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AmateurMatch Review: Quick hookups in your hometown with hot singles

Expert's Summary
The member base of AmateurMatch mostly consists of US citizens. To be more exact, there is 2 mln. members from USA, so it can be called the local hookup platform for single Americans. The majority of users list themselves as heterosexuals, and indicate they seek a casual mate. What’s interesting, a large group of members are mature, while another large group are 25-34 y.o. folks. Although the site contains the informative adult blog for singles, there are only a few tips about traveling or meeting a foreigner. It just isn’t specialized in travel hookups. However, all topics connected with kinks and active lifestyle, are nicely covered and well explored. It opens wide opportunities for kinksters and all people interested in sex-positivity.
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Is AmateurMatch free

1 month$29.95
3 months Silver$49.95
3 months Gold$69.90

Why choose AmateurMatch

There are several reasons why choose AmateurMatch over other similar sites. It’s exactly the adult hookup site, with contemporary conceptions of sex positivism and free choice.

It immediately highlights the site among the others where old-fashioned hypocrisy is possible. Such an open position regarding hookups differs it a lot.

There is always a healthy balance between expecting sex on a first date and the decency of girls. Possible sex and its forms can surely be discussed in advance in messages.

As a very important and appreciated bonus, AmateurMatch has a dating blog with many actual topics where users actively express their opinions on adult topics.

Open-minded thots on AM still dream about a true man, stable and good-looking, and it’s always pleasant to know. While escort girls dream only about the materialistic stuff.

Flirty brunette woman in yellow bikini

Can I hook up models on AmateurMatch

Despite their stunning faces and bodies, hot models are not very hard to get. They like partying and hate boredom, they are fond of nice men, and they know how to please them.

So they are well-prepared for the adventure. It’s very natural for girls models to stay in shape and take the best care of their looks. But of course, they put such big effort not just for fun.

Some are professionals and work as models or seasoned actresses. But in any case, good models don’t use much makeup and wear smth less vulgar than typical escort girls do.

They also wear fewer accessories and less perfume. Their smiles are more genuine and their eyes look at you with a sincere interest. In general, hot models are extremely feminine.

That may sound strange but their mentality often doesn’t allow them to refuse or say No. That’s why they use other tricks to keep a man at a distance if they’re not interested in sex.

There are plenty of adult celebs and local models on AmateurMatch, so one’s chances are high.

Is AmateurMatch for BDSM

The title says it all, AmateurMatch doesn’t exclude any kink or roleplay game. It unites singles for adult communication and sex experiments of all kinds.

In the world of opportunities, we can achieve anything in our intimate life. Singles may find themselves bored or not satisfied with lovemaking, so they seek spicier things and partners.

BDSM can bring them a wide range of experiences, from age play to severe punishment. Hookup experts say these practices have a therapeutic effect and bring more pleasure.

If you’re a beginner who just realized his sexual fantasies and doesn’t know where to start, try AmateurMatch helping you to find a perfect BDSM mate for one night or longer.

young woman with beautiful body wearing red bikini swimsuit relaxing on tropical villa resort during vacation

What fetishes can I have on AmateurMatch

Leather, nylons, and other tight materials are connected to foot fetishism. It isn’t rare. We all start by liking beautiful women’s long legs. It’s normal to find them sexy.

We also like when our partner wears sexy shoes, in and out of the home. But in BDSM, such a preference allows a strict domme to make an accent on her divine style.

A submissive person may also wear sexy boots and tights, to excite the dom and demonstrate readiness to serve as a diligent sex slave. So, the outfit and footwear are very important.

It’s very common to have a baby-daddy roleplay. Young girls enjoy calling their sex partner a daddy during intense intercourse, but so do mature women and gay men.

In the BDSM age play, intercourse doesn’t always take place. Partners get excited by the roleplay itself when a Daddy gives orders and a baby readily carries them out in all forms.

What is cuckolding on AmateurMatch

This roleplay is quite common as well. A man is lightly engaged in it when he enjoys his girlfriend wearing very revealing clothes and flirting with others.

It involves another man a domme has intercourse with, to humiliate her submissive partner. He may watch the process or just learn about it from her words, but it turns him on.

There are many hidden and obvious reasons why we enjoy being submissive. We might need some stress relief from being a boss at work, or want our old traumas to be healed.

But, once you realized you need a dominant mate, dedicate some time to find such a person. Remember a good dom never hurts anyone without their permission and looks hot.

It’s also common not to have intercourse as the strict mistress and her slave are on different levels. Always discuss these nuances in advance on AmateurMatch, and read the profiles.


  1. You can try Tinder – a site that encourages you to pretend to be a stranger afterwards – to meet women in your area.

  2. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, try a website that provides both features and affordable plans.

  3. If you are unsure of your capabilities, you should consult with your friend or partner about the right way to go.

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