, and most folks do.

Credits purchase is needed for additional options and more fun. Those are sticker packs, a bigger size of profile photos, etc.

Is Amino a social network

This is what makes Amino so safe, being a kind of social network for teens. It is greatly used for friendships and partying.

There are such socializing features as mood status, special badges for the avatar, personal mini-blog, and others. It unites folks.

One can make his chat brighter and more entertaining. There are quizzes, the forum, and other cool bonuses.

attractive fashionable young girl posing in sunglasses, black sexy clothes and fur

It is no doubt Amino is mostly popular among young romance seekers. But it is used as another Instagram as well.

Girls want some attention and post or exchange privately their best recent photos. Youngsters find buddies and casual mates.

Is Amino for sugar dating

By statistics, a quarter of Amino members are using it for meeting an older partner. So yes, it is for sugar dating as well.

Taking that teenagers and young female students are often in need of money, it’s logical they expect some reward too.

On another hand, 25+ guys and successful men are interested exactly in this young freshness and emotions a teen girl gives.

sexy girl in black underwear using laptop, holding credit card and looking at camera

There are even women who look like teens, at any age, since they’re petite, cute, with a sweet voice and prefer trendy clothes.

Does it mean that rich singles aren’t interested in 2-meter tall models with long legs? Yes, this type mostly remained in the past.

Men shall expect another attitude from their pen pal and then a lover. It is advised to keep in shape, be playful and childish.

How to meet older singles on Amino

For men, it’s enough that a girl is slim, cute, good-looking. She is a mix of naughtiness, innocence, and refined feminine sex appeal.

On another hand, all makeup tools are critical for high-quality photoshoot. They make a picture look jucier.

Portrait of stunning young girls with wavy hair, red lips and make up taking selfie

It may seem that all single girls seeking a daddy, should make professional studio photos with a lot of Bimbo makeup on them.

But in real life, such look is ok only for evening parties, not for an average date. Only a very few guys love provocative style in girls.

As to the Bimbo talk, shallow and flattering, just the most insecure men may like it. Others prefer to be able to discuss any topic.

Is Amino any good

If a girl uses Amino, it means she is analytical, has a good taste, aimed to meet a guy for real. All this is good for your search.

This new site is more recommended by specialists than older ones. It skyrocketed their high positions thanks to great tools.

Concentrated pretty blonde teen girl with glasses

So, they open wider opportunities to the users. It matters to modern youngsters to have a choice, and date brightly.

It goes without saying that Amino cares about its reputation and verifies all profiles. The team keeps an eye on chatting too.

Finally, it raises teens’ self-esteem and confidence about a mate if they met each other on a high-rated site like Amino.

How to date girls on Amino

Young gals are funny and cheerful so they appreciate a positive attitude. When she cooks for you, compliment her food.

Then she will have a very high opinion about you. However, to continue with you, she needs to see you’re not just her buddy.

But rather someone solid and respectful. Bit by bit, she might be researching your social status and financial situation.

A young lady can also be checking your phone to find out if there are other girls. Just to stay the one and only for you.

Cute European student studying at home. Lovely female freelancer sitting on couch

Since sugar baby girls are either family oriented or a lasting sponsorship oriented, they care to prepare a reliable basis.

If you have other intentions, better say it at the start. Don’t wait until the moment when she starts testing you as a boyfriend.

Try to finish your fling sooner or literally make a strict pre-agreement that she respects all your personal freedoms.

Can I use Amino just for friendships

Teen and young singles are the most impatient ones. Once they liked someone, they can’t wait to get closer.

But very often, it’s just for some romantic friendship or even for being pen pals sharing their ups and downs.

So, do not have very naughty expectations on Amino. There are many first-timers and amateur chicks.

Cute teen girl in romantic dress and with long hair is standing on the bridge

Instead, establish a fun and relaxing communication online. It may later grow into something profound.

Let things flow and just keep on asking how those pretty girls are doing. There must be the right moment for more.

How do I find a daddy on Amino

The very first thing a hot girl needs to know about her new occupation is that a sugar baby isn’t an escort girl.

But she isn’t a regular girlfriend either. It’s a very special form of relationship, also requiring trust and warmth.

A sugar baby is always younger than her sponsor and mentor. But physical youth is nothing if to be moody.

Relaxed tanned lady sitting on bicycle and smiling with happy face. Outdoor shot of enchanting girl

Also, bossy or negative. One should be emotionally refreshing too. A girl has to be joyful and very flexible like happy teens are.

It’s definitely an art, and some skillful sugar babies are even teaching it with the help of online video lessons.

Successful people should remain very energetic throughout the day. So at the end of it, they’re extremely tired.

If they found time and money for a meeting, a sugar baby shouldn’t disappoint them. Learn that on Amino.

Is Amino legit

Amino is one of the most innocent dating sites for teens, if it can be said so. There’s no forbidden content.

Meeting much older or totally uknown people isn’t welcomed at all. The team works on safety all the time.

portrait of cute funny sexy young stylish smiling woman girl model in bright modern cloth

Teens’ companionship or the first date with them cannot be ordered online in any way. It’s just a chat site.

Although not completely naive or childish, Amino keeps playful and cheerful enough to keep the parents calm.

On another hand, youngsters can peacefully enjoy it too, knowing they’ll find the best local buddies online.


  1. The convenience of meeting women at home or in a public place has made it easier than ever to find a partner.

  2. While the process of meeting someone can be intimidating, it can be made easier by using social networking sites.

  3. Joining popular online communities is another great way to increase your chances of meeting women.

  4. These groups can help you develop rapport with more women and increase your chance of finding a date.

  5. And if you’re looking for a casual relationship, it’s always best to stick to sites that have no strings attached.

  6. The site uses SSL encryption and profile verification to ensure that it’s safe for users to meet women.

  7. Whether you’re looking for a sexual partner or a long-term relationship, chat rooms are a great way to meet women.

  8. In addition to the traditional message board format, you can also look for a message board dedicated to a particular discipline or hobby.

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