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About us

Best hookups aren’t happening by themselves. True success requires some effort and personal skills. Our team of psychologists and hookup bloggers is assisting singles worldwide in their casual sex search.

Intimacy shouldn’t be taken lightly, even if it’s just for one night or one hour. While getting laid anonymously, we still shouldn’t interrupt each other’s personal space. Mutual acceptance is a must.

We fight such barbaric attitudes as abuse, body shaming, primitive sexism, non-tolerance, violent monogamy. Our motto is, peaceful and harmonious polygamy is always celebrated more.

How to reach that state of jealousy absence and open-mindedness? Our best hookup tutorials are providing all the info one needs. Self-development is a part of the process, and inner maturity is a big plus.

We mildly remind to our audience that no-strings-attached affairs are still a human interconnection. Social ethics remains necessary and one’s personal values should be treasured.

A new era of brief yet equal relationships dictates multi-levelled roles we play for each other. There’s no more place for evaluating people by their physical appearance only. It came and went long ago.

Experienced hookup seekers and sex travellers know there can be complete satisfaction in a bed reached with someone physically insignificant. While hot singles may not share the same kinks and passions.

Our Team

Chemistry and compatibility we develop with new personals we meet, starts from our own sexual energy and the way we treat others. It can be taught and gained with the help of our top specialists.

Join us for brighter discoveries in the world of boundless sex and niche pleasures. We set no taboos, but we make sure our followers are pursuing a lot of understanding and deeper insight on each stage.

Tony Wilkerson

Tony Wilkerson

Team Leader

Head Editor, team work coordinator, recognized author of sexology books & educating videos. Owner and concept developer of New Gender and Pleasure Lifestyle magazines. Travel specialist in Asian countries, Eastern Europe, Latin America, less known African tribes, and Alaska.

Chris Orwig

Chris Orwig

Sex positivity expert

Relationship psychologist, sexology therapist, world traveller, author of 16 brochures on adult dating tendencies in 2020s. Specialist on niche subcultures chosen by the youth, personal trainer for self-esteem increase and safe sex tourism.

David Warner

David Warner

Adult dating coach

Author of best gym routines for men, travel blogger, developer of popular pickup strategies. World-known specialist in fashion & makeup for men, healthy lifestyle, niche hookup communities. The Founder of Get Laid in Five Minutes technique published in a number of the offline magazines.

Jason Roy

Jason Roy

Creative writer on hookups

Top author of hookup advice articles and essays. Honourable invited guest of sex positivity events and pride festivals, LGBTQ+ rights ambassador. Personal coach on social activities, volunteering trainer, ecological activist. Sex abuse therapist, works with psychological traumas and victimized behaviour.

James Andy

James Andy

On-budget sex travel pro

Absolute expert in sex tourism and escort business worldwide. Author of budget saving tips and safety warnings re-published by 100+ blogs and magazines. Independent travel guide on less explored nature spots, wildlife coach, vegan activist.