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AdultFriendFinder Review for sex positive singles and couples

Expert's Summary
It's not accidental that AdultFriendFinder is one of the leaders on the world adult scene. Great and funky, with amazing features and the largest member base, it serves really well. Warmly called by users AFF, the second meaning of which is awesome as, the site is indeed modern and efficient. It has the elements of a social network for FWB, too. Among the cons, there’s a high price rather appropriate for adult platforms of the beginning of the 2000s. Today, so many escort listings and hookup apps are free, so it makes no sense to pay. Taking how popular AFF is though, and how many members use the basic features of it for free, we still rate it high. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded adults for casual sex.
Ease of use
Members Quality
80+ mln. members
Leader in popularity
Couple- and LGBT-friendly
Very trendy and neat
A bit overpriced
Female members in minority
Total Score
AdultFriendFinder Audio Review

What is member structure on AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder was created for naughty singles and couples. It includes swinger community, threesomes, kinky encounters, BDSM experience seekers, and so on.

The platform also contains warnings and pieces of advice very crucial for adult online dating. That’s why this app and site can be called safe, even taking into account its main purpose, casual sex.

AdultFriendFinder is also a popular hookuping site & app where one can meet gorgeous Russian, Ukrainian, Asian, and Latin American girls. All these types of girls are highly demanded.

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This platform functions since 1996 and offers a wide range of intimate services such as video chat, professional escorts, and real hookups. There are 80 mln. members worldwide with men prevailing.

How much is AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is rather an expensive site that charges 39.95 USD a month for its Gold membership. No extra coin packs should be bought, but no messages can be sent or viewed for free.

Watching the models’ livestream is a Gold member option as well. The free trial is available, however, it’s brief and a person must fill in his/her bank details for further charging.

What are the cons of AdultFriendFinder

Although the site is so popular, there are pros and cons like on any other adult dating platform. The obvious disadvantages of AdultFriendFinder are following.

One can immediately see the majority of girls have professional photos, very glamorous and severely edited in Photoshop. In case they have any flaws, one can discover that only on the real meeting. is a fee-based site. It’s already known, that adult dating sites are the most profitable for their owners. It means, that intimate communication is commercialized there.

Some girls might be encouraged by local agencies or by the administrators to communicate with a man through the site as long as possible without exchanging direct contacts with him.

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It happens that male users receive a bunch of messages and invites right after creating a profile and all of them are impersonal. It’s true that some bots are present on this platform.

A big number of girls never ever have their camera on during the chat. Even when they do, the video can be pre-recorded so you should make sure it isn’t. If it matters to you, of course.

The more understandable explanation is that webcam models on AdultFriendFinder are going through the economical crisis and they have to survive somehow. That’s why so many are online 24/7.

But once they see a man is serious and ready to sponsor their in real too, they set up the meeting. Some want to be sugar babies and others just want one sponsored night of passion.

Surprisingly, lots of men are still happy with this site & app and they obtain great results. As some of them explain, all of those disadvantages are just side effects of the hookup business.

Are there international hookups on AdultFriendFinder

Eastern European and Asian women have sexy appearance and submissive nature. No wonder western men often happen to prefer them over local girls, both for online and real-life hookups.

However, one needs to be cautious on such platforms and watch his budget, as well as all planned actions in order to protect himself and keep it as economical as possible.

Actually, no one can force you to use extra services on the site. Present something to the girl when you meet in person, instead of paying more for virtual gifts and naughty stickers.

Chat only with the girls who indicate a good English level in their profiles, even if there aren’t many of them. So you won’t feel uncomfortable when you travel to meet them or invite them to you.

Choose the nightclub by yourself so you will be sure she isn’t on the take with waiters or administrators. Yes, this kind of business also exists, both in the USA and abroad.

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If you’re well-prepared to all inconveniences, has nothing to scare you with. It’s just a typical expensive site ruled by businessmen but your chances are still high.

Don’t play by their rules and set yours. And the most important, always watch live streaming with all attention. There is a big difference between the sincere glance and eyes of the scammer.

What are the pros of AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is open-minded and fun. It’s not the trendiest site, but the interface is user-friendly and I like the possibilities it provides to couples and singles.

It depends on a couple’s mood whether to hookup AdultFriendFinder one by one or together as a couple. Not many sites offer such a diversity of choices.

When lazy to go out, just enjoy the models streaming online. It strengthens and brightens any relationship a lot. AdultFriendFinder is great for all contemporary adults who want some excitement.

We aren’t living in the 20th century anymore and our sexual tastes should be more refined.

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Nothing can be better than inviting a fresh sexy unicorn to your home or the hotel, and having fun all together. They differ from escort girls, as they want just sex and friendship, not your money.

AdultFriendFinder is the platform one can trust to, in case he proceeds with caution. Choose wisely, ignore fraudulent profiles, and you’ll succeed there very quickly.

AdultFriendFinder is a good tool for casual affairs worldwide since there are so many European and even Asian girls in its member base.

The girls are always new and this diversity is impressive. It cannot be said this site and app are of the highest quality ever, but it serves just well, many are satisfied.

There are only few cases to send some complaints or report the user. There are plenty of like-minded personals.

AdultFriendFinder helps to be yourself at any moment of time and find interesting options.

Is AFF safe

AdultFriendFinder is the site with costly services and not that much imagination. It doesn’t offer all the list of services normally needed for successful and safe hookups online, either.

For instance, the panic button is absent, while the main page is extremely frank. It’s not very convenient for someone who is using it at the office or next to the conservative family members.

The spam filter and the report button are in fact absent as well. The webcam girls severely prevail over the real women, so one should be prepared for that and behave with the utmost caution.

Ironically, there are much more foreign female members that are trustworthy, than local ones from the USA or other western countries. So, AdultFriendFinder is suitable for travel dating and hookups.

It’s a bit doubtful whether this platform is worthy of such a high payment. But it’s worthy of attention for sure, and you may have friends who have tried it at least once.

At least, it isn’t fraudulent regarding the bank card charges. The support team works diligently and can be reached at any moment, so it’s easy to cancel the membership once not interested.

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The success rate is average as not many men or couples make it to the real meeting. Lots of people are using this platform for cyber sex and online flirting, rather than for one-night-stands.

As always, chances are higher if one lives in a highly populated city or area. Then there are many options whom to meet and where to hang out together. It concerns AdultFriendFinder too.

The app is reportedly less effective than a desktop version so it might be the waste of money. While the site itself brings many alternatives on how to spend one’s free time.

Are there legal teens on AdultFriendFinder

The desktop site and its analogue, the All Friendfinder app welcome the users aged 17 and older. We see it includes 2 years of teen age so the parents should be sure this platform is safe enough.

No one would deny that a platform is commercializing sex under-21 and persistently encourages to have it with many different partners. Singles and couples can be young as well.

None of us wants to be the prude but don’t we think our children deserve some better experiences? When did the first love become old-fashioned and unnecessary? Just hookups matter.

There are always exceptions but those idealistic young people are pressured to have one-night-stands for proving something to the others. No one tells them it destroys the emotional system.

The owners of the site and AdultFriendFinder bloggers aren’t professional psychologists or educators, they are just business makers who want their profit. It’s not the right place for youngsters.

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We wish all teenagers could stop for a minute and understand that no one cares about them on a hookup territory, it’s an empty desert that pretends to be full of people. Casual dating isn’t a privilege.

It’s a temporary medicine for loners who cannot or don’t want to find a stable partner. But it cannot be suitable for one hundred percent of teens. We would prefer such platforms to be romantic.

Parental control isn’t applicable there as 17+ teens consider themselves “almost” adults. We obviously cannot blame the site or the phone application for “nuances” of the modern culture.

We’d better explain things to our own children and try to convince them to make as few mistakes as possible. Some blogs and social networks for teenagers are helping to do that.

After all, AdultFriendFinder is a leader among similar platforms and it’s the best we can expect from the dating market for today. Just a lot of common sense is needed for using it.


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